Models own haulage...

Thursday, 17 February 2011
Lots of goodies

FROM L-R: Coral Reef, Vintage Pink, Bubblegum, Tangerine Queen, Lime Light, Top Turquoise, Feeling Blue, Betty Blue, 25 Carrat Gold, Snow White.

I have never owned a models own nail varnish and after reading great reviews I went all out and now I have ten. And a Coral lipstick (will swatch in another post).
There was a discount code floating around and after the automatic discounts form the models own website the total price was half what it should have been.

Here they are on the nail: (I kept this on for two days because I couldn't decide what colour I wanted)

Thumb - Little Finger: 25 Carrat Gold, Vintage Pink, Tangerine Queen, Top Turquoise, Betty Blue.

 Little Finger to Thumb: Snow White, Feeling Blue, Limelight, Coral Reef, Bubblegum.

These were after ONE coat and no topcoat because I was in a rush.

Some of the colours are not true to what they look like IRL. Bubblegum is almost neon for example. The blue also look the same, but top turquoise is more green IRL.

Anyone have any favourite Models Own colours?

In other news youtube has provided my with company whilst I work in my dissertation in the form of THE ORIGINAL DISNEY FILMS. I have watched Cinderella (and have concluded that my next hamster will be called GusGus) and now I am watching Aristocats and want a cat..after never being a "cat person".




  1. Lots of polishes! :-)

    Did you try out marbling? Those colours would be great for it!


  2. Wow, great haul!! Not one but ten polishes?! I like your style ;).


  3. They don't sell that brand in my country but i would really like to try those polishes. The gold one looks lovely!

  4. All the colours are lovely! And what a bargain getting them at like half price! :) x

  5. i love that you went all out and bought 10 shades!! I think the tangerine colour is my fave. xx

  6. @leanne - marbling needs soo much time! in the rush I tried it in it was a disaster!

    @Sadie - How could I not just go for it haha :)

    @Yona - I hope you can find somewhere that ships to where you are!

    @Laurs - I was happy charli when ordering haha...great use of codes and offers :)

    @Clazzerati - I have it on my nails now, its sooo bright but I love it. I love customising my nails..relaly use nail varnish as an accessory to an outfit.

    Thanks for all the comments :)

  7. oh i now want the neon green as well haha amazing haulll! x