First Lush Haul

Monday, 30 May 2011
Finally I went into the LUSH store and boy was I one happy girl! Everything looked amazing and although I don't like strong smelling things I did somehow manage to spend nearly £30! Although I know everything I have bought I can use more than once and will make things last by using small amounts of them from reviews I have read on blogs.

So here is what I bought...

  1. Dream Cream - £10.25 - I read that this cream helps with keratosis pilaris here, this condition leaves horrible red bumps all on my arms that looks like shaving rash. This really gets me down and there is no known cure, I am willing to try anything so at £10.25 I really hope this works.
  2. Blackberry Bath Bomb - £2.75 -  This was advised to me by the shop assistant because I don't like the strong smelling ones and I was intrigued that it would turn the bath water purple and I liked the smell.
  3. ButterBall - £2.30 - The words "chips of cocoa butter" sold this for me and it smells divine.
  4. Comforter - £3.99 -  This has been raved about on pretty much all the blogs that I read and it smells amazing, which is strange because I usually hate the really strong smelling ones. Another plus point was that the comforter lasts for about 5 baths! The assistant did a demo in two jugs of water and the amount of bubbles that rose from the smallest amount was amazing. High hopes for this.
  5. Buffy - £9.45 - This is a ground up mixture of exfoliating bits of rice, almonds and beans, which should also help the skin on my arms. Apparently there's no need for body lotion after a Buffy, because the cocoa and shea butters in it moisturise your skin beautifully, however if I dream cream my skin afterwards there is a double whammy of moisture my skin should reap the benefits.
  6. Honey Trap Lip Balm - £4.99 -  A honey flavoured lip balm that caught my eye at the till, I had picked up the minty lip scrub but decided against it as I use the one that I made myself.  So I found a lipbalm with the mint flavour in it. This smells lovely so I hope it helps my dry lips.

Overall, I am soo happy and could have spent more but I was too hungry in the shop and it was too hot to stay in there any longer. I will be going back though...or shop online haha.

Does anyone else have any "must haves" from LUSH? Ones that don't smell too strong!



Topshop Makeup Haul...

Sunday, 29 May 2011
Just got back from my birthday weekend away, it was amazing but went far too fast. I shall be doing separate posts on the spa day, the zoo and the shopping but I am far too excited by the fact that I have bought some topshop makeup :).

I bought:
  • Lipstick - Ohh La la
  • Lip Stick - Coy
  • Cream Blush - Neon Rose
All three came to £21, as I got to the till I realised that my student card was still in my exam pencil case :( FAIL. I would have had £4.20 off because there is 20% off...however I am going into Cardiff town tomorrow to exchange a few things so may be tempted back in there. Another FAIL was that they had run out of the free gift with three purchases  :(.


I love all three, the packaging from topshop is amazing!
Coy is a lovely pale neony pinky colour.
Ohh Laa laa is a really nice bright neon coral without being crazy.
Neon Rose is a lovely creamy pink which I can't wait to put on my face tomorrow.

Very happy Charli from this haul so will end up dragging matt back into topshop Cardiff tomorrow, hopefully there will be the free gift in stock..

Any "must haves" from topshop?



I also bought three other topshop makeup items from a blogsale, will post them soon :) I feel an addiction coming on...uh oh!

University = DONE.

Thursday, 26 May 2011
That is it - I have completed my final uni exam this morning, relief is an understatement. Although I get home and the internet is broke, my laptop went funny and my blackberry just wasn't playing ball which was rather stressful, thankfully they are now fixed and I can blog!

A giveaway was supposed to go up today to celebrate a few things, but whilst my internet was down I had to pack all my room away because it is being decorated and my nan is moving in with us whilst we wait for her "granny flat" to be built on the side of our house. Exciting to have her living with us, but it is also really sad. The house that she is moving from she has lived in for over 40 years with my Bampy, but since he died in 2008 she has become lonely. It will be sad to say goodbye to a house that has been a huge part of the family but also will be amazing to have my nan around everyday!

Anyway, yesterday evening I went to go and get Shellac done on my nails because of my spa day tomorrow. I don't want to be worrying about nail varnish chipping in the pool or whilst in treatments and I am really good friends with the lovely lady who does them at my gym. I should point out that this was 6pm in the evening the day before a 9:30 am exam - madness. The spa day was booked ages ago and due to groupon credit I had it for just £3 ;) bargainous. Then Matt is taking me away to Bristol for the weekend as a late birthday present which will be amazing to spend from Friday until Sunday as just us. On Saturday I am being taken to Noah's Arc Zoo...take me anywhere there are animals and I will be happy and then Sunday will be spent shopping!

Wow this has been a rambly post, I shall leave you with a picture of my new nails:

And here is me pretending Bertie is a flop ear rabbit! 

Well this will be my last post until Monday where I shall do a post about my weekend away and spa day! So excited!

Good luck to all those still in exams!

Thankyou for all the messages on twitter!!



Sleek - Fuchsia True Colour Lipstick

Wednesday, 25 May 2011
I seem to be developing a liking for bright pink lips.

Picked this up in superdrug, although the stock in there was running low on so much of the makeup, it looked really untidy.

I love this - it is sooo bright! There is a bit of a cheap lipstick smell but that soon goes and the colour lasts a fair amount of time, slightly moisturising too.

