Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Let's go to the beach... BEACH

So, this could win the award for the latest and most irrelevant blog post. Especially as I am sat typing this whilst looking out of the window at a foggy and rainy landscape. Much different to the landscape that was out of the window when I took these photos. 

Long gone are the those days when I needed to apply the suntan lotion, but when I did in Egypt it was factor 50 all the way, especially on the beach where I spent most of the day snorkelling. Talking snorkelling (no points for that link there!) I made sure that every time we took off down the hill to the beach these were in my possession. I loved being in the water with the fish so much that I am considering investing in a decent kit. Another essential when in Egypt are beach shoes, these we picked up whilst out there and they were really cheap. These pretty much saved my trotters because the sand is mainly broken rocks or boiling hot. Also - never forget the bug spray. Ever. 

When I wasn't in the sea I was relaxing as per usual with Harry Potter on my kindle.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like a LUSH Christmas...

A few weeks ago I went along to the LUSH store in Cardiff to have a peak at all the Christmas (yes it's soon!) stock is now available in stores. I met up with a few of the girls in Starbucks before hand, then headed up a cold Queen Street and huddled into the store. 

As usual when you walk into LUSH you are met with a wall of colour and smells that instantly lift you. The staff are so friendly and upbeat that it's really hard to keep the "grr I'm so tired I've been in work all day" mood - which is very hard for me to shift. 

To be completely honest with you, a lot of the smells in LUSH just give me headaches. I've never really loved the warm smells, you know the cinnamon Christmassy ones. But since we were given a couple of Christmas bath goodies in our bags I think I will brave it and give them a go! Who knows it may change.

My favourite things from LUSH are the minty smells and the Comforter so I picked another one of those up. I always pick one up when I go into LUSH, a habit I can't see myself ever breaking. I think everyone knows how many bubbles the Comforter creates! 

Currently I'm having a bit of a bad skin time, which is nothing compared to the average, I know. But I am experiencing spots popping up on my chin and I don't like it. I was advised Mask of Magnamity would sort me out so in LUSH I trusted and I bought a pot home with me.  

Finally, I bought a pot of the H'suan Wen Hua hair treatment on Laura from CSI's advice. As most of you know by now, I have dark hair. It wasn't a choice I had as there was a horrific balls up by the salon which had to be covered by dark brown. Anyway, it left my hair in a state of shock and it's in a really bad way at the moment. Laura said even though this treatment smells of damp clothes (she was right!) it would sort my hair right out. Here's hoping!

Have you popped into LUSH recently?
What's the one item you can't wait to see back in store at this time of year? (I don't like Snow Fairy!!!)

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Fabyouless... & Giveaway!

As a spa treatment, hair salon and nail bar lover when I was emailed about the  Fabyouless card I read with wide eyes. A card where you can save money (such as 2 for 1 deals) on these things?! I usually always trawl through the likes of groupon and living social to find a deal but with that you run the risk of either having a trainer cut your hair (nothing wrong with that!) or somewhere that doesn't have the greatest reviews. 

The card covers places such as beauty salons hair salons, nail bars, lash bars, clinics, spas, dental clinics and even gyms! One of the places you can use the Fabyouless card is Bannatynes - a spa that is right by me and I visit a few times a year. 

I think it's a brilliant idea, a bit like a taste card but for beauty. What more could you want? 
Well... keep scrolling for your chance to win one.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

New Nails by Storm Hair and Nails Cardiff...

Last Monday I took the day off work, because let's be honest - who likes Mondays? Not me, that's for sure. Now I've known Michelle for years and have had my nails done by her for the last 5 years - so that should say she is awesome in itself, however this time I went with something different - sculptures.
Now as the song says, first things first. My nails were the worst they have been in years and I am absolutley blaming this on being at the dogs home on the weekend ;)... I jest, but still I haven't been the most careful recently. I always had big plans to keep having shellac until they grew enough but this just never happened. I then saw Michelle (aka Shelley) talk of this method of building up the nail tip instead of gluing tips on your nails. I booked in sharpish as I have craved that pointed nail for far too long!

After my nails were buffed and filed I had these silver stickers placed under my nails. These formed the base for which the gels were built up on. No tips required and all free hand. I was pretty amazed at the results if I'm honest. The nail shape was exactly what I wanted and like I said Michelle did all this free hand - in love!
I love how these nails look without any polish. So natural! 

For polish, as always, I wanted to go for something fun but still non-tacky so Michelle brilliantly look inspiration from my tartan scarf. I've just spent the day at the dogs home and my nails look like they have just been done, I am amazed. I'll keep you updated with how they grow out and how long they look in tip top condition.

Have a look at the Storm Hair and Nails website, if you are in the Cardiff area I couldn't recommend a better place.


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