Vivo Cosmetics...Baked Palette in Chocolate Box

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vivo Cosmetics have really been a hit with me, namely their baked products and lipsticks. I am yet to try their eyeshadows and lipglosses and this palette is no exception - It is brilliant. 

Now what I will start off with first is the not so good, or for some of you it will be good. Even when I use my eye primer (ELF) these colours are not as pigmented on the eyelid as they are on my hand. I will use them in some FOTDs but at the moment when I get home form work it is pitch black and when I leave its pitch black, this means no good pictures at all. This can be a good thing if you like subtle eyeshadows and in my case I don't mind taking the time to build the colours up because when you do the results are amazing.

For a start lets just take a moment, like I did when I opened the palette, to just stare at how pretty they are. I actually showed some people at home just to say "Don't they look like the bouncy balls you had as a child!?" Anyone remember those or just me? Because the palette has "windows" you can even admire them when the palette is just on your dressing table. They are a domed shape because they are a baked product which means they will last for ages. 

This is the most neutral baked palette they do with the added loveliness of a silver in there so you can mix things up. In all honesty the colours weren't what I expected them to be before swatching them, but that is the added fun of products that have swirls of colour through them. 

The blusher is a beautiful pink, which has a shimmer running through. The same with the eye colours, you can have a really sheer wash of colour or build it up to a more intense cheek...for me the first option is my only option but it has weaned me into wearing blusher. 

This palette is just £6 and available from Tesco. Have you tried any VIVO products? Please leave links of I kinda want everything (as usual). I have a few more things to review so keep an eye out for them.



*Sent for review, my review is 100% honest as always x


  1. They look amazing and they do look kind of like those bouncy balls I remember them

  2. This palette looks SO pretty, I bet the shades would look extra beautiful when applied wet! My local tesco's are all rubbish & don't stock Vivo yet! Hopefully they will soon though xx

  3. They look so pretty, I really am a fan of baked products. I think I must add these the my never ending list of vivo products that I need to buy!£6 is a complete bargain!

  4. i have just bought that box today and its amazing xx