My first trip into MAC...

Friday, 10 June 2011
Yesterday evening I had to go and exchange a jacket in h&m because there was a rip and due to where my boyfriend parks this meant walking past MAC.

I have been on a quest to find a nude eyeliner, because I think black to far too harsh and I thought MAC may have been the place! However, I was wrong!

Whilst I was in there I decided to ask for a foundation sample, I said I wanted a medium coverage with a dewy finish that I can always matte down with powder so I was given this...

I love this sample size - especially the little spatula.

Mineralise Liquid in NW25.
Here is a swatch, although I haven't used it yet so can't comment properly.

Now as there was a bit of a wait to get "seen" I was draw immediately to the lipsticks. Now first off..WOW...MAC sure knows how to tempt a girl. I have two MAC lipsticks bought from blog sales which I like and after seeing numerous posts on Vega Volt I decided it would be mine (as well as the 10 I have on my "wishlist"..but I shall spread these purchases out).

Then as I turned and looked in the mirror I saw how horrific my under eye bags looked! They were practically black! I had applied my ESTEE LAUDER under eye concealer and thought it looked ok, obviously not! So I asked the girl to apply some concealer so I could see what it was like, they instantly disappeared so the select moisturecover in NW20 was mine! Now I know that in the lights in the MAC shop you do look different, so I was happy relieved to see that they were covered really nicely in the daylight too.

The assistant also put the concealer on with a blending brush, which I had never thought about doing...I even put my foundation on with a brush because I prefer the finish so why not do the same for my concealer!

OK, so after never really seeing the hype about MAC, I now want everything (just as well I know a friend). Mac displays everything beautifully and the products I have tried are really nice. Not that I will go mad and get everything but I would like the "basics" ie foundation, powder, blusher, mascara and the concealer that I already have.
I can see myself buying some more lipsticks but I don't think I will venture into the eyeshadows as all I really use is my NAKED palette. 
My one issue was that it did take me AGES to be seen by someone, although this was good for them because I kept looking at more things that I wanted.

Any "must haves" from MAC that I need to know about? (and don't say everything) 




  1. I'm yet to try anything from MAC but the more I see things on blogs the more and more I want to go try!

  2. I love the MSF Natural for setting my foundation with. And Melba Blush! My all time fave :) I was so excited the first time I went to a MAC counter. When me+the mister are in London I make sure we have to pass one!xx

  3. Vegas Volt looks so beautiful! X

  4. Wow that foundation looks shimmery! Maybe it's just the pic. I do love MAC studio fix fuild foundation, never tried their concealer though!

  5. Love the MAC haul!
    I'd never dare ask for a sample because they are so rude at the MAC i go too!:(

  6. I quite like the Studio Fix concealer and I love all of the lipsticks that I've tried so far. I think my favourite product from them is Well Dressed powder blush :) xxx

  7. I like the sound of the concealer..
    Hmm must-haves, I would have to say Creme Cup lipstick and vanilla pigment.
    I haven't got that many different MAC products though, just lipsticks, lipglosess and eyeshadow...ooh I almost forgot, paint pot in Bare Study I love and use everyday.

  8. I havent tried anything from MAC yet. Every time I go in for a look the sales assistants kind of put me off, there really pushy and dont really give you a chance to look around. I love the look of that lipstick though! Did you have to take all your make up of for the sample? Or did she just guess? x

  9. Had my first "ohh love your lippy comment" when I wore this yesterday :)
    I will look into ALL your reccs and no doubt want to buy them all!! x