Finally...Chanel Tan De Chanel

Thursday, 8 September 2011

It's mine! After weeks on a waiting list..phew! I haven't used it properly yet because I want to make sure I have time to sit down and play with it properly. First impressions are that the colour is wonderfully matte but the product is harder than I thought it would a mousse I expected it to be..well mousse-y!
Do you have this? How do you use it? And with what brush?



  1. Oh please do a follow up theres so many posts about this but none really go further than its a hard brown mousse haha! I need to know if I really do need this or if its just me looking to spend money :P xxx

  2. I've tried afew brushes with mine but the MAC 168 works the best for me. Love this product it will last forever and smells amazing. xx

  3. I want this so so bad! I havn't got round to buying it yet but everytime I do try, it's out of stock! Do a follow up review definitely! xx

  4. I use this with a duo fibre/stippling brush! I love this product so, so much It's become part of my every day routine! xxx

  5. YAYYYY! :) Glad you finally got it. So excited to use it myself :)

    I heard the Sigma F80 is good for this!

  6. Definitely need a follow up review! Does anyone else think it looks like chocolate mousse in the tub and want to eat it?
    Just me then
    Steph xxx

  7. Where did you get it from? Xxx

  8. Follow up post coming soon! x