I bought mine from superdrug for £4 (I think)

Are all the colours just as good? I didn't have a chance to see as this was the ONLY true colour lipstick in the shop!



My Exam Make Up...

Monday, 23 May 2011

  •  Sigma F80 to apply my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in shade 52. I recently bought the Sigma Kabuki set and I am so glad that they arrived before my exams, using less of the product and applying it faster than other brushes I own - total convert. The foundation is the lightest shade I own - No time for tanning!

  • Next is my concealer, I use the Estee Lauder Ideal Light in shade light to cover the bags from revising into the early hours.

  • With my ELF translucent powder I quickly fling some on. Not really a fan of this but I have a tiny amount left so just going to use it up before I try the next one in my draw.

  • Then with my ELF bamboo complexion brush that I used for the translucent powder I throw on some bronzer to make me look less zombie - like!

  • Finally my boots no7 exquisite curl mascara. This is a new favourite mascara, adds curl that HOLDS without being clumpy or flakey.

All in all this takes me about 6 minutes (timed this morning). I know some people say why bother, but this little routine calms me down in the morning and helps me feel abit better and more awake when walking into an exam.

Don't get me wrong, I don't dress like an exam is a fashion show (like I have witnessed) today I wore sports trousers and a jumper and a big scarf to keep me cosy, with my white daps!

Hope all your exams are going well, I have one left then I am FREE.

Thanks for reading...


Clothes Swap Cardiff...

Saturday, 21 May 2011
Whilst in work today there was a Clothes Swap taking place in the next function room in aid of  "Cardiff Women's Aid".
Pay £4 and take away as many clothes as you want that people have bought in. Also bring clothes along if you wish. 
Here is what I managed to find!

Disel Denium Skirt

Faith purse - brand new with tags

Vintage looking chunky knit jumper - navy

Sheer (ish) Shirts - bright blue - Next
Only problem is that it is a size 18. I am an 8. I am hoping it is small enough to wear with a belt and (really) baggy!

David and Goliath Tshirt - even had tags

Simply top from Newlook.

Brilliant idea, and especially as I love shopping. All these are not awaiting washing haha! 
Anyone else been to something similar?



Feather hair extensions...

Thursday, 19 May 2011
After seeing them everywhere, I knew that I wanted to try them so had a hunt around and couldn't believe the prices! Around £14 for the feathers alone, not including the beading and tool that you need to place them in your hair! And then I found...


Here they are much more reasonable and they have 3 while pages of colours to choose from. I prefer the natural ones, especially as I have never used them before so all in all I bought:
  • Cream Feathers - £5.99
  • Natural Brown Feathers - £5.99
  • Feather Hair tool kit - £12.99
With each there is the option for brown/blonde beads. I chose brown as I have dark brown hair. Delivery was around £4 and the pacakge arrived 4days after ordering (including a weekend).

The package:
All came in a clear plastic wallet

Here is what I did...
First of all taking the beading tool I placed a bead on it and then put a strand of my hair through the loop in the tool, with the bead nearest the handle.

Once the hair is pulled through the loop all you need to do is push the end of the feather into the bead along with your hair.

Once it is in place all you need to do is squeeze the bead with the pliers! Doesn't pull or hurt at all!
I then added the brown one next to the cream one so it looked like this...

And here are some pictures with the hair down so they are just shown through the hair. Couldn't decide which ones to use to here there are, some are flash.

Personally I love them, although I thought I would be sent individual feathers rather than a set piece of strands, as displayed like on the website! They are the perfect length for my hair now which is between shoulders and bra strap. They also so shorter "fringe ones" which would be good for cropped styles!

What do you think?



Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, 13 May 2011
[source google]

I am 21 today! On Friday 13th eeek!

I have been soooo spoilt and plan to do my first YT video as a "haul" haha :)

However my exams are for the next two week so my blog is likely to be very quiet!

Thanks for sticking with me :)

Also thank you to EVERYONE who tweeted me today...soo lovely!

The Birthday Girl...


Elf all over colour stick & Elf Blush

Wednesday, 4 May 2011
As we all know by now I love elf and I am determined to make it through everything I own from them and show people swatches as it was from googling/reading blogs that I decided what colours to buy myself!

Elf all over colour stick in "Pink Lemonade"

A lovely pink with a subtle shimmer, easy to blend and looks great on the lips. Has a scent but that goes really quickly, a sweet sherbet scent.
ELF - £1.50

Elf natural radiance blusher in "Shy"

Blogger decided that it wanted to rotate the photo.
For a start you have to SLIDE the blush open, rather than sit there for 10 minutes trying to lift the lid off. And yes that did happen.
Again a lovely pink that is easily build-able and not "in your face" at all. This isn't one of those cheaper blushes that suddenly go all powdery and dust everywhere either!

ELF - £1.50


Top - Pink Lemonade
Bottom - Shy



Collection 2000 - Bubblegum

Monday, 2 May 2011
I'd seen this on a few blogs so popped it into the basic on a random trip to Asda think it was around £3..maybe?

A really nice bright pink! Will be a permanent addition to my collection.



Love Suzie Discount code...

Sunday, 1 May 2011
Love Suzie are closing down and there is 50% off all items with the code "FIFTY OFF"

It is a lovely website and I am sad to hear of the closing,

Read what I have bought before here.

I have also just placed my final order with them :(.