LUSH Butterball...

Thursday, 30 June 2011

This is from the first LUSH haul that I ever had I chose it because I love anything that says it has cocoa butter in.

The website says:
"The bouncing Butterball is chock with chips of cocoa butter to melt all over your hot body in warm water and smooth you all over like a master masseur. It will fizz joyously, scenting the water with sweet musk and vanilla and softening you up nicely."

First impressions were that it smelt really nice, in the shop I chose this because the scent wasn't too overpowering. On placing it in the bath I was amused by the fizzing but when that stops there is nothing "pretty" left in the bath. For a start the water turns to a dull whitey colour and there are what looked like dried leaves left in the bath water which did not appeal to me at all. The smell was the same as in the shop which is a good thing for me, but for others who want really strong smelly things I would suggest something else.
The most disappointing thing for me was that my skin wasn't left feeling any softer. This is one of the main reasons I bought this ballistic - the cocoa butter and in fact it feels softer after using the comforter!

I will never buy this again and to be honest this is probably the same for all the ballistics because I don't see the point in them, I like bubbles :)
I have also used the other ballistic in my first haul and lets just say it made me feel to come.

Does anyone like them?



No7 Stay Perfect Foundation...

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Boots - Stay Perfect Foundation - New Ivory - £15

This is a foundation that I was talked into buying by the No7 lady when there was the 3for2 and the £5 off No7 vouchers. I no way needed a new foundation at all, but on my quest for the perfect foundation I was suckered in!
Looking back I actually cannot believe I bought this:
1. She colour matched my hand.
2. This hand was darker because I had fake tan on.
3. He words "this isn't matching because of you tan but should be pale enough for your face".

Madness I know, but like I said there was a lot of money off this. This foundation and the things bought here came to around £19 I think!
The packaging is amazing, I love the glass bottle and the pump (TAKE NOTE MAC - GIVE FREE PUMPS). It feels heavy so in my opinion feels more expensive and as it is glass would look really nice on a dressing table (saying that mine is in the box in a draw).
I haven't really had much use out of it to be honest because I am now in love with my MAC foundation seen here, I have barely used anything else. The foundation is nice, good coverage and a slightly dewy finish that can be left or matted down with powder but for me there is nothing to write home about. It will be a good foundation that I will be happy to have in my drawer....anyone else have foundations like that?



17 Blush: First Flush

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

At the moment if you purchase two 17 products then you get a free nail art gift.

This blush looks really scary in the pan but a gentle hand and this blusher will give you a really nice pop of colour on your cheek. The blusher isn't really chalky but there is a bit of powder left when you use a brush over the product.

Overall I would like to repurchase this, but I don't think I will have to for a very long time as a little goes a very long way. Will be picking up some more colours from this range though!



Sunday Summary #1

Sunday, 26 June 2011
I know there are a few posts called this but I do really like the idea of a weekly round up so here is my one, starting today.

This week has been pretty crazy, my nan has moved in tonight after selling her house following my Bampy's death 2.5years ago. It's sad but also exciting to have her here at the same time, although until her extension is built we have the contents of two houses in one!

In the blistering heat today me and the family and even Matt helped moved the last of the stuff (after working in the morning) it was stupidly hot and I stood in a freezing cold shower to cool down afterwards, then had a birthday BBQ for his cousins 1st birthday which was lovely!

This week I have been re-watching Harry Potter, I say re-watch, but I average one HP movie a day!

Trying to sort my makeup out and drinking lots of tea. Even more tea since starting my new (old) job! 

Oh yeah, held a snake! Pretty amazing to be honest! See the rest of my Longleat Post here.

Also trying to be healthy by upping the amount of fruit in my diet, I have a new love for watermelon! And then failing by having "treats" like this Frappe.

Nails:Models Own - Bubblegum

Hopefully I will get better at writing these style posts but for now I am so tired and have to be up early to try and get my car fixed before work!



PS Currently watching Beyonce, this is major encouragement for me to 30 day shred again. Jillian Micheals lets have you!

PPS I have two giveaways running here and here.

PPPS the new and improved alternative to glossy box, read here.

Foundation Sample Queen...

Saturday, 25 June 2011
Some people I have spoken to on here and twitter have said that they are too afraid to go up to MUA on counters and ask for samples of foundtions.

I have never found this, mainly because that is what a sample is there for! You are also with the assistant for about 3 minutes when getting the sample and you are unlikely to see them ever again...unless you purchase the full size product!

