Vivo Cosmetics...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

[Healthy Glow, Barely There]
[Wearing all 3 products]
I was lucky enough to be sent some of VIVO's new range that they have launched exclusively in Tesco. This brand has been bench marked as the MAC of supermarket makeup, bringing catwalk inspired looks to the covenience of the supermarket without the hefty price tag.

I was sent the baked bronzer in Healthy Glow (£5.00 for 12g), the Curl Effect Mascara (£3.00) and the Lipstick in Barely There (£1.99 for 3.5g). I previously bought the lipstick in Pink Pout as mentioned in my Tesco Haul Video but I shall review that in another post. 

First off I shall talk about the baked bronzer, immediately you notice the similarities with a MAC mineralised product. I wouldn't use this product as a bronzer myself, I would use this as a highlighter. I love the golden shimmer which I prefer to silver shimmer in highlighters. There is a great level of pigmentation so this product will last for ages. The packaging looks more expensive than what it is, I like the clear lid so you can easily see the colour within your makeup collection. 

Secondly is the Lipstick, and from the start I will say I LOVE IT. A beautiful pinky nude that will be ideal for me in my new job (my uniform will be red!!). The lipstick is fairly pigmented and not drying in the slightest, with a glossy finish. The scent is vanilla-y (I know not a word) which I really like and I am the type of person that HATES strongly scented things with a passion. Would really recommend this!

Lastly, the Mascara and I have to say this one wasn't a hit with me. I found the formula very clumpy when I was trying to build up a few layers of mascara. The wand is too big with an odd curve shape to it, although the mascara does curl the lashes, with my lashes this isn't hard as they are already curled. The description says that this will give you "gorgeous fluttery eyes" but sadly for me this didn't. Although there has been no flaking or smudging to give it credit. Its not that I have anything against cheap HG mascara is £3.50.

Have you tried anything from VIVO?

All available from Tesco's, for a full list see the VIVO facebook page.



Louise Walsh Make Up Brushes...Review

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


*Groupon have now given me a full refund on the brushes.

This post is regarding

After much deliberation on whether to write this post and asking on twitter, the general feeling was that people wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Now I'm sure we all agree that none of us like writing a bad review..but like I said I am 100% honest in my reviews and opinions so if you don't like reading negative reviews you may want to click away now...

The story began when I saw this groupon offer  and being in the need for new makeup brushes (just some face and eye brushes not my Sigma/ELF ones!!) I thought it would be a brilliant buy, this was coupled with the fact that I had £6 credit on groupon that needed to be used up or the credit would be invalid. 

Before I go further I do want to say that my "beef" (couldn't think of any other word to describe it) is not with Groupon as a company. They have replied to my email (alright I had to chase it up on facebook) but they did reply, although I know that others have had problems. 

The problems started when I tried to redeem my voucher on the Louise Walsh Website, it took a good 10 times (no exaggeration) to get my voucher to redeem itself. Ok I knew that it would be slow maybe due to the volume of vouchers that were bought, but it is still annoying. Another point to make is that the brushes that are pictured in the advert on groupon are not the brushes that you will receive! Then delivery, I knew again that it would take a little longer than normal because of the high demand, but you would think that there would be processes in place to deal with that expected increase in demand for their products.

And then they arrived...

First off there is a rip in the leather pouch that they come in. Now this may look small, but it is still faulty. I have heard some have worse rips than this. It is worth noting that these just came in a plastic pouch, there was no protection around them at all.
On first opening they looked promising, there was a really cheap plastic smell that is quite overpowering though. Of course I can't translate that to you...if only blogger was scented as well! I do like this set up, the plastic flap to protect the brushes from transferring colour to other brushes.
This is how the fan brush was packaged, all bent over and deformed, there are even bristles bent back on themselves so the brush splays everywhere.

The rest of the brushes were shoddily packed, yes this was the worst one, but it is there as an example. The lip brush was half pushed up the plastic cap that is placed on there, so there is NO precision to it what so ever.
The slanted brush is the second brush that I will use as an example of the shedding from the black bristled brushes (there is less shedding in the brown bristled brushes but still they shed). The pictures are some that I took BEFORE doing the video at the end, so these are in total all the bristles that have shed from handling the brush twice.

All I did was run my thumb and fore finger over the brush, not pulling hard at all, this is shown in the video.

Overall the brushes are scratchy and I would never ever recommend them or the company. After emails to the contact email that was provided by groupon I have heard nothing from Louise Walsh. I have searched Louise Walsh on twitter and there have been a lot of negative tweets about them. 

I hated writing this to be honest and I don't want you to think that I am just slating them for the sake of slating them, but this has happened over the past 2 weeks and I have heard nothing at all. I would like an explanation as to why my products arrived faulty and damaged, why the brushes shed so much and why they think these are worth nearly £100.

Has anyone else bought them?



