Monday, 20 October 2014

New Nails by Storm Hair and Nails Cardiff...

Last Monday I took the day off work, because let's be honest - who likes Mondays? Not me, that's for sure. Now I've known Michelle for years and have had my nails done by her for the last 5 years - so that should say she is awesome in itself, however this time I went with something different - sculptures.
Now as the song says, first things first. My nails were the worst they have been in years and I am absolutley blaming this on being at the dogs home on the weekend ;)... I jest, but still I haven't been the most careful recently. I always had big plans to keep having shellac until they grew enough but this just never happened. I then saw Michelle (aka Shelley) talk of this method of building up the nail tip instead of gluing tips on your nails. I booked in sharpish as I have craved that pointed nail for far too long!

After my nails were buffed and filed I had these silver stickers placed under my nails. These formed the base for which the gels were built up on. No tips required and all free hand. I was pretty amazed at the results if I'm honest. The nail shape was exactly what I wanted and like I said Michelle did all this free hand - in love!
I love how these nails look without any polish. So natural! 

For polish, as always, I wanted to go for something fun but still non-tacky so Michelle brilliantly look inspiration from my tartan scarf. I've just spent the day at the dogs home and my nails look like they have just been done, I am amazed. I'll keep you updated with how they grow out and how long they look in tip top condition.

Have a look at the Storm Hair and Nails website, if you are in the Cardiff area I couldn't recommend a better place.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Charli has actually blogged...

Again I have to write that things have been a little quiet around here these days. But not something I am going to apologise for because I have been having the best time filling my weekends with dogs.
It's been both happy, sad, exciting, tiring, emotional and heartbreaking... plus every other emotion that I could ever come across. This weekend was well and truly a mixture of them all, mentally it has been exhausting. 

Yesterday myself and a few other volunteers decided to get our clean on and clean the sensory garden for the dogs. It was an epic task as there was just so many leaves everywhere, plus it's muddy in parts! We swept. dug a new sandpit, weeded and washed until it was looking pretty decent. An amazing team effort than gave me some aching muscles today. 

On to today, it's been a heartbreaking day for good and bad reasons. The best reason is Sadie, the dog in the second photo, is trotting of to a rescue space tomorrow. Sadie is a little complex madam who has her funny little ways. She only trusts a handful of walkers and is fearful of a lot of things. However, me she trusted. I met her in her way (at her level) weeks ago and since then I always want to walk her and spend time with her. I've written a lot on her board (click here) and enjoyed every minute. I took Sadie for a little goodbye walk at the very end of today and for the first time actually look her back into her bed. Sadie isn't usually a fussy dog, she lets you smooth her but all she really wants is you to throw balls. However, I got in her kennel and that was it, she rolled over for belly rubs, held onto me, cuddled in and made a fuss of me! It was a whole new experience with her and something that broke my heart, I cried. Upset because I would miss her but also because she was finally in a place that she felt safe enough to fuss me - this was a metal kennel. On a happier note this rescue space will be for the best as she's been in the kennels since April. She's amazing and if any reader wanted to adopt her, she would be awesome - just learn her way of doing things.

I'm saddened to say however that my heart broke for many other reasons. A dog was handed over and the reason actually was because they took rubbish out of a binbag on the kitchen floor. I have no more words on that one. Another dog was so exhausted, pictured below, after being out on the streets for so long that she just collapsed into the deepest sleep in the office. It was adorable but also heartbreaking at the same time, she just looked so relieved to be somewhere warm. Her claws were sore and worn down, luckily she is in a place that will care for her. She is also adorable, cwtchy and just generally awesome.

Mitch is the dog in the first photo, this was taking when getting his photos done for the forum. He was so scared that at first he just stood there and shook. With a little love from us he eventually took food from our hands and enjoyed a lovely back rub from me. Hopefully he won't be waiting too long for a home, but it's so sad to see them so scared - the volunteers do more than just dog walk. 

