Sunday Summary #1

Sunday, 26 June 2011
I know there are a few posts called this but I do really like the idea of a weekly round up so here is my one, starting today.

This week has been pretty crazy, my nan has moved in tonight after selling her house following my Bampy's death 2.5years ago. It's sad but also exciting to have her here at the same time, although until her extension is built we have the contents of two houses in one!

In the blistering heat today me and the family and even Matt helped moved the last of the stuff (after working in the morning) it was stupidly hot and I stood in a freezing cold shower to cool down afterwards, then had a birthday BBQ for his cousins 1st birthday which was lovely!

This week I have been re-watching Harry Potter, I say re-watch, but I average one HP movie a day!

Trying to sort my makeup out and drinking lots of tea. Even more tea since starting my new (old) job! 

Oh yeah, held a snake! Pretty amazing to be honest! See the rest of my Longleat Post here.

Also trying to be healthy by upping the amount of fruit in my diet, I have a new love for watermelon! And then failing by having "treats" like this Frappe.

Nails:Models Own - Bubblegum

Hopefully I will get better at writing these style posts but for now I am so tired and have to be up early to try and get my car fixed before work!



PS Currently watching Beyonce, this is major encouragement for me to 30 day shred again. Jillian Micheals lets have you!

PPS I have two giveaways running here and here.

PPPS the new and improved alternative to glossy box, read here.


  1. I love that you're doing this type of post now as I love nosing at what my fave bloggers have been up to!
    Looks like quite a good week


  2. I was thinking of doing a 'weekly round up' of photos and now it will look like I'm copying youuuu, damn! Lol ah well, I'll do it anyway ;) if I remember to take enough photos!!

  3. Along the Harry Potter theme I've just started re-reading all the books :) and I also love that nail varnish, what a perfect summer colour :) xo

  4. I can't wait for the final Harry excied::)

    I'm also trying to sort out my makeup bt I'm finding it so hard to find storage xxx