OOTD#5....with a Longleat Twist

Friday, 24 June 2011

If you hadn't already guessed that I love animals then where have you been? Matt suggested that he took a day off work and take me to Longleat last Monday so I was like a child a Christmas! My only problem was that I needed some sort of rain coat so that I wouldn't have to wear my big duffle coat which in the car all day is not comfy. This is where the lovely powers of twitter came into play, after a long conversation with Sarah from fashionismyh20 I found one in NewLook for £12 in the sale. It is really light but kept me nice and dry, plus I wear it everywhere now and have loads of compliments on it = happy Charli!

Our conversation turned to what I could wear around the park. Now my problem is that I always try to "dress up" for visits I go on for photo purposes (and to try and impress Matt haha) but this always fails as it tends to always rains! So the above shows the outfit that I chose plus a random selection of animals that I met during the day! I also held a SNAKE!! Amazing!

I really recommend Longleat as a day out because it was amazing before but now they have re-done LOADS and its even more amazing. Has anyone been?

Coat - NewLook - £12
Shirt - ASOS - £35
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins - £20
Boots - UGGs - £150
Bag - Primark - £9
Sunglasses - ASOS - £6
Rings - ASOS&Primark - £4&£2.50
Watch - My Bampy's - Very Vintage
Bracelet - H&M - £2
Blue Necklace worn as bracelet - no idea - birthday present
Nail Polish - Models Own Bubblegum - £5
Lipstick - MAC Speed Dial - £13.50

Suitable for Safari?




  1. I love longleat, I'm deffo gonna go this summer!

    Such a nice coat for the money you paid.. what a bargain!



  2. I wanna go! Never been!
    I love your face in the first 2 pics! haha. FAB!

  3. I wanna goooooo! The second pic is hilarious haha and I've held a snake too, and instantly wanted one for myself they are so strange feeling LOL

  4. Lowri gooooo!!! And yeah the coat was a bargain!

    Leanne & Yu..I love them too, they capture exactly how it feels to have birds land on you..about 500 at a time!

  5. Love the pictures! The first one made me chuckle! :)

    I'd love to go to Longleat, my Mum's been before and has recommended it to me so many times!

    Bristol Zoo is somewhere else I want to go in Summer!


  6. I went to longleat once when I was 2 or 3. Never been back....!! Oh and I love your red scarf!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  7. Oh you look gorge chick! Really glad the coat turned out great for you - perfect mix of warm and stylish! Looks a lovely day too and you're braver than me holding a snake!