Elf all over colour stick & Elf Blush

Wednesday, 4 May 2011
As we all know by now I love elf and I am determined to make it through everything I own from them and show people swatches as it was from googling/reading blogs that I decided what colours to buy myself!

Elf all over colour stick in "Pink Lemonade"

A lovely pink with a subtle shimmer, easy to blend and looks great on the lips. Has a scent but that goes really quickly, a sweet sherbet scent.
ELF - £1.50

Elf natural radiance blusher in "Shy"

Blogger decided that it wanted to rotate the photo.
For a start you have to SLIDE the blush open, rather than sit there for 10 minutes trying to lift the lid off. And yes that did happen.
Again a lovely pink that is easily build-able and not "in your face" at all. This isn't one of those cheaper blushes that suddenly go all powdery and dust everywhere either!

ELF - £1.50


Top - Pink Lemonade
Bottom - Shy




  1. I've never got the colour stick to look good on me, can never get it to blend well on my cheeks! And I did the same thing with the blusher- even now it takes me forever to open it!! I just can't get the hang of it, such a pleb!xx

  2. e.l.f is great, so cheap but good. I love the tinted moisturiser and I have a shimmer stick that I use as a highlighter x

  3. Of everything I got from ELF my favourite thing is the stick thing in pink lemonade! I like it on my lips! xxx

  4. I defo need to try more elf items!

  5. Haha I also spent 10 minutes trying to lift the blusher lid, and even gave it to my brother to open. We nearly snapped it off, before I realised!


  6. @emily - try it as a lipstick?
    @gem - I literally love elf soooo much
    @hannah - smae here!
    @lauren - yes you do!
    @jess - ahaa it was soo annoying!