Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lunchtime Primark Haul...

Working in a city center is dangerous for my bank balance. I have every single shop around me, ones that don't have online shops and worst of all (or best) is Primark.
I never used to go in Primark unless I was in town, but now being in town everyday I find myself "popping" in. This is what I picked up one lunchtime. The first are these amazingly thick and warm slipper socks with a christmas theme. For £4 you can't go wrong, especially when I have seen pretty much the same thing for loads more in other shops. Then I saw matching PJ bottoms and I couldn't resist. I have a "thing" for PJs I jsut love them and the more patterned on the bottom the better. I tend to wear them with just a plain cheapy tshirt, these were £5.
Finally I saw these "suede" dark green loafers. I had been looking for a pair for ages and bought these black chain shoes from New Look as an alternative (seen in this video) but they ripped my feet to shreds. However these from primark, for £8, are so comfortable its unreal, I really recommened them.

What have you been buying from Primark? As if I need more temptation!



Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Vivo Cosmetics...Baked Blusher in Peaches and Cream...

This was another VIVO item that I got sent when Leanne and I were blogs of the week, won via twitter. I chose this because I am really trying to get into blushers and word on the town was that they were similar to a well known brand (we all know who that is!)
Being baked this blusher will last for ages, very buildable so you can have a subtle glow on your cheeks or a full on cheek. There is a shimmer in there but not enough to be a highlighter and there is no chalky-ness to the blush like there can be with some lower priced makeup. I love the swirl that the product has in the pan and having a clear lid means you can see this when it is in your storage, a thing that I like with makeup.
Overall I really like this and it is a happy addition to my makeup, I would really recommend trying this range out especially as the blusher retails for £4, so it could sneak into your weekly shop and you wouldn't even know ;)



Saturday, 22 October 2011

MUA Eyeshadow Pearl Shade 28...


A recent addition to my ever increasing make up collection. I can't wait until we are in our flat and I can have a proper dressing table and maybe do a storage video? Anywho onto the most beautiful eyeshadow I have seen in since I opened up my naked palette.  
One of the many benefits to working in the city center is that I have easy access to a large Superdrug that stocks MUA, the smaller out of town ones never do! One lunch time I "popped" out and came back with this, MUA eyeshadow - pearl shade 28 - £1....yes...£1!!! There were other things in my basket but I'm going to spread them out over a few posts. Lunchtime shopping is amazing and I have a massive haul post to film when I am on my TOIL day next week. 
This eyeshadow is brilliant, not chalky and easy to blend this lasts all day on my lid, especially when I use my eye lid primer. You can also blend this into oblivion if the colour in the picture is too "out there" for you so that a subtle copper colour is left on the lid. I use this colour mainly in a bronzed smokey eye, which is my signature eye look, that looks good for day or night time.    
Have you used MUA eyeshadows before?
What other colours do I need to try?



Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Essence - Ballerina Backstage Collection...

This lovely lot was what I won in a recent giveaway from Cornflakegirl's Musings blog. I was so excited to win these because I have never tried anything from this brand before...mainly because I think they are only available in some countries of the EU (correct me if I'm wrong). Plus just look at the packaging, now I was a dancer from the age of 3 and had to give it up at 16 due to an illness :/ so I love this theme. 
The first things that I opened were the nail polishes. The first is a really nice baby pink colour which is surprisingly opaque, much more opaque than the one that I have that a certain Kate wore at her wedding. The second is the most amazing black glitter, opaque in two coats there is the most gorgeous copper coloured glitter running through the polish.
The next goodie that I was sent was a blush souffle! I have never tried a mousse blusher before so I was quite intrigued as to how this would work. I really like the colour because it is really subtle, but I do find this a little "greasy" and "slippy" on the skin, I need to find a way for this to work on my skin because I really do love the colour.
This lipgloss is a really lovely baby pink (notice the ballerina theme!!) I really love the colour payout and its not too sticky - bonus!
Now for my favourite items of the whole lot. The eye souffles, I was hoping they would do the same as MAC paint pots because I want one of them but can't justify the funds at the moment. These are a "harder" product than the paint pots and are more like a cream eyeliner to the touch. You can use these as a primer as well as a colour in themselves and they held my eyeshadow in place all day. I won't be using these for that though because I have and love my ELF eyelid primer. But as colours they really are great, my favourite is the copper colour and I love using this as an all over colour for a quick and easy eye look. I always use my ELF primer under everything I put on my eyes and these last all day without creasing. Even though the black doesn't look that pigmented it really makes for a lovely smokey eye, and acts as a great base for a black eyeshadow! I love them and wish I had access to more of the essence products. 
[lipgloss, eye souffles, blush souffles, nail polishes]
[using the palest eye souffle all over lid]

Have you used any essence products?
What did you think?
How can I get more - do you know of any stockists?
I'm not even sure how much these things all are!



