MAC Costa Chic...

Thursday, 23 February 2012

So after a week of no blogging at all due to having sprained my wrist/thumb I am now back because I can type without it being painful and paint my nails again!

So first up since my injury - yes I am going to milk it because it was bloomin' painful - is a post on one of my lipsticks that has quickly become one of my favourites and it is MAC Costa Chic.

I bought this from the beautiful Estée in a blog sale of hers. You have to follow her blog and her youtube, trust me you won't regret it!

Costa Chis is described as a frosty light coral and while I don't think it is frosty I do agree that is it a light coral.  Although is a slight silvery-ness to the lipstick but in my opinion it isn't enough to call it frosty. I'm not sure if it is just me, but this seems to make my lips peel if that makes sense? Like it makes all my dry skin on my lips start to flake, could just be this time of year though!

Overall it is a beautiful colour though and one that I am sure I will love for ages!!

Available from all the places you can buy MAC - we all know where this is!!

Do you own Costa Chic?
What colours should I try now?



Imagine Beauty Cardiff...

Sunday, 19 February 2012
Imagine beauty is a mobile nail, tan and lash (soon expanding) business set up recently by the lovely Natalie. Natalie is based in Cardiff (and just also happens to be a bloomin' great friend of mine - note...this does not affect my review of the treatment - I go into blogger mode with that one :) )
Usually with my nails I always just go with my natural nail and have biosculpt gel or shellac. But being the impatient lady that I am I decided that I wanted to have tips. I am growing my nails and this may shock you to hear I wanted the tips but hey - nails always grow back!
I still had the gel which meant that my own nails weren't damaged but if there were to be damage it would just be the tips where the glue had stuck them on.
First off my nails were cut down and shaped so that the tips could be stuck on. My nails were also "prepped" and to Natalie's amazement she didn't have to get rid of any cuticles because I don't have any. I guess that is one of the perks of doing someone's nails who are looked after!
Here are the tips before they were cut down to size, I did pretend to Matt that I was going to keep them this length, but he didn't fall for it :/.
In reality this was the length I went for, much easier for work and general life! I'm not sure how people with longer nails cope! 
After they were filled down the gel was placed on and then cured in the UV Lamp - some people may want to wear sunscreen on their hands for this but personally I didn't.
Now me being me and loving having "out there" nails - a french manicure was just screaming to be jazzed up. I chose to have a diamond strip on each thumb, and I have loads more planned for next time! I'm going to have coloured gel with glitter all on my ring finger!! And because the gems were cured into the top coat they lasted the whole time!

Taking them off was really easy - the gel acts like normal and soaks off with acetone or nail polish remover that contains acetone. The best bit - My nails weren't damaged in the slightest, they grew amazing underneath and are now longer than they were before I had my nails done. 

Another best bit - you can paint over them in nail polish and take it off with acetone free nail plish remover with no damage done to the falsies :)

If you are in the Cardiff area and want your nails done the please contact Natalie via her facebook page here.



The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I bought the full size of this after getting the sample at the Fashion Show I went to last year. Well actually it was Leanne's freebie but I stole it :).

The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue has become a very much loved part of my nightly routine. I pop this on when I get out of the bath and straight away put on some nice fluffy socks to help the cream soak in. The cream smells SO good, especially as I am an avid mint lover and this provides a cooling sensation which is so nice after a long day on my feet.

My feet have been softer since using this and I think they will continue to with prolonged use! 
Do you use this? What are your thoughts?



Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Face Masque...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012
Firstly let me apologise for the really bad picture. Winter is a nightmare for bloggers as we all know and it was a last minute decision to use this masque tonight, so I needed to take a picture pronto!
I have this masque on right now at the time of typing this so I need to type fast because soon it will be time to peel it off (the fun bit).
The masque itself looks like a runny strawberry jam and smells really fruity. With pomegranate and passion flower in there it is perfect for this time of year but they also have many benefits. The forumla cleans, purifies and protects which is supposed to leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant. We shall see when I peel it off how my skin feels.
You do look like you have crazy sunburn when it's on due to the red colour, but I love the different variety in colours of face masques. 

Plus passion flower - just in time for Valentines ;)

*My face is all tight - time to wash it off!! BRB! (Haven't used that word in a long time!)

Back now, Just peeled of the masque, which was loads of fun! The masque peeled of really easily and in one go, I have found this with all their masques. My skin is not burnt or irritated in anyway, it just feels lovely and cleansed and really smooth to the touch.

Montagne Jeunesse have a range of skin care products, with some on 4 for 3 at the moment and free delivery over £7.50 - you can get loads of masques for that!

What are you favourite Montagne Jeunesse masques/products?



*Sent for review, I was also sent a man's one for Matt to try but he is having problems with his skin around his eyes so won't be using it yet!

Fashionista Plumpling Lip Glaze...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Fashionista Plumping Lip Glaze - Superdrug - £5 *

With valentines around the corner what better excuse than buying a nice new lipstick in a beautiful redas and pinks..and what's more - a lipgloss that will plump your lips up to make them look even more kissable.
The two colours I have from Fashionista are perfect for that Hollywood is a the paler pink of the two and is a lovely daytime pink. Fashion Fuchsia is the darker of the two and is perfect I think for an evening lip.

The packaging is a nice sturdy tube that is large enough to easily be found in a handbag but not too big so it will easily fit into makeup bags. But the applicator is what makes these lipglosses amazing for me. The applicator is straighter and larger than others I have used so you can easily get into the corners of your mouth without smudging the gloss on your face (Yes I am a mucky pup when it comes to these things).

The gloss does have a tingling effect when put on your lips, this starts about 4 seconds from application - yes I counted! There is a strong tingle but I don't think this is unpleasant, I really like it. The tingling kept my lips nice and warm in the cold weather. I also really like how you can have the colours quite sheer or build them up to a really opaque coverage.

Available from Superdrug for £5.



*Sent for review