Final point from today is an incident that we are all furious over. A dog was thrown from a van at the end of the lane that Cardiff dogs home is located. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For one, we were furious, for reasons that I can't go into but lets just say the dog is an ex poundie. However, the positive spin is that as soon as we were made aware that there was a dog dumped no fewer than ten volunteers and the three members of staff came running (and I mean we were all legging it down the lane) to bring this little one back to safety. It was a pretty awesome sight to behold, a dog that had just been dumped surrounded by people walking in with her. I'm proud to say that is the people who I spend my weekends with, it was an awesome display of what we all stand for. 

My youtube channel has also been taken over with dog videos, but d'ya know what. I love it.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Let's go to the pool...

The swimming pool is one of my favourite places to be on holiday, second only to the sea. I love being in the water, around the water and on the water. I think I was a mermaid in a previous life. Naturally you pack a few essentials and these are the things that never left my pool bag...


A bit of a weird one to start with as most of the time I was just in my bikini soaking up the rays but there are times when you need to pop back to the room, to go and get some food or when you just want to cover up. I picked this lace throw very last minute before my holiday from Tesco and it was in the sale for £10. I wore this quite a bit on holiday and as it's so long I got away with wearing it in the food places too. 

My hat was another Tesco bargain, for £3 this was something that I wore everyday and because it was so big it also protected my neck and shoulders from the sun!

The final item of clothing for me was a decent pair of flip flips, I took along these from Ipanema* ad they are the most comfortable flip flips I own. Previous ones range from a £2 pair from Sainsburys to Havianas but as these have a base that is shaped to a foot they are so comfortable. I really needed them by the pool because the ground got so hot you couldn't walk bare foot anywhere!


Naturally the first thing to pack when you are outside on holiday is your SPF. We took nothing less that factor 20 with us and I would say most of the first week we stuck to factor 50. We took a variety of spray and lotion with us and there are good and bad points to both. The spray, whilst convenient, seem to last all of two seconds. The bottles said they would do 6 full body applications and I usually would be really annoyed at the lack of product but they were reduced to £2 each in Wilkos. 

I also took along carrot oil with me, a product which if used correctly (with an SPF) gives such a nice tan! A little lip balm too and I was set for the day. 

The rest

I think my kindle was permanently attached to me on this holiday. I loved getting pulled back into the wonderful world of Harry Potter again and read at a super speed. We took a few "game" things to play with Leanne and Tom so some balls that float on the water and bat and balls. The bats pretty much disintegrated in the water ://.

In my Egyptian shower...

When packing for Egypt the one thing that I needed to make sure that I did was pack a decent shampoo and conditioner. In Mexico last year my hair went so dry that brushing it was painful and would snap off more hair than normal. That was when my hair was ombred so I knew it would be worse this year as my hair at the time of my holiday was all bleach. Coupled with the fact that Egypt would be a higher concentration of sun, I was prepared for a nightmare. 

Loreal EveryPure Colour Care Shampoo & Conditioner

I picked these up when they were on offer in Tescos on a random shopping trip I had after work one day. I'd heard a lot about "no sulphates" shampoo and conditioners and how they are supposed to be better for your hair and like  most things I read about on blogs, I was intrigued. I have to say they did do a great job at keeping my hair soft on holiday, especially as everyday I was in the sea and swimming pool. 

Sainsburys Mint Shower Gel

Mint shower gels are one of my most favourite things to use in the shower. I'm pretty obsessed with mint flavoured everything. This may sound a little strange but I find mint shower gels really refreshing when your skin feel all cloggy up with chlorine and sea salt on holiday. However, the downside of this is if your skin does get a little sun burnt then it can really sting!

Nivea After Sun Shower Cream

That brings me on to my next item, an after sun that you use in the shower?! Something I had never heard of before but we picked it up and packed it in our suitcase, hoping for the best! I would like to say here and now that this stuff makes the shower super slippery and it's pretty dangerous - I nearly stacked it a few times. As a product it was a little weird to use. Once I'd washed my hair I would brush through with my tangle teaser and clip it out of the way. Turning off the shower I then put this all over and rinsed off. My skin felt soft but I still felt the need to really moisturise afterwards. I wouldn't bother with this again. 



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