Tuesday, 21 March 2017

HOME: Decorating and finding the right lighting

Hi, Hey, is there anyone still here? You may have noticed from recent posts and my social media that we are finally in the process of moving into our first house! Only 7 months after purchasing. You can see what the house looked like back in this post.  The plan to update monthly on renovations quickly became so unrealistic, but that's for another post. For now I am focussing on the decor and accessories in our bedroom. 

Before this room was bright yellow with a horrible green carpet, now it's a beautiful grey with a silver carpet and I just can't wait to get in! 

The picture above is how the room looks right now, all we have moved across is our cabinets (which we plan to change soon!) and the new pillows and duvets creeping in the bottom of the photo. We have gone with darker curtains to contrast the carpet and I think I want to get some statement lights to go on the bedside table. But nothing too statement because I now use a daylight alarm clock.

Working in an Energy Consultancy has made me really pie hot on what lightbulbs are best for being environmentally friendly. Especially as the trend at the moment is for really elaborate light bulbs and decorative filaments. 

The Lighting Superstore recently emailed me regarding this very same issue. It's so important to share the knowledge of just how much better LED lightbulbs are for the home. Not only do they have a longer lifespan, but they use 90% less power than a normal lightbulb and customers in work have seen huge savings because of this. If it's good enough for their business, it's good enough for my home. 

They don't have to be ugly either, I'm going to order two of these for our bedside tables. I love the tripod look in lights and the hooded design, is that the right term?

The above is our lounge! Yes more grey, but in our defence the flat we have lived in for 5 years is full of magnolia and the house before we got our hands on it was all yellow. 

Our sofa is going to sit in the middle of that wall so we can make the most of the view out of the french doors and I'd like to have a floor lamp to the left. There is a running copper theme throughout our house, this was 100% down to me and it's a colour I loved before it was popular, and I've found an LED copper lamp on The Light Superstore - here.  I like that this is simple and won't over take the room, but that it is also adjustable! 

To prove that there is some part of the house that is pretty... here's the fireplace. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing parts of the house and trying to find my new "filming spot", old school youtube anyone?

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Collaborative post - but I am far too excited to share our house now! Did I mention this has taken 7 months?!

Monday, 27 February 2017

Lifestyle: Finding tradesmen for our house rennovations

Renovating our house has been the single most stressful event we have experienced as a couple. From an initial view to be in within three months of purchasing, we are now eight months down the line and we are still not in.

Our house no longer looks like the mess above and I will be doing a reveal video/blogpost soon. Things all got a bit overwhelming and the monthly house updates just had to stop. 

One of the trickiest parts of renovating a house was finding trusted tradesmen to complete the jobs that we just couldn't do. There are lots of means of finding tradesmen and we relied heavily on word of mouth, however have been left a little disappointed with some of the contacts that were passed on. 

If you don't have links to such contacts you can use a service such as Bidivine, an online (and really simple) way to get in touch with the professionals of services you need.

The process is so simple and surprisingly accurate. You are asked a series of questions before getting to the part where businesses can provide a quote. Perfect for transparency and they can't turn up without claiming they know what the problem is. 

There's a huge range of services on offer from Tennis Lessons to someone to put up furniture!

I really like this, especially as sometimes you just can't guarantee who is going to turn up  and you can leave reviews about their service. 

Now to book that removal van... 

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

LIFESTYLE: How to get the left over wax out of a candle

The art of burning candles is something that I have only recently got into thanks to the girls and their passion for Yankee Candles. Who knew candles were so much more than just lighting them! Sweet & Salty Caramel has by far been one of my favourites, so much so that it's the first candle that I have ever used up completely. 
I was annoyed at how much wax was still left at the bottom of the glass jar and with the price of these candles being on the higher side for my liking, I didn't want to waste it. So I got straight on iMessage to Shelley to find out what she did with the millions of amazing candles she owns. Turns out that it's pretty simple.
 *Carefully* fill the jar with boiling water.
With the darker coloured candles you will see a little separation in colour at the top of the water but this didn't affect the scent of the wax left at the bottom. 
 The remaining wax will float until the top after a few minutes.
Remember that the wax will be so hot so I used an oven glove because, ouch. The happened much more quickly than I expected, I thought I would have to leave this for at least 30 minutes to release the wax, but this was done after about 3-4!
Using a spoon poke out the metal wick holder.
You don't have to bother with this step if you aren't going to reuse the wax, I wanted to use the remaining wax as a melt in my burner. Although this does create a hole in the middle which made getting the wax out of the jar really easy.
Pour out the water and remove the wax.
Don't make the same mistake I did and leave the sink covered in wax, try having some hot water already running or pour the water into a container you are happy to throw away. I really wanted to keep the glass jar for cotton wool storage but there is so much wax residue inside. No matter how many times I've repeated this method the glass jar still isn't clean. But I have managed to get four good sized melts out of what was left! 

Monday, 30 January 2017

ANIMALS: What would I feed my dog?

As the date to move into our first house draws closer, the more time I am spending wondering if we will ever find that four legged dog friend that will fit in our lifestyle (and that won't make Matt have an asthma attack!). 

I already know where his/hers cage would go, where I'd keep the lead and have pictured our daily routine over and over again. But one thing I am still unsure of is what I would feed it. I had always been bought up with family feeding their dogs the standard dog food but recently my eyes have been opened to the world of raw feeding. The dilemma is since going Vegan - could I do it? 
Indy - Charli's Puppy!!! 
There are so many different options for dogs food to consider; raw feeding, the generic popular brands (which I wouldn't ever feed my dog, heard too many horror stories) and natural dog food. Ultimately I know it's going to be down to the dog that we adopt that will decide, so I've been reading a fair few feeding guides and wanted to share what I had learnt below.


It's widely know that protein aids growth and repair and it's an important energy source for everyone, not just dogs. In dog food this is usually sourced from meat and fish as it is the most natural and digestible form for canines. However this can be expensive so there are cheaper dog foods with vegetable protein and there are some vegans will choose this over meat sourced protein. 

Fats & Oils

These are important for dogs as not only are they a source of energy but they also keep the dog's skin and coat healthy. I'm part of a dog walking group on Facebook and there are regular discussions around what oils owners feed their dogs. The most popular are omega 3 and 6 and are usually added into the food. 


There is some debate around the benefits of fibre in a dogs diet however, it's widely believed that it helps to aid water absorption and prevents diarrhoea. Fibre can also do the opposite and prevent constipation by drawing water into the digestive system.


Something which I am already aware of with Bertie and Rocky, each have mineral supplements and a salt lick. In dog food this is often referred to as "ash" apparently because of the way that its nutrient content is measured. Important minerals for dogs include; calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium. 


Again, something I am used to with Rocky in-particular as guinea pigs need additional vitamins. There's a trend for dog food to be cold-pressed now because there is a difficultly in preserving vitamins when you heat food to high temperatures. 

Darlow - Cardiff Dogs Home
As I will be adopting a dog, most likely from Cardiff Dogs Home, a transitional period between foods will be needed. At the home they are fed on very bland food to be on the safe side, unless there are known health issues. It's suggested that you follow the method of a 75:25 split between the old food and the new. Keep it like this for a couple of days, before changing the split to 50:50 then 25:75 old to new.

We are having a huge kitchen so our dog will have their own cupboard and I can't wait. There will be numerous airtight containers of food and treats. Unless we go down the raw feeding route and then it is recommended that you buy a separate freezer!
If you own a dog I'd be really keen to here what you feed it. 

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