Wednesday, 19 January 2011
 This is finally the long awaited post for my new filofax. I have never owned one before and never really had a planner but with uni work mounting, work shifts ever changing and appointments I thought I should get one to get my life in order.

So off Matt and I went into town (just to get the filofax) and had a look in John Lewis but wasn't impressed by the selection so headed to Paperchase. All I can say is WOW what a shop! I had to put the blinkers on and halt the spending. But I did find my new filofax, a pencil and stickers.

I originally went to staples a few days earlier but there was none in there I liked so I bought the accessories I wanted inside which were...

The coloured paper was around £4 and the todo list was around £3. (I think). I also bought an elastic band ball for no other reason other than I couldn't believe you could actually buy them!
I purchased some cheap small post it notes to cut up and stick inside so I can have my own sticky notes rather than pay £5 for the filofax ones.

*Drumroll please!*

Here she is....
This was £21 from paperchase, its the personal size which I think is the best size as you can write on it with ease.

Then when we got back, Matt and I spent ages customising it!

The top picture was my front cover, but Matt wanted to make me a better one and to be honest I prefer his too!! I also love the concentration in his face!

Sorry for the overload of pictures!
The pencil and dots I bought in paperchase each for £1!

I am in love and hope that it helps organise me!

Thanks for reading




  1. Pretty! Love it!!Makes me wish I had a bigger one now!

    Your birthday is on Friday the 13th. Oh nooo!! :-p xx

  2. My 16th birthday was on a friday, I also had 2exams - english and was a horrible day :(!