LUSH Comforter: First Impressions...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011
After seeing the comforter featured on so many blogs I really had high hopes for it, apart from the smell. Most people had said that the smell was quite strong and as we all know, I hate the really scented things..of almost anything!

When I got into the store it was one of the items that I made sure that the assistant took me to (first time in Lush and I wanted some help). Here she did a demo of the comforter in two jugs of water where I was amazed at the amount of bubbles that came out of such a small amount. The smell wasn't over powering either, it kind of reminds me of vimto the drink. 

The bar itself is huge (bigger than my hand) and so far I have had 3 baths out of it and there is still over 50% left! This is probably because I only use a small amount to make sure the smell isn't too overpowering! Which means that for me at least the bar is great value for money. Especially when compared to the bath bombs that only last one bath. However, saying that, just because I use a small amount of the bar does not mean that I get a small amount of bubbles, it is bubbles GALORE and I love it. The bubbles are really light and fluffy, what I am trying to say is somehow they feel soft. 

The bar is also rather easy on the eye with the beautiful hot pink against the white, I want to find a way to display it (and the rest I plan to buy). The bath water turns a pale pink for me, which is again probably due to the amount of the bar that I use, I should imagine that the more of the bar you use the more intense the colour will be.

One of my worries was that it could stain the bath, and my mum would end up killing me (not really). But there was no remains of anything when the water had drained out.

First impressions of this are amazing and to be honest I can't imagine them changing so I will definatly be repurchasing this!

Do you love the comforter as well?




  1. The Comforter is my favourite thing from Lush!
    It has never stained my bath either!:)

  2. Looks great!! Thanks for sharing hun!!!

  3. I've never ever bought anything from lush! This sounds good though! I seriously thought you were posting about food at first.. it looks like a half eaten cake on the thumbnail image lol!


  4. Looks like it would be good enough to eat!!! x

  5. I don't use anything but normal bubble bath or oil but this sounds amazing! I'll be trying this without a doubt...

  6. I <3 the comforter...I think it lasts me up to 10 baths sometimes. 'cause a tiny bit goes a long way!