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Saturday, 25 June 2011
Some people I have spoken to on here and twitter have said that they are too afraid to go up to MUA on counters and ask for samples of foundtions.

I have never found this, mainly because that is what a sample is there for! You are also with the assistant for about 3 minutes when getting the sample and you are unlikely to see them ever again...unless you purchase the full size product!

Before using the Estee Lauder double wear the girl actually gave me the sample (which lastest 3 weeks) and said use this first and also take a bottle, if you don't get on with that colour just return the bottle unopened and we can try another sample with a different colour, if I did get on with the colour I wouldn't have had to go back and get a bottle!  I then went back and asked for a sample colour for when I am tanned. This was fairly easy as I just explained to the other girl on the counter at the time that I use EL double wear and wanted to try another colour as a match for when I am tanned. I had no intention of purchasing another bottle of DW (woah pricey) but I knew that the foundation sample would last me for three weeks. There was no issues here with getting a sample and both times the girls were lovely and helpful!

With that little back story here are the foundation samples that I picked up when I went shopping last week. My friend actually couldn't believe how easy they gave them over to me! (Not bragging in anyway there - sounds like it though :/)

Channel Counter

[top-bottom: Vita Lumiere Aqua - Matte Lumiere]

I asked about these when going to pick up a new moisturiser for my Mum. I have previously used Vita Lumiere from Chanel so I used that as my starting base for talking to the girl. I said that I wanted to try the Vita Lumiere Aqua because I wanted to try a sheerer cover for summer and also wanted to try the more full coverage of Matte Lumiere because of having red cheeks and to wear in the evenings. I ended up getting VLA in shade 30 and Matte Lumiere in 30. I haven't used these yet so can't comment on the products themselves but I have been given decent sized samples to test out.

MAC Counter

[top-bottom: N3-C5]

Anyone reading my blog will know that I suffer (yes I do mean suffer) from Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and I am currently trying out various things to make the appearance less noticeable (there is no cure). It only recently occurred to me that I could try using Mac Face and Body - well duh?! Clue is in the name Charli!! So when I went into MAC I started up a conversation about it with the MUA in there (was the male one in Cardiff Mac store - didn't catch a name) and I asked for his advice. I said that using a fake tan is the best thing that I have found so far but I am far too lazy to be tanned all the time. He then said that even though a tan might help, I am only actually changing the colour and not covering the marks - again DUH?!  He tried out a colour on my arm and it covered it amazingly well! So he gave me a sample pot of that as well as a colour to try for when I am tanned. 
This works really well and I am hoping that these colours match my face too, that would be a brilliant bargain as the Face and Body bottles are large! The swatches show that it covers the horrible spots really well. I a just sorry that I have posted a picture of them for your eyes to see :(.

I have actually just used this to cover up some dodgey tan marks on my hands...whoops!

A final note to add is that I find if you explain you have used other products in the range or just start talking about what type of product you are looking for then the assistants are more willing to give out samples, rather than just walk up and go "can i have a sample of..."

Just wanted to share my experience of getting hold of samples from counters, hope I have helped some people to have the confidence to go up and ask! You have nothing to lose! 



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  1. I could never do that in the Manchester stores! They are so scary haha!! Coinsidently my cousin has Keratosis pilaris but he's a lad so I don't suppose he has the same issues with cover up. I know it bothers him though =|. Try not to let it effect your confidence.

    Love J.

  2. Good on you girl! I totally agree that they give samples away for a reason, but still doesn't stop me shying away from asking for them. I think I'm going to steal some of your opening lines and bag myself some samples the next time I'm shopping :) xo

  3. I agree with the comment above 'Good on you girl!' :)
    I'm waaaaaaayy to shy about asking for samples, although I'm going shopping today, so might try out for a few! :) That's what they're there for!!

    Love Hannah xxx

  4. I never ask for samples because I'm weak and I'm scared I'd end up spending about £50 instead! xx

  5. Gotta love samples!


  6. When I went to the MAC store a few weeks ago I bought quite a few things, and afterwards mum came over from another counter and said to the MUA 'could she have a few samples for spending so much?'. I wanted to be swallowed up by the ground, so embarrassing! The lady said she'd give me a sample and quickly rushed off to get one. Mum's always been good at demanding samples ;) xx

  7. Such a great sample, on Friday I got a Lancome foundation sample, its really great and would buy it for sure!