Before using the Estee Lauder double wear the girl actually gave me the sample (which lastest 3 weeks) and said use this first and also take a bottle, if you don't get on with that colour just return the bottle unopened and we can try another sample with a different colour, if I did get on with the colour I wouldn't have had to go back and get a bottle!  I then went back and asked for a sample colour for when I am tanned. This was fairly easy as I just explained to the other girl on the counter at the time that I use EL double wear and wanted to try another colour as a match for when I am tanned. I had no intention of purchasing another bottle of DW (woah pricey) but I knew that the foundation sample would last me for three weeks. There was no issues here with getting a sample and both times the girls were lovely and helpful!

With that little back story here are the foundation samples that I picked up when I went shopping last week. My friend actually couldn't believe how easy they gave them over to me! (Not bragging in anyway there - sounds like it though :/)

Channel Counter

[top-bottom: Vita Lumiere Aqua - Matte Lumiere]

I asked about these when going to pick up a new moisturiser for my Mum. I have previously used Vita Lumiere from Chanel so I used that as my starting base for talking to the girl. I said that I wanted to try the Vita Lumiere Aqua because I wanted to try a sheerer cover for summer and also wanted to try the more full coverage of Matte Lumiere because of having red cheeks and to wear in the evenings. I ended up getting VLA in shade 30 and Matte Lumiere in 30. I haven't used these yet so can't comment on the products themselves but I have been given decent sized samples to test out.

MAC Counter

[top-bottom: N3-C5]

Anyone reading my blog will know that I suffer (yes I do mean suffer) from Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and I am currently trying out various things to make the appearance less noticeable (there is no cure). It only recently occurred to me that I could try using Mac Face and Body - well duh?! Clue is in the name Charli!! So when I went into MAC I started up a conversation about it with the MUA in there (was the male one in Cardiff Mac store - didn't catch a name) and I asked for his advice. I said that using a fake tan is the best thing that I have found so far but I am far too lazy to be tanned all the time. He then said that even though a tan might help, I am only actually changing the colour and not covering the marks - again DUH?!  He tried out a colour on my arm and it covered it amazingly well! So he gave me a sample pot of that as well as a colour to try for when I am tanned. 
This works really well and I am hoping that these colours match my face too, that would be a brilliant bargain as the Face and Body bottles are large! The swatches show that it covers the horrible spots really well. I a just sorry that I have posted a picture of them for your eyes to see :(.

I have actually just used this to cover up some dodgey tan marks on my hands...whoops!

A final note to add is that I find if you explain you have used other products in the range or just start talking about what type of product you are looking for then the assistants are more willing to give out samples, rather than just walk up and go "can i have a sample of..."

Just wanted to share my experience of getting hold of samples from counters, hope I have helped some people to have the confidence to go up and ask! You have nothing to lose! 



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Witch Skin Care Giveaway...

Friday, 24 June 2011
The lovely Holly from Witch Skin Care has given my lovely readers the chance to win one of their NEW Anti-Blemish Liquid Concealers! Before they have even hit the shops!

There will be TEN up for grabs and they come in two shades:

01 - Light
02 - Medium

For perfect results your concealer should be lighter than your foundation to "fade" not darken blemishes.

Now I own a fair few Witch Skin Care products and I love them all, they will all be repurchased when I run out of them. Their primer is the one I wear everyday! So I am really excited to be able to give you the chance of winning one of these! These concealers will be amazing for covering up those pesky bad circles (especially if you are partying hard at festivals) and even to cover the tell tale spots from a good night out (don't lie girls, we all have had them!).

As with all the Witch Skin Care range the products have spot fighting properties, are oil  and fragrance free and contains Witch Hazel extract. These concealers will be available from July and cost just £6.99 from boots instore or online.

To Enter:

Follow this blog via google friend connect. Let me know your GFC name.

Leave me a comment with your email address and which shade you would like (01/02).

An extra entry if you follow both myself @Charli008 and @Witchskincare on twitter.

An extra entry if you tweet using both those names (link the tweet please).

Will end Friday 1st July 2011 at 11:59pm
Winners will be picked via
Simples :)

Good Luck!!



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OOTD#5....with a Longleat Twist

If you hadn't already guessed that I love animals then where have you been? Matt suggested that he took a day off work and take me to Longleat last Monday so I was like a child a Christmas! My only problem was that I needed some sort of rain coat so that I wouldn't have to wear my big duffle coat which in the car all day is not comfy. This is where the lovely powers of twitter came into play, after a long conversation with Sarah from fashionismyh20 I found one in NewLook for £12 in the sale. It is really light but kept me nice and dry, plus I wear it everywhere now and have loads of compliments on it = happy Charli!

