Loreal Full Restore Hair Mask Review

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I recently received an asos order (will be doing an outfit post on the best cardigan ever) and within the order I was given 6 samples of the elvive full restore hair mask.

So last night I used it, shampooed as normal - decided not to condition as I never do when using a hair mask and then placed this on the ends of my hair for the time directed. Washed out as normal, then blow dried as normal.

My hair has been left feeling really really greasy, before straightening this morning I have even sprayed some dry shampoo in it. I now really want to wash my hair again :(.






  1. I got a sample too from asos. Only got one sachet though! Havent tried it yet.

    Ill let you know my thoughts if I do!

    Leanne x

  2. It just shows everyone's hair is different as I use this actually loads and I love it! My hair is oily too! Hate the rest of the collection though, that makes my hair very greasy. xxx

  3. @Leanne - good luck!! :) and yey for asos orders!!

    @Amy - Id send you the huge batch of samples I have. Yeah everyones hair is different - for me the best products are Aussie and the expensive ones I get straight from the hairdressers! xx

  4. I use the yellow one, im not sure what its called its amazing best shampoo and conditioner ive used! shiny healthiest my hair has been pretty much like hairdressers result everytime, try the yellow one i havent tried anyothers incase it comes out greesy.

    kels xx