Thursday, 1 October 2015

Boots Haul, ready for holiday

This holiday has crept up on me like no other holiday before. Previous holidays I have spent weeks planning the perfect hand luggage, the ultimate "in flight" beauty routine and the holiday skin care routine. However this holiday has been the first that I really haven't been that bothered about - even with my flight just a couple of days away. 

I've made the decision to not buy any new skincare for the holiday, apart from suntan lotion, but I did remember that I would need a darker foundation, waterproof mascara and a darker concealer. After a pretty horrible hospital appointment there was no better time for a "pick me up" so off I headed to Boots with my friend Shelley (read her blog here!). 

Luckily I headed there just at the time as the 3for2 event was on in store, so I picked up a couple of lip products at the same time. 

I picked up two of my favourite foundations from Loreal, the True Match and Infallible  both in darker shades because my tan tends to hand around after I've been on holiday and I intend to cling onto it for as long as possible. The Blake Lively red lipstick has been on my radar for a while, and with very little encouragement from Shelley the lipstick ended up in my basket. 

From Maybelline I picked up the concealer I've been after for a while, the waterproof mascara (sensational one?) and a lipstick pencil in a fairly neutral (for me) colour. As you can tell I'm typing this up whilst having no products near me to check what I've actually bought. 

Anyway, this is me signing off for a good couple of weeks!

Blog when I'm back. 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Creating Bertie's perfect home...

Bertie is my rabbit, he's 9 years old now. Well, that's just a guess because I adopted him 6 years ago from a local farm. He was dumped in a cardboard box with his brother in the middle of the night. Sadly his brother didn't survive the night, but Bertie did. This was the first photo I took of him, just after I'd stopped a load of children poking him through his hutch. It was in this moment that I knew he would be coming home with me. Just look at that tongue, it's an awfully blurry photo but this was back in the day when I had a battery powered camera.

Fast forward 6 years and here is my boy now. We've lived in three different homes together. He has lived in a hutch outside, been an indoor rabbit and now in our flat he lives outside on our balcony. 

On Thursday just gone I took Bertie to the vets for his annual jabs and was told he's in a great condition. One of his teeth need to be monitored as it looks a little sharp, so I've been advised to up his hay intake even more to wear that tooth down. If not I will probably have to fork out for an operation and that's where his insurance will kick in I hope. With two Guinea Pigs and Hamsters I have them all covered just incase. As Bertie is 9 I really hope that it won't come to an operation because the risks would be so great with his age and I don't want to lose him. 
Here we are sat on the balcony during his weekly grooming session - it's not usually this bad, he's blowing out his summer coat at the moment. When I first got Bertie way back in 2009 I couldn't believe just how much hutches cost and of course there were no expense spared for his home. In that same year I'd become aware of the theft of rabbit's and their hutches around where I lived and everyone was advised to make sure the hutch was added to your home insurance. I'd left that up to my mum at the time, but the hutch was added to the policy.

Now as an adult the hutch was one of the first things added to our home insurance when we moved in, luckily due to someone really close to me working at Legal & General sorting out our own insurance was fairly straight forward. For the past four years the balcony has had his hutch, always open, a den and a pot of various hay/grass combinations. I wish I'd taken a photo of this before I'd packed it all away last week. It is a no mans land at the moment, but you can see I fenced the side so he couldn't escape. He loves it out there.

We had a letter through from our property management company stating that there would be work completed on the flat block over the next 5 weeks, so I've bought Bertie inside. I wouldn't want him to be stressed out with people climbing ladders over the building. Matt and I went to bring his hutch inside but the hutch was battered. Four years of being outside in all weathers had really taken it's toll, so I hopped (ha!) out and bought a new one. 

When the flat work is complete I am planning on creating the best DIY rabbit enclosure possible and I've been hunting around the internet for ideas. So, if you have any ideas for enclosures for rabbits please let me know!

Here's to my next project. 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The new Zara bag: Light Grey Rucksack

Meet my new bag. I'm in love and for only £19.99, I'm considering being in love with the black version of it too. 

The reason behind this purchase, I wanted a nice bag for hand luggage for when I go on holiday to Greece at the beginning of October. Usually I take a handbag and I hate trying to carry that and luggage and a bottle of water and my travel pillow... you get the drift. I needed something hands free. 

My first port of call was ebay, as usual, but the bags there were £12-£18. These were the ones that would arrive in time for my holiday and I just didn't want to spend that much on something from ebay. 

I have no idea why I thought Zara would be the place to shop for a "reasonably priced rucksack" but I logged onto the website and this dreamy rucksack was there and for a price that I am more than willing to spend on a Zara bag. 

This arrived last week and I cannot wait to use it, pretty sure I've picked the most impractical colour, but I just couldn't resist the grey... anyone else? I'm almost 100% I will buy the black version too. 

What do you think?

Sunday, 13 September 2015

My favourite beauty reads

I've read the Escentual blog ever since it was launched and even more so when I realised that they were so local to me. For a start the photography is awesome, I'm pretty fickle in that if something has a nice photo then I'm more likely to read it.. is that just me?
Since I'm going away soon I've been looking back over their really great posts about all things skincare for on holiday and SPF.
Favourites include:

Bloglovin' pretty much the go to place to go for beauty blogs, they are all categorised and the bloglovin app just makes everything so easy. I've only just started to move everything I read onto Bloglovin, I used to just have all the links book marked because you never used to be able to comment easily on bloglovin - but they fixed that.!
I follow hundreds of blogs across so many different "themes" and I love that I can guarantee something new to read whenever I log in.
 A recent new read is Grazia Daily a welcome move from picking up the magazine from a shop. I've really moved away from reading magazines and pretty much now will only buy them in the airport. There's everything covered from fashion, beauty to celebs with plenty of health articles thrown in. Luckily it's kept the same tone as the articles in the glossy pages!
Favourites include:


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