Lush "Haul"...

Sunday, 19 June 2011
Following my last post, this is what I bought when I popped into LUSH. This was my second time in the store and I repurchased things based on my reviews that are filtering through onto my blog.

I'll only list what I bought here because I would rather do an in-depth review once I have used them! This is why the products are not opened.

  1. Aqua Miriabilis - Scrub Bar 
  2. Ice Blue Soap
  3. Creamy Candy Bath
  4. The Comforter  - Read my review here.
  5. Dirty Perfume
  6. Dirty Toothy Tabs
  7. Melting Marshmallow Moment

They also have a perfume with the same name as my friends baby "Imogen - Rose "

Have you bought anything from LUSH recently?




  1. After reading your review on the Comforter a few eeks ago, I popped onto the LUSH website to buy some but the postage worked out to be more than the product so I'm going to have to plan a trip to a store soon...

  2. Nice haul! I have yet to try anything from Lush. Can't wait to see your reviews on this. =)


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  3. I have NEVER bought anything from Lush! Now I am super tempted! lol! :) :) BTW HUGE congrats on your degree!! that is amazing!!!!!!! wow! xxx

  4. i do love lush :))