17 Lasting Nail Polish - Parma Violet

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

This is painted over my shellac'd nails which I love doing because I hate to be restricted to one nail colour for weeks. This was one of the free colours I had in the nail art kit that you had when buying two 17 products. I really love this colour and the nail polish is great quality. This is just one coat in the picture. The top coat I use at the moment it the Seche Vite but I know there has been some "health scares" with it, does anyone have a recommendation of a safe but amazing topcoat?

The glitter polish I was sent from Peacocks and I really like it, although all glitter nail polishes are a nightmare to remove I think they are worth it every now and again. I like how this glitter coat dries smooth because I hate that rough feeling that some glitter nail polishes have.




  1. I don't usually like this look but you've done it so beautifully and it works really well with those colours. Great pics too!
    Nic x

  2. ohh I do love parma violets, they bring back childhood memories :) and this is a very pretty colour

  3. I love the name of the polish :D x

  4. first one is beautiful! what's the name of the colour??

  5. oh i love the purpley colour, and there is something amazing about glitter nails, but it looks rly classy with just the one nail done :) hope your week is going ok !! xx

  6. I love the colour, and the glitter is cute on the ring finger! x

  7. it looks awesome i love the colours :)

    shel xx

  8. The glitter looks lush!

    Helen, X