Goodbye Louis...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011
Yesterday afternoon I lost one of the most important things in my life, my hamster Louis. Words can't say how much I miss him already, he was so much more than a hamster to me. I shall let the pictures do the talking for me...
[eating cheese, one of his faves]

["welcome to my office"]

[he used to give me his paw for some hamster chocolate]

[helping me with uni work]

[when I first brought him home - bad picture - my hair was so blonde]

[eating some biscuit]

[posing with me]

[i turned my back for one second and he is inside his treat box]


[one of his favourite places, and where he was when he died - my dressing gown]

[chubba chubbs]


[more cheese]

[hello big ears]


[mmm broccoli]

Hope your having treat filled fun wherever you are...
love you forever fatty...


  1. Awh Louis.
    He's up in hamster heaven now. You were a good mummy to him and he had a lush life!


  2. These are so cute yet so heart-breaking, you guys were so well bonded, you can just tell from the pics I can only imagine what it was like in real life! I on the other hand unknowingly fed my hamster some orange and he died in 5 days.. but I loved him so much and miss him loads :( Maybe Louis's chilling with my hamster in what Leanne apparently calls hamster heaven :)

  3. Awe u seriously just brought a tear to my eye - He was soooo loved and the pics just say it all :)

  4. Awh wee Louis, so cute. He'll be having fun wherever he is. Maybe he'll have met my hamsters, Chandler and Joey! xx

  5. Awwh this bought tears to my eyes!

    Such cute photos! Lots of happy memories with Louis :)

    My sister's guinea pig died a few months ago and we were all so upset..still miss her lots but it's nice to have all the pictures to look at every now and again...


  6. Aw bless, sorry to hear about louis :(

  7. This brought tears to my eyes. He looks adorable. So sorry to hear you lost him, a lot of people underestimate how sad it is to lose a pet. Hope you're okay hun.


  8. Aw bless RIP Louis.
    Its always heartbreaking to loose a pet xx

  9. awwwww huuuuggssssssss xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Aww sorry hun, he was so gorgeous, RIP Louis xx

  11. Awww I'm so sorry. RIP Louis, it's so horrible losing a pet. xx

  12. Im so sorry Charli:( RIP awesome Louis xxxx

  13. Aww I've just seen this little guy he is gorgeous, so sorry for your loss but I'm sure he is having great fun at the rainbow bridge playing with all the other little hamsters that have gone before him.
    He is lovely, I have 2 hams just now and I adore them xx