Sleek Contour Kit - Light...

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Another item that I have now managed to get my hands because of working in the city center. After months of lusting after the sleek contour kit - it is mine! 
I have used this pretty much everyday since I bought it, with the exception of about 4! The bronzer is the perfect contour colour that, with a light hand creates the impression that I actually have cheekbones! (I am a moon/football/big round clown face person). The contour lasts a fair amount of the day, I do like to do a sneaky lunchtime touch up of makeup and this is about 7 hours after I apply in the morning. Don't use too much however or you will end up looking a bit stripy! 
The highlighter is a bit of a miss for me, I'm not one to use highlighters that much so maybe I just don't appreciate it? It seems abit to shimmery - which I suppose is the point? See I just really don't appreciate it do I? Although, I do like it as an eyeshadow so I will use it...phew...I really hate wasting products, a reason why I love blogsales! 
I will be adding some face of the days every now and again using the past few products I have reviewed rather than just do a face every time I review something - I'm sure you would be sick of the sight of me :)



  1. I never seem to be able to get hold of this either. I found the Avon Blush & Contour Duo has the most beautiful highlight if you're in the market for a new one. Think its on offer at the moment too :) xx

  2. i love this, i got the medium one which is a bit too dark but i've found its really similar to mac's blunt. i'm having a blog sale by the way so you can check out my blog if you're interested :) xx

  3. About a week ago I decided that next time I'm in Superdrug I'd get this but they never have any in stock! Same for some of the Sleek lipsticks. darn it. :/ I have quite a rounded face so I really need to work on some "sculpting". haha xo