17 Blush: First Flush

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

At the moment if you purchase two 17 products then you get a free nail art gift.

This blush looks really scary in the pan but a gentle hand and this blusher will give you a really nice pop of colour on your cheek. The blusher isn't really chalky but there is a bit of powder left when you use a brush over the product.

Overall I would like to repurchase this, but I don't think I will have to for a very long time as a little goes a very long way. Will be picking up some more colours from this range though!




  1. Looks lovely I really want to try these blushes :-) x

  2. That looks like a really lovely colour :) I'm always surprised at how good 17 products are! xxx

  3. ooh that looks lovely! I've got way too many blushers though :( I'm starting to get addicted to mascaras now xx

  4. That's gorgeous!!! I must investigate! xx