Bourjois - Delice de Soleil

Friday, 19 August 2011
I was recently asked by Zoe (@londonlipgloss on twitter) to review these two products after replying to her blogpost  asking for somebody to review these two products from the Bourjois Summer Collection as they weren't for her. I soon piped up as I love Bourjois  and their infamous chocolate bronzer has been my only bronzer (and the same box) since I started wearing make up. Zoe picked little ol' me and my blog to review them...excited wasn't even the word.

I have had these products for a while now and have used the powder daily and tested the spray, so what did I think?

First off, I love the packaging. The dark brown just looks expensive and with the hint of green in the labelling it reminds me of mint chocolate. The bronzing spray is just like any normal spray can, lightweight and durable. The powder packaging is a little different to anything I have owned before. The lid is only held on by a small "knob" which provides the swivel of the mirror (I shall explain later) this to me doesn't feel as secure as a normal lid but it hasn't broken...yet? The mirror is MASSIVE and I love that I could easily do a full face of makeup in it. I am yet to use the brush, because I don't tend to reapply my makeup during the day I don't have to carry it around with me and use my "proper" brushes when putting it on.  

 Now for this business with the 360 degree mirror. Is it just me or does anyone else not see the point to it? I wouldn't spin the mirror the other way and have the product the other side of the mirror. As I said before though it hasn't affected the packaging or the sturdiness, I just thought it would have.

The product itself is really nice and matches the high quality of all the other Bourjoir products I have tried and used. The shade I have is shade 12 fair/medium skin which is the perfect match for me, even though I use the darker colour of the chocolate bronzer (shade 52). I tried to take pictures of it on my face but my camera just wasn't playing ball :(. The colour is paler than the chocolate bronzer as shown in the picture below.

For me the chocolate bronzer is best for when I am tanned and when I am pale I will use this one. There is a slight shimmer, more so than the chocolate one but this does not transfer fully to the face. There is a nice sheen but nothing glittery at all.

[left: chocolate bronzer, right: Delice de Soleil]

The spray is an aerosol bronzer that washes off. The mist is super fine and does not leave any residue unless you make the mistake I did on my arm the first time I used it (shown below) and then you end up with this grey/black colour, but when used properly from a certain distance you get the most lovely bronzed colour which does not look fake (shown in the bottom picture). I love this product for an all over face spray to match the rest of my body when I have been tanning and my cleanse, tone &leg moisturise has taken colour from my face. This also works as an amazing tan when you have forgotten to tan and don't want your legs to resemble milk bottles.

Both available from Boots and the rest.

Powder - £8.99
Spray - £7.99

Have you tried any of these?




  1. i really dont understand the mirror either! bit pointless i would of thought! but both look like good products xx

  2. i have the chocolate bronzer so dont think i will be rushing out for these products anytime soon, like the idea of them but not too sure on them will have to check it out myself i spose!


  3. They both look lovely, I'm always a bit nervous with bronzer though- I'm so pale that I think it looks silly on me without fake tanning first!

    As for the mirror, it does seem a bit pointless. Knowing me though, I'd probably spend ages twirling it round and round until it eventually snapped off lol!

    Nat x

  4. These both seem like great products, I really love the chocolate brown packaging! I'd love to try this bronzer, I've only recently started wearing it so I'm still looking for the perfect color for me :)

  5. Fab review. I don't tend to do bronzer but the spray looks brilliant x