Monday, 25 August 2014


I've decided to completely stop blogging until I am back from my summer holidays. 

Too often over these past few weeks I've sat down to blog and all I have wanted to post about are dogs haha, not a bad thing for me, but I don't want my other passions I blog about to get lost in all of it.

I've not really had chance to access the laptop recently, had little time to take photos and haven't even really wanted to blog, which is very unlike me. I've not filmed a youtube video in months, the whole "Charli Slims" feature has fizzled out and I'm a bit uninspired. 

I'm going to take a notebook and pen away with me, of course my camera and vlog camera and see if the mood takes me whilst I'm out there. 

Here's to a much needed few weeks away!

Ta ta for now... x

Monday, 18 August 2014

Hagrid, Dobby & Marley | Cardiff Dogs Home

Yesterday my friend, her boyfriend and myself went along to the dogs home for a good five hours!! We took many dogs out between us and had a fantastic time. Above is Dobby - fitting right in with my t-shirt, who we walked with Hagrid. Hagrid and Dobby share a special bromance and it's just heartwarming. They didn't arrive in the home together but somehow Hagrid and Dobby share a love like no other. Dobby was so timid when he first came into CDH but now walks confidently just taking a moment every now and again to check that Hagrid is near. 
On Saturday I took out Marley again. His energy never stops and he started to pull a little too much on the sleep lead for me. At one point just at the end of the lane he tried a little too hard to pull the lead out of my hand and it made me go back to the home pretty quickly. Now I want to make it clear that in no way was it aggression, Marley just wants to play, run and move. It was decided that we would put Marley on a harness and chain lead to deter him form pulling and he is now a different dog! I couldn't believe the difference in him. No pulling, walking calmer and I honestly felt like he felt less restricted with no lead around his neck. Marley has a fantastic "sit" for a treat and I truly believe that he wouldn't harm a fly. 

Also on Saturday I took Alfie out who is just at the home whilst his owner is in hospital.

Dobby is known for his ability to stop, drop and roll over for you to fuss his stomach out on walks!

These two I had a lovely long play with in the garden, I didn't have time to catch their name but they are only there over one night whilst their owner is away, they are back home in their usual beds now but I thought you would love the photo of them waiting for the ball!



Sunday, 17 August 2014

Let's go to the beach... BEACH

Last Monday Matt and I both had a day off and we decided to go for an adventure to one of the nearest beaches to us. Southerndown is a beautiful beach full of stones and places to explore. 

Nothing special about what I wore, my really old jeans which are now in the bin because they had a hole in them and one of my favourite jumpers a navy and white strip from h&m. This is pretty much my uniform outfit all the time which is something I hope to change as I get smaller and more confident. My Michael Kors and Fiorelli bag completed the outfit. 

However, I wanted to zoom in on the shoes. I didn't think I would like this trainer/dap trend but turns out since getting a pair from Dune at House of Fraser* I have rarely worn anything else. I got my usual size, but I would say get a size down as these seem pretty roomy and I wear them with insoles. These weren't that expensive either and actually House of Fraser stock loads of reasonably priced shoes from all sorts off brands. You may remember last year I bought a pair of wedges in the sale reduced from £90 to £15 from Bertie.

There is a whole area of an abandoned castle and gardens area which provided many things to photograph. I could have spammed this post with loads and loads of photos of flowers and stone walls but I thought better of myself. It would make a beautiful area for a photo shoot though.



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Monday, 11 August 2014

A day at Four Falls Walk, Brecon...

Last Sunday I did the most exercise I think I have ever done in one day, I felt like I was back on my Duke of Edinburgh (shudder!) trip! 

I was awake at 7:00am and went for a run with Matt, yes I don't know who I am either (although 3 runs this week-I'm basically a marathon runner, right?). We were out running (and walking) until about 8, got back showered and then made the decision to go up the mountains in Brecon and have a nice stroll.

I say stroll, it was a hike. Matt was also convinced that it would be a nice sunny day. I didn't wear a coat, cardigan or take an umbrella and I got soaked through, even wearing a carrier bag on my head at one point. But we had the best time, no phone signal so no interruptions just a few hours, just us laughing and joking about getting soaked and me falling up and down hills.

The coolest part was being able to stand behind a waterfall. The power of nature really hit home, it sounded like a train was going past really close... a sound that never let up. Plus I met a rabbit who wasn't scared of me walking right up to him! 

And yes that photo is of me not being impressed as I had just realised that the huge hill I had walked down, well I had to go back up it!

Have you ever been to Brecon?



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