Topshop Makeup Haul...

Sunday, 29 May 2011
Just got back from my birthday weekend away, it was amazing but went far too fast. I shall be doing separate posts on the spa day, the zoo and the shopping but I am far too excited by the fact that I have bought some topshop makeup :).

I bought:
  • Lipstick - Ohh La la
  • Lip Stick - Coy
  • Cream Blush - Neon Rose
All three came to £21, as I got to the till I realised that my student card was still in my exam pencil case :( FAIL. I would have had £4.20 off because there is 20% off...however I am going into Cardiff town tomorrow to exchange a few things so may be tempted back in there. Another FAIL was that they had run out of the free gift with three purchases  :(.


I love all three, the packaging from topshop is amazing!
Coy is a lovely pale neony pinky colour.
Ohh Laa laa is a really nice bright neon coral without being crazy.
Neon Rose is a lovely creamy pink which I can't wait to put on my face tomorrow.

Very happy Charli from this haul so will end up dragging matt back into topshop Cardiff tomorrow, hopefully there will be the free gift in stock..

Any "must haves" from topshop?



I also bought three other topshop makeup items from a blogsale, will post them soon :) I feel an addiction coming on...uh oh!


  1. I am really love Topshop make-up at the moment, you got some great bits!

  2. I nearly bought that blusher and think I'm going to go back and get it! The lipsticks also look lovely have you used the lip products yet? x

  3. I can't wait to get hold of a 20% off student card! I'm sure if you took the receipt and asked it to be put through again they could refund the 20% xx

  4. I bought two of the Kohl pencils (Slate and Saddle) and a blush (Butterscotch) last week and although I've only tried one of the pencils and the blush once I'm already planning on buying more. I'm really impressed with Topshop make up (even if the mark up is really high here in Ireland compared to the UK).

  5. i want all of these!!! : ) damn u xxx

  6. @Charry - I was amazed at it, going to buy it all.

    @Loren - Yeah i used both once today and I love them both, Coy is a little dry but under vaseline was soo pretty!

    @Sophie - I might try that!

    @Cornflakegirl - Whats the mark up like there then?

    @Miss Jones - Ohh I want all of the makeup now!

  7. I've not tried the Topshop make up but it always looks so nice, the packaging is really pretty.

    Glad to hear you've had a fab time and can't wait to see the posts x

  8. I love those colours, gorgeous xx

  9. Im yet to try Topshop makeup, but these colours are seriously tempting me! Theyre lush! xx

  10. Im dying to try a topshop lipstick.. I recently bought a skin tint from there and love it! any idea how long the 20% offer is on for?


  11. Love that u used the back of a HP book to take the photos on ;) I have just added Topshop make up to my list now :) thanks :)

  12. I really rate their liquid liner pen, cream eyeshadow and loose blusher!

  13. Love reminds me of Bolero by Nars, which I've been wanting for the longest time.