Friday, 26 August 2016

LIFESTYLE: Getting a dog.. The Wishlist!

It's no secret that one of the things I want most in life is to be able to adopt a dog. I spend my weekends at the local dog pound and it's been pretty hard not to put together some ideas of the shopping spree I will have when that day comes. 
This is obviously isn't extensive but it's the little things that have stuck in my mind over the last two years of volunteering. 

I should probably address the giant hamster in the middle of the image. This is by a company called Unusual Orange, they make custom pet portraits along with the most amazing custom collars and leads.  I follow their Facebook page and know one of the people behind the brand, so naturally want to support them. I love tartan collars and leads and this fabric stands out for me, brilliantly priced too! 

From the inexpensive to the slightly ridiculous, a tent. For the dog. An indoor tent, for the dog. Oh, and it's £70. GULP. I just love it though and I am really keen on the idea of making a feature out of the dog bed rather than just a plastic tray in the kitchen. The reality is that I'll have to compromise on this decision and go for something a little less "out there".

If there is one thing that I have been really keen to learn about is what dogs should and shouldn't be fed. A number of people who have adopted dogs from the home have moved them on to raw feeding and a really small number have taken this to the extreme. Their dogs will regularly eat feet, ears and even whole heads of animals for their dinner, yet their dogs look so healthy and nourished. As I have been a vegetarian now for five months I don't think I could watch my dog do that. Further research into this shows that you can buy the equivalent of "ready meals" for raw fed dogs but I think that could get really expensive. There are certain dog foods that you should stay away from, such as Bakers - it's like feeding dogs smarties, so the natural meet in the middle for me will be a grain free dog food brand.   

I recently bought a Boomer Ball for a family dog in a last attempt to get him to entertain himself whilst in the back garden. A Boomer Ball is the one toy that never fails to get interest from the pound dogs, so I was sure this would work. The only problem was, it's out of stock EVERYWHERE. That's when Waggy Tail Groomers stepped in after seeing my cries of help on Facebook and managed to source one as part of their Pet Product service. 

Finally, after last weekend when I resembled a drowned rat after every single dog walk - a rain coat, for the dog. Wrestling with a wet dog and a towel is not fun. Well, it might be, just a little bit. 

Do you have a dog and have any "must have"'s that need to head onto my list?

* contains a sponsored link, but let's face it - it's about dogs and that's all I seem to write about these days! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

BEAUTY: A razor subscription service

Wind back two years ago and I was regimented about heading to my waxing lady every six weeks in a bid to de-fuzz at a more permanent level, especially after years of shaving! I got to a stage where I was so fed up with shaving and its usual array of problems; rashes and stubble. 
Waxing doesn't come without its problems though. High pain levels (it never seemed to get any better!) and a regrowth time of weeks just wasn't working for me. I would be so happy with the smooth results for about a week and then have to have four to five weeks of not getting my legs out and having to wear long sleeved tops. 
 It never occurred to me that the reason I hated the results of shaving was down to the tools I was using. I'll hold my hands up here and admit that I have been buying the cheap packs of razors, even ones that have had just one blade and no special features - expecting results of the "higher end" options. 
 I was recently contacted by Dorco to try out one of their huge selection of Razors and curiosity got me, just how different can a more expensive razor be? Yeah, well I was wrong. It's really different. 
For a start there are six blades in the Dorco Eve*, something which I have never experienced before. It looks like two razors that have been stuck together but this unique shape makes navigating curves like ankles and knees a dream! Let's be honest, no one has time for the razor cuts that just never stop bleeding.
The razor also has two moisturising bands with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender which helps with the irritation that's sometimes caused by shaving.
You should also change your razor frequently and I'm pretty sure I've read that once a week is recommended, ashamedly I'm admitting here to just having a pot in the bathroom or razors I pick and choose from. However, I'm now completely converted to the Dorco, so much so that I have signed up to the subscription service

I love that for just £5.45 a month I will be sent four new blade heads and I won't have to think about keeping the ones that I use on the "one week" life span. Another great point - free shipping. 

I'm converted - would you sign up to a razor subscription service? 
As I have signed up to the subscription service I am able to generate a referral link where if you sign up using this link we both get £5 off all products at Dorco. 

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Monday, 15 August 2016

BEAUTY: The £12 Artis Makeup Brush Dupes

I'm not quite sure how to refer to these makeup brushes, other than "the ones that look like oddly shaped toothbrushes", what would you call them? A quick google tells me I should call them Oval Makeup Brushes.. We shall see.
With between 3 to 10 times more bristles than the average makeup brush, these are set to provide a smoother application. The brushes are very dense, jam packed to the point where the base brush can buff in my foundation in about 6 seconds.

When I first saw these type of brushes it was the brand Artis and they had cropped up in a few youtube videos. As I am forever on the hunt for the perfect base my first reaction was "oh hello...." and then I saw the price and my second reaction was "oh hell no". 

So naturally I had a browse online to see if I could find some that were cheaper (as in not £60 for one brush!!!) and there were loads. Amazon and eBay seemed to be the most littered with options so I went for this set which was just £12 for all the brushes. 

I tripled checked that they were only made from synthetic fibres and into my basket they headed. You can get even cheaper sets but these were in the UK and I'm really far too impatient to wait for delivery any longer than 4-5 days. 

Hopefully they will live up to the high expectations that I have for them.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Dog of the Week: Storm

Every week myself and Shelley grab our cameras and focus in on a dog who is currently ready for adoption at Cardiff Dogs Home. We usually look for that dog who needs a little more social media coverage, some more photos and videos to remind potential adopters that they are just pets waiting for their forever sofa. 

This week was Storm and to be honest I am pretty happy with how the video turned out so I wanted to share it on here, plus it's also an extra blog post #lazy! 

Storm is 10 years old and is just a wonderful gent who does not deserve to be spending his evening years in a concrete kennel. 


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