Essence - Ballerina Backstage Collection...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011
This lovely lot was what I won in a recent giveaway from Cornflakegirl's Musings blog. I was so excited to win these because I have never tried anything from this brand before...mainly because I think they are only available in some countries of the EU (correct me if I'm wrong). Plus just look at the packaging, now I was a dancer from the age of 3 and had to give it up at 16 due to an illness :/ so I love this theme. 
The first things that I opened were the nail polishes. The first is a really nice baby pink colour which is surprisingly opaque, much more opaque than the one that I have that a certain Kate wore at her wedding. The second is the most amazing black glitter, opaque in two coats there is the most gorgeous copper coloured glitter running through the polish.
The next goodie that I was sent was a blush souffle! I have never tried a mousse blusher before so I was quite intrigued as to how this would work. I really like the colour because it is really subtle, but I do find this a little "greasy" and "slippy" on the skin, I need to find a way for this to work on my skin because I really do love the colour.
This lipgloss is a really lovely baby pink (notice the ballerina theme!!) I really love the colour payout and its not too sticky - bonus!
Now for my favourite items of the whole lot. The eye souffles, I was hoping they would do the same as MAC paint pots because I want one of them but can't justify the funds at the moment. These are a "harder" product than the paint pots and are more like a cream eyeliner to the touch. You can use these as a primer as well as a colour in themselves and they held my eyeshadow in place all day. I won't be using these for that though because I have and love my ELF eyelid primer. But as colours they really are great, my favourite is the copper colour and I love using this as an all over colour for a quick and easy eye look. I always use my ELF primer under everything I put on my eyes and these last all day without creasing. Even though the black doesn't look that pigmented it really makes for a lovely smokey eye, and acts as a great base for a black eyeshadow! I love them and wish I had access to more of the essence products. 
[lipgloss, eye souffles, blush souffles, nail polishes]
[using the palest eye souffle all over lid]

Have you used any essence products?
What did you think?
How can I get more - do you know of any stockists?
I'm not even sure how much these things all are!




  1. One of the girls I know wore essence eyelashes one night and used the glue that came with it. The next day she was in the doctors with burned eyelids from the glue, so word of warning but it could of just been her having a reaction. Essence is really cheap here in Ireland we have it in most pharmacies and in Pennys/Primark. x

  2. the black nail varnish looks gorg! i've been looking for something to replace Vampira by Eyeko now that they've discontinued it as well, thanks! xx

  3. Those eyeshadows look very pretty and I'm surprised to hear they stayed on all day, seeing as it's a budget beauty brand. I used to buy loads of essence stuff as a teenager as it was so cheap, but I can't say I miss it.

  4. I love essence! I picked up the black nail polish from that collection & its so pretty on x

  5. This all looks lovely, I love the black nail polish! I have no idea where to buy Essence :( X

  6. I love Essence! It's so good and so cheap!