Sunday, 22 November 2015

Cooking with SimplyHealth for a whiter & healthier smile #SHhealthysmiles

Friday nights go one of two ways, I either really fancy going all out in the kitchen or it's takeaway time. Last weekend I chose to cook, well cooking was chosen for me because I had been sent a couple of huge boxes full of organic food from Abel & Cole.

Included in my box was chicken, gluten free sausages, vegetables, cheese, milk and nuts. I have to say, I love milk - probably more than I should because I know it's not the best for you. This milk is the best tasting milk I have ever drunk.

To say I felt incredibly lucky when these boxes arrived was an understatement. Shopping on a budget like most people have to do can sometimes be incredibly testing and to be gifted with these lovely ingredients is a lovely opportunity.
I decided to do something a little different when I cooked with these, I filmed it! I've been off youtube for a while so this was my "get to know your camera and tripod video" again.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Friends of the dogs, Wales - Instagram

Recently I have taken over the Instagram page for Friends of the Dogs, Wales. In case you have been under a rock when reading my blog/social media, this is the charity that I have volunteered for every weekend for the last year and a half.

The charity is invaluable for helping these dogs find homes and the twitter and Facebook following is huge.

My mission to get the dogs seen on Instagram. 

So, consider this a sales pitch, I can promise:
  • Amazing dogs that are all looking for homes.
  • Cute photos.
  • Funny photos.
  • "Pulling at your heart strings" photos. 
  • Videos of dogs snoring. 
  • And loads more
Would you follow and help me spread the word out about our woofs? 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Pets At Home - Haul

Last week driving to pick Matt up from work I had one of the worst panic attacks (whilst driving) I have ever experienced. They are so much more scary when you are in charge of a car. The attack was bought on by some really aggressive driving by the male in the car behind mine.

Needless to say when Matt finished work he found me in the car, in tears. I needed to go to Pets at Home to purchase cat litter for Bertie, OH THE GLAMOUR, but this time I was allowed to coo over all the animals and I met a little Staffie called Radar.

£20 later and I had picked up a few things for my furry crew.

Guinea pigs are hands down the messiest animals I've ever owned. Ever. I'm not sure if it's just my two but they are just so messy. That's why I bought them the hay holder? If that's what it's even called. I am very close to ripping the bell off the end though haha. I like how the hay is kept clean and they don't throw it out of the side anymore. I think Basil and Rocky have to use so much energy to get at the hay they won't waste it.

I bought one for Bertie too, he's not been that bothered with it, but it does mean that he isn't walking all over his food.

I've been a bit disappointed with the vegetable holders, mainly because they don't actually fit a carrot inside? In the shop I thought that they were a bit thin, but as they are metal I had hoped that I would be able to stretch them open a bit more - you can't. Basil, Rocky and Bertie were so frustrated when they suddenly had to work for their vegetables, but it's kept them entertained for longer than usual and that's always a bonus.

Picture of Basil thrown in just because he's cute.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Snapdragon Printed Washbag

Recently in an online auction for a local charity I won this amazing Snapdragon Washbag - look how cute it is! 

Snapdragon is a Scottish company started back in 2000, you can read the backstory of the company here, I'd recommend having a read as I love to know the history behind companies and even more so the people behind those companies. 

These would make awesome Christmas presents - it's November now I can say that word - and I've got a couple of people in mind for them, especially as you can get personalised ones! 

The matching cushion has my name on it.


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