MUA Eyeshadow Pearl Shade 28...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

A recent addition to my ever increasing make up collection. I can't wait until we are in our flat and I can have a proper dressing table and maybe do a storage video? Anywho onto the most beautiful eyeshadow I have seen in since I opened up my naked palette.  
One of the many benefits to working in the city center is that I have easy access to a large Superdrug that stocks MUA, the smaller out of town ones never do! One lunch time I "popped" out and came back with this, MUA eyeshadow - pearl shade 28 - £1....yes...£1!!! There were other things in my basket but I'm going to spread them out over a few posts. Lunchtime shopping is amazing and I have a massive haul post to film when I am on my TOIL day next week. 
This eyeshadow is brilliant, not chalky and easy to blend this lasts all day on my lid, especially when I use my eye lid primer. You can also blend this into oblivion if the colour in the picture is too "out there" for you so that a subtle copper colour is left on the lid. I use this colour mainly in a bronzed smokey eye, which is my signature eye look, that looks good for day or night time.    
Have you used MUA eyeshadows before?
What other colours do I need to try?




  1. I haven't used any of the MUA eyeshadows but they look super pigmented! x

  2. I am currently wearing this! It is amazingly lovely :)

  3. I have several of their eyeshadows and love them. I'm trying to find another style for me other than my usual browns and have 3 of the purple shades (4 is gorgeous) and a white, black and gun metal shade. Plan on adding to them (maybe gradually getting them all) so my daughter and I can experiment

  4. That looks so good for a pound! I think I might be getting some of these for myself soon!

  5. ooh what a fab pigmented colour!

  6. MUA eyeshadows are fab, I prefer the pearl singles to the matte singles x

  7. This colour is absolutely gorgeous! xx