Tinted Lip Balms...

Monday, 4 July 2011
Sometimes there is nothing better than putting a wash of colour on your lips in one go, rather than using a lipstick and then a gloss.

I have gathered a small collection over the past months from sleek, vaseline and ELF.

[From top clockswise: ELF - Mellow Melon, Vaseline - Rosy Lips, Sleek - Pink Cadalic, Sleek - Elctro Peach]

[From top clockswise: ELF - Mellow Melon, Vaseline - Rosy Lips, Sleek - Pink Cadalic, Sleek - Electro Peach]
ELF - Mellow Melon - £3.50
Vaseline - Rosy Lips - £1.93
Sleek Pout Polishes - £4.30

Elf - Mellow Melon
This is the most pigmented of the four and the least glossy. The formula is really creamy and lasts a fair amount of time on the lips. The packaging is rather bulky though and I would like more product for such a big pot, however I carry a large handbag so this is handbag friendly for me!

Vaseline Rosy Lips
This is the least pigmented of the four. But the most moisturising. I always carry this in my bag but to be honest I won't buy again, I can't really tell the difference between this and my clear vaseline, but my lips are rather pigmented so this may differ between people.

Sleek Pout Polishes
I really like these, they are the perfect mix of gloss/lipstick. Nice and pigmented but not really thick. You can build them up or leave them sheer. The colour lasts on the lip a fair amount of time as well.

Overall I really like my little collection and these will last a really long time. The only one that I am disappointed with was the vaseline, but I still love the original vaseline.

Anyone have these and have the same or different thoughts on them?
Anymore I need to try?




  1. I love the Sleek Pout Polishes, but find Powder Pink a really really bright unwearable colour even though it doesn't look bold haha! I love the ELF ones but they're a bit fat to put in your handbag too. I really want to try the Vaseline, haven't yet picked any of them up :D Great post, love the swatches xx

  2. I own FAR too many lip balms for my own good, whenever I can't find one I just buy another one, I love this post and am keen to try the ELF one, it's such a pretty colour! Bit inspired to make a post to show me how much of a lip blam junkie I am, oops! xx

  3. I looooove tinted vaseline , Ive got it in stick form. I really want to try the sleek pout polishes as well , Ive been eyeing up the coraly coloured one xxxx

  4. I have the vaseline one, I'm the same as you, love the moisture from it but don't get any colour pay off xx

  5. Mellow Melon looks gorgeous!

  6. I have had the Sleek Pink Cadi and didnt get on so well with it and now I have ELF Mellow Melon and it's alright but I am not sure on the smell

  7. @soph Thanks soph! I wont be buying that pout polish then!

    @Jessica Do a post :)

    @Sarah Didn't know that they did them in a stick!

    @Leanne there was no colour :s

    @Gaby It really is!

    @Rach I didn't notice a smell..

  8. j'aimerai vraiment tester ceux de elf, d'ailleurs je penses commander le mellow melon