No7 Stay Perfect Foundation...

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Boots - Stay Perfect Foundation - New Ivory - £15

This is a foundation that I was talked into buying by the No7 lady when there was the 3for2 and the £5 off No7 vouchers. I no way needed a new foundation at all, but on my quest for the perfect foundation I was suckered in!
Looking back I actually cannot believe I bought this:
1. She colour matched my hand.
2. This hand was darker because I had fake tan on.
3. He words "this isn't matching because of you tan but should be pale enough for your face".

Madness I know, but like I said there was a lot of money off this. This foundation and the things bought here came to around £19 I think!
The packaging is amazing, I love the glass bottle and the pump (TAKE NOTE MAC - GIVE FREE PUMPS). It feels heavy so in my opinion feels more expensive and as it is glass would look really nice on a dressing table (saying that mine is in the box in a draw).
I haven't really had much use out of it to be honest because I am now in love with my MAC foundation seen here, I have barely used anything else. The foundation is nice, good coverage and a slightly dewy finish that can be left or matted down with powder but for me there is nothing to write home about. It will be a good foundation that I will be happy to have in my drawer....anyone else have foundations like that?




  1. I know exactly what you meen - I went for a Clinique consultation for my 18th birthday around 18 months ago and got a gooorgeous foundation that ... well it kind of didn't match as well as I thought it did and left me looking a little ill (I'm so super pale if I put anything darker on me it looks like I'm trying to cover up some dreadful illness or something) it broke my heart ha-ha it's a great foundation just not for me.

    This one looks lovely too (Aside from the colour problem obviously) damn those sneaky makeup counter people ha-ha


  2. I've been using this for the last couple of weeks and I actually really like it. Such a shame it's not a great colour match for you!

  3. Sometimes I don't think the BA actually know what they are talking about or can't be bothered with you how wierd that she colour matched your suppose it depends where you go, sometimes I hate asking........I always find the mac counter really helpful :) I used this foundation myself not a huge fan as I dnt think it is a true 'ivory' but it was okay for the price I thought :)