I decided to treat myself...

Saturday, 18 June 2011
After getting a 2:1 in my degree (thankyou for all the messages on twitter) I took a trip to town with Michelle and well, put it this way...we are a bad influence on eachother. The next couple of days will feature scheduled posts of what I bought because I am busy tomorrow and away Monday in Longleat where hopefully I will film my first video! 

This post will be my Primark "haul", and after finally having a phonecall with Leanne I have found someone who calls it PrImark not Preeeemark as I do!

This "haul" is after literally a year of not shopping in Primark and starting blogging which = me wanting everything I see!!

Both Satchels - £9

Joggers - £10

Bird Print Top - £6

The dress that I was after on ebay - £15 (Pricey for Primark!)

Ring - £2.50

Scarf - £4

(Anyone guess why I bought the scarf?)



  1. Wabbits! :D I call it Preeemark too lol think Pry-mark is an English thing, when I first went to Uni I was SHOCKED that they pronounced it differently!! Love the satchels :) x

  2. I pronouce in prImark! :-)
    Great haul- love the bags! x

  3. I saw that bird blouse in there yesterday but didn't have time to stop and buy it, might go back for it :)

  4. Congratulations on your 2:1 :) Are you going to your graduation? If you I'm looking forward to seeing what you wear!
    Great buys, you totally deserve them and more :)


  5. I prenounce it "Penneys!!" haha! But if I were to say it the UK version I most certainly would say "PryMark"! ANYWAY!!!.... That ring is GORG!! I got a similar style once (wil be in my next video) but I much prefer this one. Hope it's not just the UK who get it..... I want!!

  6. I'd got the bird top and dress in my Primark post :) Love them both! xx

  7. I didn't see your tweet! CONGRATSSSSS! :D

  8. Love the bird top.. I say Preeemark too!

    Oh, and WELL DONE on your degree.. so happy for you!



  9. As soon as u started saying preeemark all I cpuld think was "omg im gonna start talking about it n say prImark! Lol

  10. I bought that bird top today too! all of the dresses seemed too short for me :(
    I love the orange colour of your nails and the scarf is adorable!

  11. I have that black bag but mine faded from the sun and the bit that keeps it closed broke to :( it's a gorgeous bag though :) xxx

  12. i went to primark yesterday an found amazing stuff too...but i'm so jealous now...really want this bird blouse...
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  13. I say it PrImark so it isn't an English thing. I've never heard it called PrEmark lol.

    Congrats on the 2:1 xxx

  14. Fab buys. I have that dress and ring too agree £15 is pricey for Primark :-) x

  15. Thanks for all the messages of congrats :)
    I love everything I have and the joggers are just as nice as the superdry ones..probably won't last as long though! x