Matt's Review: Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay...

Monday, 26 September 2011
When I won a full set of Hairbond products I had to admit that there were a few that I just wouldn't use too regularly. The first one is the Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay so I handed it over to Matt to use and review for me. Now Matt isn't too into male grooming so don't expect indepth reviews, but he will be very honest about them and its worth noting that as his Mum is a hairdresser and owns her own salon, he does know a thing or to about hair care. Currently Matt uses professional (very expensive) products that his Mum gets so he will be comparing them to those. On to his review...

Plain, simple and says what it needs to. A product that I would happily have on display, i.e not girly at all. Its small enough to carry around if you have a man bag to do touch ups.

At first the smell is rather overpowering but I do like it. It smells really sweet just like fruit sweets, but this was a downer for me because of past experience with fruity smelling hair products and being chased by flies. This smell doesn't linger on the hair though, so maybe not a problem. To touch the product felt like all the other clay products I have used, a normal consistency. With regards to the "hold" of the product I agree that it is only 3/5 because there really isn't much hold, (maybe less in my opinion) I wouldn't use this to spike my hair up, but to give a style to my hair when I wear it flatter.

The price is £6.99 for 50ml which is half the price of the products I usually use (they have however double the amount of product), the product would last a long time as you don't need much so I would recommend this as a high street option better than the really cheap ones.

To be honest I wouldn't buy this again because I tend to spike my hair up more than wear I it flatter, but will use this when I want a flatter style and if you wear your hair like that I would definatly recommend. I liked everything about this product and hope the rest that I have to review have the same smell.

So guys, what did you think of Matt's first review!
Thanks to Matt for being part of my blog and thanks for reading!


Liz Earl Sheer Skin Tint...

Thursday, 22 September 2011
I recently received this Liz Earl Sheer Skin Tint from Sam who has an amazing cruelty free blog "The Beauty Diaries" because I had won the giveaway on her blog. Seeing lots of blog posts on this when it was released made me curious...could a medium to full coverage kind of girl be converted to a skin tint? From what I had read this was a mysterious product that falls between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation. Liz Earl describe it as the  'natural bridge from skincare through to colour, a rich and creamy foundation like consistency, blending easily to enhance natural skintones' so I was extremely excited to win, especially as I won a Liz Earl cleanse and polish a while ago and love it.
 The tint comes in a very expensive looking navy box with the colour printed along the bottom, as you can see I went for the medium shade - beige 02. I went with this because even though I am far from tanned I am never the palest shade in foundations. My view was that if it was too dark, I would still get the use out of it when I am fake tanned up, however I was wrong and this shade suits both. I think it is because the product is sheer so it is easily blendable.
 The bottle itself is a unique blue colour with sparkle in it, which you will never see anywhere else as Liz Earl has patented the colour. The total amount you get is 40ml which is larger than most foundations but this does come at £21! (Although I have paid almost £40 for a foundation before..eek).
The active ingredients in the Sheer Skin Tint are Avocado Oil to leave the skin smooth and soft, Borage Oil to helo lock moisture into the skin and Vitamin E an anti-oxidant to protect skin against free radical damage caused by pollution and the sun’s radiation.
 The first time I put this on I used my fingers to get the "feel" of the product but to be honest I soon switched to my sigma f80 because I was using far too much product. The coverage was sheer on my skin and one layer wasn't enough for me. Lucky for me, this product is perfect for building up to a level of coverage to suit different needs. Straight after applying the skin tint you will have the "wet look" face but only for a few minutes as the tint dries. With a primer (my witch skin care one) this lasts all day for me. I just set with my Mac Mineralise Skin Finish and use my Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel and I am set for the day! Shocking considering there was a time where I wouldn't leave the house without Estee Lauder Double Wear on my face.
To make sure you get the right shade Liz Earl have their "First time, right shade" .
Have you tried this?



FOTD... Autumn Bronze

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Primer - Witch Skin Care
Foundation - No7 Beautifully Matte - New Ivory
Concealer - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection - Medium
Bronzer - Soliel Tan De Chanel
Blusher - ELF - Peachy Keen
Highlight - ELF - Peachy Keen
Powder - MAC MSF - Medium Plus

Brows - ELF Brow Kit - Medium
Primer - ELF 
Shadows - Naked Palette - Virgin, Sin, Toasted, Hustle
Mascara - ELF Mineral Mascara - Black

Lipstick - ELF Matte Lip Pen - Coral
Gloss - Vaseline



Finally...Chanel Tan De Chanel

Thursday, 8 September 2011

It's mine! After weeks on a waiting list..phew! I haven't used it properly yet because I want to make sure I have time to sit down and play with it properly. First impressions are that the colour is wonderfully matte but the product is harder than I thought it would a mousse I expected it to be..well mousse-y!
Do you have this? How do you use it? And with what brush?