Monday, 17 October 2011

Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate Pore Cleansing Sauna Masque...

 To celebrate "National Chocolate Week" I was sent the Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate Pore Cleansing Sauna Masque. Never one to turn down chocolate whether that be edible or cosmetic I jumped at the chance. I waited until Friday night, when after a long week I applied the mask before soaking in the bath. 
The product is in a sachet although I really hope that they bring out larger multi-time use sachet of this! 
The actual mask is amazing. Imagine melting chocolate orange and smearing it all over your face - yes it is that good. The mask is full of natural chocolate goodness with rich dark melted chocolate to banish impurites, whilst the Mediterranean Clay gets rid of dirt and oils from deep within pores. The orange oil is bursting with good ol' Vitamin C, which will leave skin feeling revitalised and refreshed. It doesn't end there though, there is Cocoa Butter soothes and nourishes and the Vanilla in there protects against free radicals.

Perfect for Normal, Oily and Combination Skin this is suitable for vegetarians too and they use natural ingredients wherever possible.

When you put this mask on your face it gets warm immediately. I didn't think a mask could ever get that warm from just being put on your skin, although it wasn't unpleasant, it was soo comforting! Coupled with the smell I did just want to eat it. My skin felt warm afterwards and slightly red so I would definatly use this in the evening when you don't have to go out afterwards. My face was soo soft though and felt really treated! I will be buying this for an indulgent treat :)

Now for the "Blogger in a facemask picture!"... 

Available from for £1.09
Twitter -!/MontagneJeuness
Facebook -
Youtube -

What do you think?



Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vivo Cosmetics...Baked Palette in Chocolate Box

Vivo Cosmetics have really been a hit with me, namely their baked products and lipsticks. I am yet to try their eyeshadows and lipglosses and this palette is no exception - It is brilliant. 

Now what I will start off with first is the not so good, or for some of you it will be good. Even when I use my eye primer (ELF) these colours are not as pigmented on the eyelid as they are on my hand. I will use them in some FOTDs but at the moment when I get home form work it is pitch black and when I leave its pitch black, this means no good pictures at all. This can be a good thing if you like subtle eyeshadows and in my case I don't mind taking the time to build the colours up because when you do the results are amazing.

For a start lets just take a moment, like I did when I opened the palette, to just stare at how pretty they are. I actually showed some people at home just to say "Don't they look like the bouncy balls you had as a child!?" Anyone remember those or just me? Because the palette has "windows" you can even admire them when the palette is just on your dressing table. They are a domed shape because they are a baked product which means they will last for ages. 

This is the most neutral baked palette they do with the added loveliness of a silver in there so you can mix things up. In all honesty the colours weren't what I expected them to be before swatching them, but that is the added fun of products that have swirls of colour through them. 

The blusher is a beautiful pink, which has a shimmer running through. The same with the eye colours, you can have a really sheer wash of colour or build it up to a more intense cheek...for me the first option is my only option but it has weaned me into wearing blusher. 

This palette is just £6 and available from Tesco. Have you tried any VIVO products? Please leave links of I kinda want everything (as usual). I have a few more things to review so keep an eye out for them.



*Sent for review, my review is 100% honest as always x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen

I have always tended to shy away from Illamasqua, I always think green lipstick, blue lipgloss etc, but when Leanne was in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago we hit the Illamasqua counter. This wasn't planned at all as we said in the video we posted about out shopping spree, but before we knew it the MUA's were heading towards our face with brushes and the new Skin Base Foundation (post to come). 
Whilst there being made up I asked the MUA if she could help me with blusher. As you may know if you have red posts or watched videos on my blog - I hate my red cheeks and I never wear blusher. I had been eyeing up the cream pigments that were to the left of me whilst she was applying the foundation. 
She recommend that I try the new cream pigment that is from their Theatre of the Nameless collection called "Androgen". The cream pigments are designed to be used anywhere from lips to cheeks to eyes. Androgen is the generic "nice coral" colour. I love using this on  my cheeks with an angled blush brush to add a pop of colour, or used sparingly to add a sheer colour.
I can also use this REALLY lightly to counter balance the grey black under my eyelids. Personally my favourite way is as a lip colour, but you HAVE to use a generous amount of lip balm underneath as the formula is matte. For my lips I apply with my fingers because I find it easier when the product is warmed up to blend over my lips. 
This lasts all day on my cheeks and in all fairness it lasts a while on my lips, but because I am forever drinking tea it fades and I do need to touch up, I like to mix it up and apply some vaseline on top for a glossy look.

