Collection 2000 - Cream Puff

Saturday, 6 August 2011

After wanted these since they were released I finally picked them up in Superdrug for £4.99 for the both of them. I got the colours "Cotton Candy 1" and "Fairy Cake 3". Cotton Candy is a lovely pink colour that is great for day or night. Fairy Cake is more of a terracotta based orange, darker than I was expecting, but still wearable all the same. 

The consistency is rather strange, it is a thick creamy lipgloss that you would imagine to feel powdery but it really isn't. I'm going to be so bad at describing these. They are matte in colour and very glossy but for me the way to wear them is over a lip balm otherwise I end up with the white stuff on the edges of my lips, anyone know what I mean?

Do you own any of these?

What did you think?




  1. Both the shades are super gorgeous <3

  2. These colours look so nice! My Superdug was out of stock when I went :o( xx

  3. I just saw these on Lisa Eldrige's most recent youtube video and they look great!

  4. Read about these on another blog. Seem to be quite popular lately. I'm yet to try them but can't wait to get my mitts on them!

  5. They're both lovely colours, but I think I prefer Fairy Cake- you're right , it's definately terracotta-like, but I prefer that to pink most of the time.

    They actually look a lot thicker than I was expecting, sort of a blend of lipstick and gloss maybe?

    Nat x

  6. I've got Fairy Cake, it's great!