Central Pharmacy and Escentual.com 25th Anniversay...

Monday, 14 November 2011
On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to Central Pharmacy (Escentual.com) to celebrate them being open 25 years! To celebrate this they had various events over the week which were amazing, yet this one was the one that excited me the most! Mr Daniel Sandler was there!! And better still he was going to be holding a workshop - EEK!! I have been a fan of Daniel's products since I won a fair amount of them so I was oober excited to meet him and watch him work - secretly hoping that I would get the chance to model (I DID! Major fan gir moment!). You'll have to forgive the iphone photos though..In all the excitement I forgot my camera.
Some of Daniel's makeup was on display and I have to say I really do want it all, I am going to be adding to my collection for a long time. 
 Lovely snap of me having my makeup done. As I already had minimal makeup on Daniel did a quick and easy (but not so easy looking) smokey eye to take my makeup from daytime to night time. Pretty much just using his Waterproof Eyeliner in black and green coupled with some contouring. Daniel was so down to earth and was really gentle when applying the makeup - some people on counters have left my eyes watering after putting makeup on me. It was the best makeup I think I have ever had applied on my face, I have never EVER done a winged eyeliner thinking that my face was too round for it, but I love it! What do you think?
I shall list all the products used at the end and in another post I shall tell you what I actually picked up on the night and what I am planning to purchase next. 
 This is my eyelashes after the Jumbo Jet Mascara ... Needless to say I am buying it very soon!

 A VERY happy Charli and the man himself.
Products Used:
Blotting Powder
Creme Bronzer
Watercolour Blush in POP

Waterproof Eyeliner Black
Waterproof Eyeliner Green
Sheer Satin Eyeshadow in Coppered Bronze
Eye Delight in Ice
Jumbo Jet Mascara


Liquid Lustre Lip Gloss in Bare

Sneaky peak at what I bought.

I would like to thank Central Pharmacy and Escentual.com for the opportunity. A special thank you to Daniel Sandler for proving that I can wear a winged eyeliner!




  1. I love Daniel's makeup- true pro! Looks like a great event xx

  2. Gorgeous! I'm so gutted I couldn't make this event :( xx

  3. Wow how cool! The make up looks great on you, love the lip gloss. I got the jumbo jet mascara in a Glossy Box and thought it was crap - just shows how products work differently for everyone!

  4. I LOVE this, you look gorgeous Charli, I really love the hint of green and the highlight under your brow bone x

  5. Your make up looks amazing! It really suits you, you look stunning!

  6. Your eyes look absolutely beautiful!

    The Deer Head


  7. Your eyes look amazing! The winged eyeliner really suits you! x

  8. Your make-up looks amazing! :)

    Sounds like you had a great time xx

  9. This looks fantastic, he did a great job! xx

  10. Wow your eyes look gorgeous!

    Holli x

  11. Your eyes look amazing :) you are too pretty i'm jealous haha :) x

  12. Oh my gosh your eye makeup looks amazing. Winged eye liner definitely suits you!!

  13. Your eye make up looks gorgeous!!!! xx