Naturally being a sucker for nice packaging - I love it. Sleek, shiny and functional - You can easily see the colour through the packaging. Although sometimes a little hard to open and I feel like I am going to smudge the cream with a nail :/...touch wood...hasn't happened...yet!

You can get your hands on this from Illamasqua for £17.00, this may seem a lot but it will last ages! Or you can wait for it to go in the sale on ASOS ( ;) ). 

Do you own Androgen or any other pigments?



ps hope you haven't forgotten who I am!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

YSL Rouge Volupte in No1 Nude Beige...

I honestly wanted to title this post "The Prettiest Lipstick In The World" and you would have to be bonkers not to be able to see why. Of course I am talking about the Rouge Volupte YSL Lipstick.  Now I have to mention a lovely lady who has been mentioned numerous times on my blog and thank her for doing me a massive favour. The story behind this goes a bit like this...

Once upon a time a girl (me) was shopping in ikea with her boyfriend when her friend (Leanne) text her to say that she had just purchased the prettiest lipstick in all the land from CheapSmells for a bargainous price of £13.95 instead of the usual £22. Now the girl in ikea, whilst pretending to be interested in the furniture then frantically tried to order one of these lipsticks from her phone. Sadly this failed and Leanne came to the rescue like an absolute babe and ordered mine for me....
I chose the colour no1 - Nude Beige as I wanted to have a lisptick that I would wear everyday and get the most of my money out of...even though I had it for less than the RRP. Plus I wanted an excuse to get the lipstick out at every opportunity so everyone can admire the beautiful packaging. The lipstick is heavier than I ever thought a lipstick could be though.
Nude beige is more pink than I thought it was going to be, but that makes me love it even more - true nudes never tend to suit me. This lipstick is so smooth, like unbelievable, but this makes it seems that you use loads at a time. You don't need loads though, this is the most pigmented lipstick ever for such a soft consistency. The only niggle with it is that it will sink into the lines and cracks in lips, so make sure your lips are nice and primed and in good condition. The colour will last ages on your lips too, which is nice for a non-drying lipstick, you usually only get that with really dry lipsticks.

What do you think?
I now want to invest in more - as usual.
Do you own any colours? Which one should I get next?



Thursday, 6 October 2011

Estee Lauder - Double Wear - Stay-in-Place ShadowCreme

I bought this from Lucy's blog sale recently and I am really glad that I did. I was lusting after a MAC paint pot for ages and when this cropped up I thought they might be the same type of thing. Although I still don't own a MAC paint I can't comment on this!

The formula is like a cream eyeliner so it is hard to the touch but warms up when you rub your finger over the product. I apply mine with my fingers and dab the colour over my ELF eyelid primer, this means that I can get a streak free finish rather than have some visible brush strokes. With a primer this doesn't crease for me, but I tried it for a day, for the sake of blogging, without a primer and it creased! 

The colour is a gorgeous gold, which is amazing on its own or as a smokey eye. I really love it and would look into other colours...if my bank account allows!



Monday, 3 October 2011

Leopard Print False Nails Tutorial...

*When you read this I will be in my new job - eeek!!!*

These are what I created as one of some nails to choose from to wear to the fashion show I have recently blogged about. I won a giveaway from Charli a while ago and one of the prizes were these black false nails. I have to admit I wouldn't wear them as they are so decided to customize them so I would! Here is how I did it...
 False Nails
Cotton Buds
Nail Polishes of my choice:
 Topshop - At Worlds End
17 - Parma Violet
Models Own Nail Art Pen - Black
 After filing the nails to fit my nails I stuck them to the ends of cotton buds which makes painting them really easy. I made sure that both the thumb nails were stuck to the same cotton bud and so on.
 First comes my base coat colour which like I said was Topshops  At Worlds End and I love this blue, really opaque and I have used it loads!
 Then for the dots!
 Then using the Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black I just went around the spots and added random black spots to create the leopard print look.
 For that accent nail, but very subtle accent nail, I placed extra splodges of GOSH Holographic to the ring finger nails.
Then left them to dry!

What do you think?




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