Barry M Nail Paint - Mint Green...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

This was a picture that I found on my laptop which was taken ages ago, as in when I still had biosculpt gel on my nails and I haven't had that for months :( damn you finances!! 
Anyway, onto the product itself - Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green. As you can see from the picture it is the perfect "mint green", I love wearing pastel-y colours on my nails and this one is just beautiful. As with the majority of Barry M Nail Paints this applies really well and is perfect in two coats. This lasts a good couple of days before chipping - but I think that test is more reflective of the topcoat that you use. 
What are your must have Barry M Nail Paints?




  1. I love the mint green Barry m! Totally agree about wearing pastel colours, I think its nice especially in weather like this, brightens things up a little :) x

  2. i love barry m colours, and i have this mint green colour! love wearing it in summer with a bit of a tan :)

  3. I love this colour, its actually one of my favourites :) I am loving the Barry M Foil effects at the moment though xx

  4. I've got this one. Mine is very watery though. Needs alot of applications.

  5. Ooh this colour is so pretty! Perfect for Spring and Summer :)

    I haven't bought a Barry M Polish for ages...I loved the "ice cream" shades that came out last year though xx

  6. Pastels are my favourite colours for nail polish, I especially love all the ice-cream colours, perfect for spring :-)