Barry M Dazzle Dust - #39...

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hello there! I finally have the internet so I am able to blog again - will do a massive update post with a few pictures soon, but right now I can't wait to blog about some of the items that have made their way into my clutches recently.

The first one that I am really loving at the moment is the BarryM Dazzle Dust in #39. For me this was the more affordable answer to an Illamasqua pigment that I very VERY nearly bought when shopping with Leanne a couple of months ago - I think it was called furore? 

Anyway, I was browsing the aisles of Superdrug one lunch time when this little pot caught my eye. I didn't think much of it to be honest as I have always been a little turned off by loose pigments due to a slight incident where a blue pigment ended up all over the carpet :/, yet I strolled over and swatched. 

Before I knew it I was walking towards to till to purchase. The colour is beautiful, a solid metallic peach which looks slightly coppery in my opinion. I absolutely love it, it's so nice on its own because it is such an interesting colour. But #39 also looks lovely as part of a neutral smokey eye. You need the smallest amount, I usually use what ever is dusted in the lid and it blends beautifully, plus it stays on all day with my primer (from ELF - I never go a day without it!). 

Yet, there is still one downfall....the fact that it is a loose pigment, it does slightly spill when you open the lid (nothing major) and this makes me not want to use it in a rush in the mornings because in my sleepy state at 7am it would most likely spill. However, it is such a beautiful colour that I am tempted to depot a small amount into another container and use it that way.! 

Anyways, its SO nice to be back! Thanks for sticking around!




  1. Wooo for internet! I've always been a massive fan of the Dazzle Dusts for big nights out. You can always rely on them to pick up on photos and things like that. This is a lovely shade xx

  2. Welcome baaack :D I know what you mean about Dazzle Dust spillage - I have a dark brown one that never fails go go everywhere when I attempt to use it, most frustrating!

  3. this could also be quite a nice highlighting colour!

    i have a few dazzle dusts but they spill everywhere ha!

  4. that's soooo pretty, there's a stunning midnight blue one from Barry M that I'm dying to try! I don't know if I could deal with the packaging though :o( x

  5. I really need to try some Dazzle Dusts, I never have! xxx

  6. Love your photos! The shade is beautiful :) x

  7. I've forgot about Dazzle Dusts. I have a few dotted somewhere but really want that shade now I've seen it :) xx

  8. This is so pretty! It looks similar to one of the Chanel cream shadows as well :) I love the Barry M dazzle dust even though it can be a tiny bit messy...might have to pick this shade up when I next go to Boots :) xx