Sunday, 7 February 2016

Being a birthing partner; The birthing classes

Image Credit: Leanne

As someone who’s not had children yet I was really keen to attend the birthing classes so I would be fully informed on what my sister was going to be going through and therefore so I could support her to the best of my ability.

Numerous episodes of One Born Every minute have been watched and I’m starting to feel a little more prepared for what’s about to come, even if my sister isn’t.

We’ve attended three NHS run classes based at a local leisure centre and these have been invaluable, high five NHS – these are awesome. The three classes were for two hours each time and over the space of three weeks, so you have enough time in the class to be bombarded by information and have a week after to digest the information.

The first class was all about early labour signs and how to bring on labour if you are getting a little fed up in your final days. I think this is quite possibly the best class out of the three because you are taken through all the things the body will go through in early labour and then also at which point you should go to the hospital. From this I’ve learnt not to panic when Emily calls me to say she thinks she’s in labour and not to rush her into the hospital. This is so important because otherwise you either get sent home or you take the bed of someone who needs it more than you at that time.

The second class was the worst, but only because what was discussed bought on a massive panic attack. This was all about “what happens when things go wrong” and I left feeling very scared. The medical side of giving birth really hit home and whilst it should be an amazing experience there are things that can go wrong and well it’s really terrified me. On reflection it’s better to be prepared, but if my sister wants to pop the baby out in record time then that’s fine by me ;).

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Being a birthing partner; First thoughts

My Niece!

Back last summer I had a text from my sister saying that she needed to talk to me and in a split second, call it sister’s intuition, I knew she was having a baby. 

My younger and only sister, who I still think of as a child is about to embark on a huge adventure. Whilst I am crazy excited now – we are just a week off her due date – I will hold my hands up and say that my initial reaction was shocked, angry and a little bit upset. Those thoughts aside, the numerous hospital appointments, scans and classes have bought us closer in a way that I never thought would happen. 

I am extremely proud of her and how she’s handled every step of the pregnancy. I also never thought I would be this protective over her either.

 Emily’s due date is the 11th February so I’m going to document the lead up to the birth and the birth from a birthing partner's point of view.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Make-up I wanted to hate...

I’m sure I speak for us all when I say sometimes you buy a product with the hope that you really hate it, so you can either prove people wrong when there is a huge buzz around it or because it’s so expensive that you never want to purchase it again! 

I hate to even be admitting to this because it’s one of my closest friends who sells Younique, but as a blogger who has seen many products hyped up over the last 6 years I did really want to prove people wrong and find some fault with the products that I bought. 

When you read up about Younique there is so much about “empowering woman” and network marketing which is what initially put me way off buying anything. That coupled with the numerous Facebook posts on buying/selling pages I’m in really turned me away from the products. Until Sophie started selling and as someone who is very close to me I trusted her views on the products and put in an order. They also don’t test on animals and helps those who have experienced sexual abuse as children - two really great points.

First up, my favourite product out of the two I have from Younique - the foundation. I’d read a fair bit around this product and asked for lots of different people’s opinions because let’s face it, the product is still £30. This may not be much for some people but it is for me, especially as I have been using a £10 foundation for a while. The general response that the foundation was one of the stand out products so I ordered one.  

I was matched to the shade Velour just as a guess from the online descriptions and turns out it was a good guess - it’s my shade. (I’m a NW25 in Mac for reference.) The bottle is smaller than I imagined it would be, but maybe that’s wishful thinking to have a huge bottle of foundation for £30. I’ve seen loads of videos that are circulating on Facebook on how to apply the foundation, the claims that you can get a full face of makeup from just 5 “splodges” but I don’t agree with them. I have found that more dots of foundation around my face but less foundation in each dot works best for me. I use my Real Techniques expert face brush and I have found that whilst the brush still gets stained by the foundation there is very little product left in my brush. 

For those who loved the Jemma Kidd foundation - this is almost the perfect dupe. I say almost down to the setting time of the foundation, it takes ages to dry! So much so that I’ve bought a setting powder and that’s something I haven’t used in years. Somehow Younique have made a foundation that doesn’t set for ages yet never seems to leave your face and that’s quite something considering the transfer I’ve had from this. For example, I can touch my face, get foundation all on my fingers and therefore on everything I touch - yet my face looks like nothing is missing. 

The second purchase I made from Younique is one of their lip stains. Long gone are the days where a lip stain is in the form of a nail polish style bottle or a really drying felt tip pen. This is just like a normal lipgloss applicator and I got the colour "sultry". I think it is pretty much a given that when I try a new lip product I always head to the red as a starting point and this didn't disappoint. Lasting all day, transferred to nothing and didn't bleed. My only gripe is how much this clings to the dry patches on my lips - but this serves as a reminder that I neglect my lips and I've actually started to use the blistex treatment a lot more. 

At the risk of sounding like a news reporter "annnnnnd finally" we have the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. This has been spoken about so much on blogs that I'm not going to add to it, because quite frankly - I'm lazy and this blog post is hard to write whilst crying watching Fast and Furious 7 - Paul Walker :(! Basically, it's as good as everyone says and yes, if you like rose gold - you will need it. 

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