Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen

Wednesday, 12 October 2011
I have always tended to shy away from Illamasqua, I always think green lipstick, blue lipgloss etc, but when Leanne was in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago we hit the Illamasqua counter. This wasn't planned at all as we said in the video we posted about out shopping spree, but before we knew it the MUA's were heading towards our face with brushes and the new Skin Base Foundation (post to come). 
Whilst there being made up I asked the MUA if she could help me with blusher. As you may know if you have red posts or watched videos on my blog - I hate my red cheeks and I never wear blusher. I had been eyeing up the cream pigments that were to the left of me whilst she was applying the foundation. 
She recommend that I try the new cream pigment that is from their Theatre of the Nameless collection called "Androgen". The cream pigments are designed to be used anywhere from lips to cheeks to eyes. Androgen is the generic "nice coral" colour. I love using this on  my cheeks with an angled blush brush to add a pop of colour, or used sparingly to add a sheer colour.
I can also use this REALLY lightly to counter balance the grey black under my eyelids. Personally my favourite way is as a lip colour, but you HAVE to use a generous amount of lip balm underneath as the formula is matte. For my lips I apply with my fingers because I find it easier when the product is warmed up to blend over my lips. 
This lasts all day on my cheeks and in all fairness it lasts a while on my lips, but because I am forever drinking tea it fades and I do need to touch up, I like to mix it up and apply some vaseline on top for a glossy look.

Naturally being a sucker for nice packaging - I love it. Sleek, shiny and functional - You can easily see the colour through the packaging. Although sometimes a little hard to open and I feel like I am going to smudge the cream with a nail :/...touch wood...hasn't happened...yet!

You can get your hands on this from Illamasqua for £17.00, this may seem a lot but it will last ages! Or you can wait for it to go in the sale on ASOS ( ;) ). 

Do you own Androgen or any other pigments?



ps hope you haven't forgotten who I am!


  1. I bought a silver pigment from Illamasqua ages ago and still haven't had the opportunity to try it, as it's very "out there". Have you tried using it on your eyes and if yes, did it crease at all?

  2. This looks fab... I use the ones from Topshop on my lips and cheeks and they are excellent. Been meaning to venture into Illamasqua for a while now...

  3. Love this colour! I really do want to try one of their blushes. X

  4. Such a gorgeous colour! I really need to get one of these!! xxx