Royal Cosmetic Connections Eye Quad and Bronzer...

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bloody blogger flipping my picture.

This was one of my gifts from the RAK (random act of kindness) idea that was set up by and my gift came from the ever lovely Sarah from Penny and Lola. Follow both of these lovely girls!

I had never heard of this brand before so I think it's really good that I now get to try it. This palette is just AMAZING just look how pretty these colours are. They are exactly the colours that I go for so I was super happy.

The bronzer is MATTE yeey!! I really can't wait to use this loads!

Thanks so much to Sarah and Dee :)



  1. That such a lovely gift! The colours look lovely too. Yey for matte bronzers! xx

  2. That's a lovely set, really handy too! I've still not received my RAK :(

  3. Really cute palette! I love your blog, your photography is really great <3 :)