Feather hair extensions...

Thursday, 19 May 2011
After seeing them everywhere, I knew that I wanted to try them so had a hunt around and couldn't believe the prices! Around £14 for the feathers alone, not including the beading and tool that you need to place them in your hair! And then I found...


Here they are much more reasonable and they have 3 while pages of colours to choose from. I prefer the natural ones, especially as I have never used them before so all in all I bought:
  • Cream Feathers - £5.99
  • Natural Brown Feathers - £5.99
  • Feather Hair tool kit - £12.99
With each there is the option for brown/blonde beads. I chose brown as I have dark brown hair. Delivery was around £4 and the pacakge arrived 4days after ordering (including a weekend).

The package:
All came in a clear plastic wallet

Here is what I did...
First of all taking the beading tool I placed a bead on it and then put a strand of my hair through the loop in the tool, with the bead nearest the handle.

Once the hair is pulled through the loop all you need to do is push the end of the feather into the bead along with your hair.

Once it is in place all you need to do is squeeze the bead with the pliers! Doesn't pull or hurt at all!
I then added the brown one next to the cream one so it looked like this...

And here are some pictures with the hair down so they are just shown through the hair. Couldn't decide which ones to use to here there are, some are flash.

Personally I love them, although I thought I would be sent individual feathers rather than a set piece of strands, as displayed like on the website! They are the perfect length for my hair now which is between shoulders and bra strap. They also so shorter "fringe ones" which would be good for cropped styles!

What do you think?




  1. oooooooh i need these!!!! I wonder if they do peacock style feathers :) thanks for this post hun, they looks gorgeous!! xx

  2. come back and leave your blog link!! those look amazing and I want people to see! BBB xx

  3. This looks so good! And so easy to do aswell. How do you take them out again? x

  4. These are amazing! I've never seen them before. I have the same question as Zoe, how do they come out?x

  5. I absolutely love them!
    They look so good in your hair xx

  6. @hayley - I am sure they do! ebay will no doubt!

    @britishbeautyblogger - done :)

    @zoe&stundon - replied on twitter

    @justlikejasper - thankyou :) i love them too! hopefully will last for ages and I have loads of beads!

  7. They look really good! Might have to invest in some for myself!

  8. Amazing! They're fantastic.

  9. WOW!!! I need these in my life.... Great Post :D They look amazing on you



  10. ohhhh love them I would love some but I am growing my hair out and its at that awkward jaw length phase :(

  11. i been wating them for a while been going to get them all month but was looking for best price i looked on ebay first expecting a bargin- £17! i think il get them from here on pay day :) they look really good x

  12. I do think they look great, hadn't come across them before, but very effective. Reminds me of pochahontas...not in a bad way though!

  13. So pretty! I want some :)

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