Sleek Pout Paints...

Friday, 12 August 2011
Due to something in work I have been given £30 highstreet vouchers and to my delight I could spend them in superdrug! I hot footed it there the next day because I knew they were on offer 3 for 2.
Then yesterday afternoon I had a play with them and these are the tools that I used...
[baby wipes, empty pot to mix, paintbrushes, the pout paints]
[lava, pinkini, cloud 9]
My reasoning behind these colours was that I think I can make close enough the other colours in the range from the base of these two, although not the dark red or blue which I am hoping to get soon when they have more stock in.
They are comparable to the OCC lip tars as far as I can gather but since I have never owned an OCC lip tar I can't comment. One noteable difference is in the applicator, the Sleek Pout Paint being more precise. 
[lava, cloud 9, pinkini] 
The product itself is really thick but really easy to blend into your lips, if you have the right brush (the brush I used for the white was stiff and horrible hence the picture). These will last FOR AGES, I'm sure you don't need to be told but a little really really goes a long way. Each dot here was too much for my lips. 
Pinkini is amazing, I would happily wear this colour on its own, it is ridiculously pink and I love it.
Popped a picture of just Cloud 9 on my lips for giggles, this would make a great addition to a fancy dress costume maybe? You can see the pink staining of Pinkini that was still left on my lips.
Lava is bright orange and I probably wouldn't wear this on its own but it is great to mix with which I show later on in the post.
I used a pot because if I liked a colour I thought I would try and make up a little batch of it and could keep it air tight in one of the sample pots I had in my ln mineral sample post. 
The first colours I mixed were Pinkini and Cloud 9. Attempting to make a nice pink colour I ended up with...
The brightest barbie pink I have ever put on my lips! Don't think I will be repeating this one again! However I think I had more luck when mixing Lava and Cloud 9 and came up with this...
I love this peach colour so have made a batch of it!
I can't comment on how long they last yet but will update soon..
Have you bought any Pout Paints?

What are you favourite combos?




  1. I love these pout paints!!!!! You made such pretty shades <3

  2. These are gorgeous!! I love the orange one.. and the pink is super bright which I love!! Love the last shade you made!


  3. Ooo def digging the white.. haha jk. I love the other colours though, I really can't wait to get my hands on these! And I totally see why you picked these 3, very practical, I like it! :D

  4. Love the peach colour you made :) I've been a bit torn from seeing so many reviews of these... they look fun but I think I'd have a play with them and then get bored and never use them!

  5. love the last colour! I'm planning on visiting superdrug tomorrow for a play and maybe a purchase of these


  6. I love the peach colour at the end!!! Love it! I've heard lots of good things about this product, makes me want to buy it! (Which I'm sure i will next week!) Thank you for posting this x

  7. so pretty i love the idea of these, think I am going to pick up some soon

    shel xx

  8. These are so pretty, although cloud 9 is a bit scary. The peachy colour you created is definitely my favourite. x

  9. I love the last colour that you created.
    The more I read about these the more tempted I am to try them, but I doubt I will. I haven't got the patience to be mixing them all up

  10. the peach one! So getting these after reading your post! x

  11. Love the peachy colour you made! x