Introducing Louis...

Tuesday, 28 December 2010
Just a small post to introduce my readers to the most amazing hamster! I bought Louis from Pets at Home in September 2008. I hate the fact that he is from a pet store because of the way animals are bred to be stocked there however as soon as I saw him I knew he was for me. The type of moment where the animal comes to the front of the cage etc.

He is now just over 2years old and is starting to look his age. There has been a couple of times where the vet has suggested putting him to sleep but I didnt give up on him, changed his diet to suit his condition and hes almost as good as new!

Sometimes I get the feeling that some of the nurses feel that he is "just a hamster" (don't get me wrong others are great and ask me about him when I'm there with my rabbit) and they are quick to not want to try any treatment. But he is my pet and is worth every penny in my eyes. He's always there to cheer me up or do something so insanely cute that it makes me forget whatever is troubling me!


I am a massive animal lover and would love a job in that profession!
Anyone have a pet that they just can't imagine life without?

Charli... (&Louis)

 Chubba Chubs
 Mmmm Cheese
 Strike a Pose
I can be a handbag dog? 


  1. He was the best £6 I ever spent! Very low maintenance! Just put in the care they need and they are fine :)
    Although he is spoilt and has losts of "human" food like fruit, veg and treats!

  2. Soooo cute!! Hamsters are just as good pets as any other animal! x

  3. He is the sweetest! I love hamsters too I just want them all :D x

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