Vivo Cosmetics...Baked Blusher in Peaches and Cream...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This was another VIVO item that I got sent when Leanne and I were blogs of the week, won via twitter. I chose this because I am really trying to get into blushers and word on the town was that they were similar to a well known brand (we all know who that is!)
Being baked this blusher will last for ages, very buildable so you can have a subtle glow on your cheeks or a full on cheek. There is a shimmer in there but not enough to be a highlighter and there is no chalky-ness to the blush like there can be with some lower priced makeup. I love the swirl that the product has in the pan and having a clear lid means you can see this when it is in your storage, a thing that I like with makeup.
Overall I really like this and it is a happy addition to my makeup, I would really recommend trying this range out especially as the blusher retails for £4, so it could sneak into your weekly shop and you wouldn't even know ;)




  1. Ahh I've been looking for this all over, I hope I find it in a Tesco soon cuz everyone's raving about it! :)

  2. Okay, totally need this in my life. I'm going to find the list of Tesco's that stock vivo and go on a little trip in search haha! xoxo

  3. ooh looks fab, I'm a blush addict so need this x

  4. gorgeous colour! definitely plan to buy their baked bronzer when ive trifled through all the others i have lying around!xxx

  5. I actualy need to get into blusher too! I'm soo pale - like ridiculously so and whilst I have generally good skin lately it's been so dull I've been overly concerned with finding a decent foundation...hence me completely neglecting finding that gorgeous winter flushed cheek blush. Will definitely have a look at this one me thinks - gorgeous colour!


  6. That looks great, I still can't believe that Tesco sells it! I have to admit I'd feel a bit antsy about supermarket make-up, but then you pay less at ELF and I think most people enjoy that site!

    Nat x