Our conversation turned to what I could wear around the park. Now my problem is that I always try to "dress up" for visits I go on for photo purposes (and to try and impress Matt haha) but this always fails as it tends to always rains! So the above shows the outfit that I chose plus a random selection of animals that I met during the day! I also held a SNAKE!! Amazing!

I really recommend Longleat as a day out because it was amazing before but now they have re-done LOADS and its even more amazing. Has anyone been?

Coat - NewLook - £12
Shirt - ASOS - £35
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins - £20
Boots - UGGs - £150
Bag - Primark - £9
Sunglasses - ASOS - £6
Rings - ASOS&Primark - £4&£2.50
Watch - My Bampy's - Very Vintage
Bracelet - H&M - £2
Blue Necklace worn as bracelet - no idea - birthday present
Nail Polish - Models Own Bubblegum - £5
Lipstick - MAC Speed Dial - £13.50

Suitable for Safari?



Another Mac trip....

Thursday, 23 June 2011
Ok so I need to admit that I have the "Mac bug" that seems to rear its head when you start using your first Mac products. After my first trip into mac I have to admit I have become hooked on the products and they really do live up to the hype, well the ones that I have no experienced have.

I picked up a foundation sample of the Mineralised foundation in NW25 on my first trip and after using it I decided that I would prefer something a little less "dewy". I also noticed that the NW25 was fine colour wise but only if I had just applied fake tan. After talking to my friend Michelle about it (shes a MUA) she suggested that I go for NW22 because she thought that NW20 would be too pale for me and also suggested the Studio Fix Fluid. Now I LOVE THIS foundation it applies nicely, stays put all day for me and does not look "cakey".  Thanks Michelle :)

The next thing on my list was to try a Mineralised Skin Finish and I bought medium plus, no idea why really! I like a powder and it does the job its supposed to. My only problem with it is that it is rather "powdery" and a lot gets flicked off when the brush goes across the product.

Finally I was looking for a dupe for my favourite lipstick by Avon which has been discontinued now (GRRR) and I found it within Mac's Speed Dial. Such a lovely wearable pink that lasts for ages. Love it and will always make sure I have one.


Top to Bottom [ MSF, Foundation, Speed Dial]



Introduction to Youtube...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011
It has been on my mind for a while now to start doing youtube videos, so I thought I would start with a video about my trip to longleat, however there has been "issues" with uploading this. I tweeted earlier asking what could I do as my first video to get me started and Lauren suggested I do "An Introduction to Gusgus" so you could all meet him properly...

Anyway here is the video, hope you enjoy, I know its nothing amazing but it was my first time infront of camera (!!

Here is the link.

Thanks for reading/watching!



Lush "Haul"...

Sunday, 19 June 2011
Following my last post, this is what I bought when I popped into LUSH. This was my second time in the store and I repurchased things based on my reviews that are filtering through onto my blog.

I'll only list what I bought here because I would rather do an in-depth review once I have used them! This is why the products are not opened.

  1. Aqua Miriabilis - Scrub Bar 
  2. Ice Blue Soap
  3. Creamy Candy Bath
  4. The Comforter  - Read my review here.
  5. Dirty Perfume
  6. Dirty Toothy Tabs
  7. Melting Marshmallow Moment

They also have a perfume with the same name as my friends baby "Imogen - Rose "

Have you bought anything from LUSH recently?



I decided to treat myself...

Saturday, 18 June 2011
After getting a 2:1 in my degree (thankyou for all the messages on twitter) I took a trip to town with Michelle and well, put it this way...we are a bad influence on eachother. The next couple of days will feature scheduled posts of what I bought because I am busy tomorrow and away Monday in Longleat where hopefully I will film my first video! 

This post will be my Primark "haul", and after finally having a phonecall with Leanne I have found someone who calls it PrImark not Preeeemark as I do!

This "haul" is after literally a year of not shopping in Primark and starting blogging which = me wanting everything I see!!

Both Satchels - £9

Joggers - £10

Bird Print Top - £6

The dress that I was after on ebay - £15 (Pricey for Primark!)

Ring - £2.50

Scarf - £4

(Anyone guess why I bought the scarf?)


My first trip into MAC...

