My Exam Make Up...

Monday, 23 May 2011

  •  Sigma F80 to apply my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in shade 52. I recently bought the Sigma Kabuki set and I am so glad that they arrived before my exams, using less of the product and applying it faster than other brushes I own - total convert. The foundation is the lightest shade I own - No time for tanning!

  • Next is my concealer, I use the Estee Lauder Ideal Light in shade light to cover the bags from revising into the early hours.

  • With my ELF translucent powder I quickly fling some on. Not really a fan of this but I have a tiny amount left so just going to use it up before I try the next one in my draw.

  • Then with my ELF bamboo complexion brush that I used for the translucent powder I throw on some bronzer to make me look less zombie - like!

  • Finally my boots no7 exquisite curl mascara. This is a new favourite mascara, adds curl that HOLDS without being clumpy or flakey.

All in all this takes me about 6 minutes (timed this morning). I know some people say why bother, but this little routine calms me down in the morning and helps me feel abit better and more awake when walking into an exam.

Don't get me wrong, I don't dress like an exam is a fashion show (like I have witnessed) today I wore sports trousers and a jumper and a big scarf to keep me cosy, with my white daps!

Hope all your exams are going well, I have one left then I am FREE.

Thanks for reading...



  1. Ooo the ELF brush looks really nice! Hahaha I know what you mean I'm so sure I saw a pair of high heels in one of my exams last year :P

  2. Wooo good luck with the exams hun!! I love Healthy Mix, deffo my turn to foundation at the moment xx

  3. I am sooo tempted to buy Sigma brushes but can't due to impending unemployment :( boo!! How much was the Kabuike set?

    Also, when I had Uni exams I wore the comfiest clothing I had; generally men's baggy jeans, a rugby top and a hoodie! Does my head in that people get so dressed up! x

  4. how are you finding the bourjois foundation? thinking of trying it next!


  5. The elf brushes look lovely + the No7 mascara is my fave! Good luck with the exam I agree a little 'normal' routine is great for nerve calming :)


  6. I'm always more confident with make up on, so I completely understand why you put it on before an exam.

    Good luck with your final one!


  7. I love the No7 Mascara, one of my all time faves and i've tried a LOT of mascaras over the years.

    Sadie xx

  8. I love this post, its nice to see what make up people wear on a normal day (if an exam can be described as normal, but you know what I mean!)
    Good luck with your last exam x