University = DONE.

Thursday, 26 May 2011
That is it - I have completed my final uni exam this morning, relief is an understatement. Although I get home and the internet is broke, my laptop went funny and my blackberry just wasn't playing ball which was rather stressful, thankfully they are now fixed and I can blog!

A giveaway was supposed to go up today to celebrate a few things, but whilst my internet was down I had to pack all my room away because it is being decorated and my nan is moving in with us whilst we wait for her "granny flat" to be built on the side of our house. Exciting to have her living with us, but it is also really sad. The house that she is moving from she has lived in for over 40 years with my Bampy, but since he died in 2008 she has become lonely. It will be sad to say goodbye to a house that has been a huge part of the family but also will be amazing to have my nan around everyday!

Anyway, yesterday evening I went to go and get Shellac done on my nails because of my spa day tomorrow. I don't want to be worrying about nail varnish chipping in the pool or whilst in treatments and I am really good friends with the lovely lady who does them at my gym. I should point out that this was 6pm in the evening the day before a 9:30 am exam - madness. The spa day was booked ages ago and due to groupon credit I had it for just £3 ;) bargainous. Then Matt is taking me away to Bristol for the weekend as a late birthday present which will be amazing to spend from Friday until Sunday as just us. On Saturday I am being taken to Noah's Arc Zoo...take me anywhere there are animals and I will be happy and then Sunday will be spent shopping!

Wow this has been a rambly post, I shall leave you with a picture of my new nails:

And here is me pretending Bertie is a flop ear rabbit! 

Well this will be my last post until Monday where I shall do a post about my weekend away and spa day! So excited!

Good luck to all those still in exams!

Thankyou for all the messages on twitter!!




  1. Hope you have a lovely day at the spa! Oh so jealous!
    Your nails also look very pretty! :)xx

  2. How cute is bertie awww :) Have you finished uni forever...done finnito!? xx

  3. Bertie is too cute! I'd love to hear all about your spa day! Nails look good x

  4. Nails look lovely and cute bunny! His name is perfect for him! x

  5. Wow I love the Shellac, they look so pretty! I'm always tempted to try Shellac but I know I'd never be able to afford the upkeep haha :) xx

  6. Hi Charli,

    Love the blog. Where did you get the shellac done? I live in Cardiff and got a Groupon voucher for Aquarius in Rhwbina and wondered if you went there. But also heard Tans & Hands on City Road do it too.