Sunday, 23 November 2014


Today was dog walking day. We took Harry out from his kennel and had adventures with Trevor. These are my favourite types of adventures.

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world yesterday. I have always wanted to watch New Zealand play, especially at my home stadium. It was an amazing day all watched from amazing seats. Whilst Wales didn't win, I still loved it.

Matt and I have joined a new gym, which has been opened by someone I used to work with. Hopefully this is the corner I needed to turn to get my fitness and motivation back.

It's almost Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been researching the best things I can use to kit out Basil and Rocky's cage. I want things that will stimulate them but things that will also stay clean. I've decided I will keep them on fleece blankets with a whole host of puppy pads and towels underneath. I have a couple of huge orders on their way to me, so will post about what I decided on. 

Coffee. Always coffee. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Thornhill Farm Shop...

Saturday morning was done properly this weekend, I took my Nan out for breakfast at our local farm shop. We had a perfect morning where we caught up over a bacon baguette and a latte. 
We chatted for a good hour, watched the animals from the window and lapped up the delicious grub. I couldn't resist getting my camera out and heading down to the animal pen. In the cold morning air I had a lovely 5 minutes snapping away. the small things were appreciated. From the Farm Shop there are amazing views over Cardiff and I really had chance to gather my thoughts in the peace and quiet.

Monday, 3 November 2014

MAC Morange...

A long while ago Debenhams had an offer on where there was £5 off any lipstick. Pretty much one of the best offers around, no? I had decided that I had been far too good with not buying any lipsticks in AGES so I thought I would have a nose and see what was still in stock. 

I knew I wanted to pick up another MAC lipstick because they are ones that I would never pay full price for but would happily pick up on with an offer. 

I'm so not one for nudes and neutral colour lipsticks and I'd spied MAC Morange on so many blog posts that I'd decided I needed it. Especially for my holiday to Egypt - this colour with a tan is just perfect. Even though I don't have a tan really anymore I still love how it looks. It's so orange which is a lipstick colour I haven't really had before. I've had reds that are a little orange but never pure orange (ok well it's a teeny weeny bit red) - and I love it. 

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday, Sunday...

Oh Sunday how I have loved you. Even though I was up early I managed to clean all my makeup brushes by 8am, which I was pretty chuffed about - especially as they are still drying. I was even all cleaned, polished (the flat) and pretty much all my chores by 11. To be honest the rest of the day has flown past and right now, from the darkness that has engulfed my bedroom in the last 30 mins, I feel like I should be trotting off to bed. Except I have one boyfriend asking to be fed and a pile of ironing glaring at me. 

My skin really needed a face mask today, I slept in my makeup last night - whoops. I used the pore penetrating one from Avon, I've had this for ages and pretty much just want it gone now. It's a decent mask but nothing about it wowed me enough to show it any loyalty. 

I had the urge to use up this hair mask from Lush, I wouldn't even know how to pronounce it! Short story is - it works but your hair will smells like damp clothes for the rest of the day. Surely in this day and age products don't have to smell horrendous?!

Look how beautiful this little man is! He is Squidge, the most adorable son of Georgina (aka Makeup-Pixi3) and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon of tea, homemade orange drizzle cake (YUM) and snuggles with this one. It's so amazing to see someone become a mother and how they interact with their baby (with oodles of love), it really warmed my heart. Soppy as it sounds, I really mean it. 


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