Friday, 10 June 2011
Yesterday evening I had to go and exchange a jacket in h&m because there was a rip and due to where my boyfriend parks this meant walking past MAC.

I have been on a quest to find a nude eyeliner, because I think black to far too harsh and I thought MAC may have been the place! However, I was wrong!

Whilst I was in there I decided to ask for a foundation sample, I said I wanted a medium coverage with a dewy finish that I can always matte down with powder so I was given this...

I love this sample size - especially the little spatula.

Mineralise Liquid in NW25.
Here is a swatch, although I haven't used it yet so can't comment properly.

Now as there was a bit of a wait to get "seen" I was draw immediately to the lipsticks. Now first off..WOW...MAC sure knows how to tempt a girl. I have two MAC lipsticks bought from blog sales which I like and after seeing numerous posts on Vega Volt I decided it would be mine (as well as the 10 I have on my "wishlist"..but I shall spread these purchases out).

Then as I turned and looked in the mirror I saw how horrific my under eye bags looked! They were practically black! I had applied my ESTEE LAUDER under eye concealer and thought it looked ok, obviously not! So I asked the girl to apply some concealer so I could see what it was like, they instantly disappeared so the select moisturecover in NW20 was mine! Now I know that in the lights in the MAC shop you do look different, so I was happy relieved to see that they were covered really nicely in the daylight too.

The assistant also put the concealer on with a blending brush, which I had never thought about doing...I even put my foundation on with a brush because I prefer the finish so why not do the same for my concealer!

OK, so after never really seeing the hype about MAC, I now want everything (just as well I know a friend). Mac displays everything beautifully and the products I have tried are really nice. Not that I will go mad and get everything but I would like the "basics" ie foundation, powder, blusher, mascara and the concealer that I already have.
I can see myself buying some more lipsticks but I don't think I will venture into the eyeshadows as all I really use is my NAKED palette. 
My one issue was that it did take me AGES to be seen by someone, although this was good for them because I kept looking at more things that I wanted.

Any "must haves" from MAC that I need to know about? (and don't say everything) 



Birthday Weekend Away...

Thursday, 9 June 2011
As my birthday was just before my exams started (Friday 13th May err) celebrating with Matthew had to be delayed until after my exams.

My final exam was on Thursday 26th May and I had a spa day booked for the both of us on the Friday, doing it in style!

The spa day was booked via a groupon voucher, which due to groupon credit I managed to only pay £3 for it. The spa day was at Fusion Spa - Ystrad Mynych which is about 20mins form where I live and we had the Rasul Mud Room Ceremony, which involved our own room with a moon shower (really pretty and all lit up), our own sauna and a pot of mud and a pot of exfoliator. First off you had to dampen your skin in the shower, the exfoliate, then apply the mud (an to eachother etc) then sit in the steam room for 20mins. This was sooo relaxing and I wanted to fall asleep. Then shower off. My skin did feel really nice aftewards and although I was expecting my sensitive skin to be glowing bright red - it wasn't. 

We then had full use of the pool, gym etc and had afternoon tea. This was a plate of sandwiches and cakes and a large pot of tea which was nice, but not really enough to keep the both of us full.

We then drove over the bridge to Bristol and arrived at the Holiday Inn which would be our home for the weekend. Now Matthew did a VERY good job in booking the hotel and I shall let these pictures explain why...


As you can see the grounds were beautiful and full of animals which is always a win in my world. Also, the food was great!
On the Saturday we went to Noah's Arc Farm which is just brilliant, I really recommend you going, here is some of the many pictures that were taken. It poured down with rain, hence me wearing Matthew's cardigan and the "rain hair".

This chick was 2days old!

The animal above is called a "mara" and it confused my eyes..rabbit/dear! Somewhere along the line thumper and a female bambi got a bit fruity!

After checking out of the hotel we headed to Cabot Circus for some shopping. Even though I found a few things I wanted and ate my first Krispy Kream donut I wasn't all impressed with the shops. It has made me realise how good Cardiff is for shopping!

On the drive back to Cardiff with a sad face on, Matthew suggested that we call at a beach by us which was a brilliant call! A lovely stoney beach with plenty to look at, freezing cold though! Finished off with pasties and a cup of tea in the car to warm up!

Overall I had an amazing weekend and it went far too fast :(

Thank you Matthew <3 and I need to point out that Matthew took most of these pictures so the photography skills need to be credited to him! He will love that :) haha.



CRAZY picture post I know, but sometimes you cannot narrow it down!