The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I bought the full size of this after getting the sample at the Fashion Show I went to last year. Well actually it was Leanne's freebie but I stole it :).

The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue has become a very much loved part of my nightly routine. I pop this on when I get out of the bath and straight away put on some nice fluffy socks to help the cream soak in. The cream smells SO good, especially as I am an avid mint lover and this provides a cooling sensation which is so nice after a long day on my feet.

My feet have been softer since using this and I think they will continue to with prolonged use! 
Do you use this? What are your thoughts?




  1. I used to use this every night too, but my pot ran out and I've never repurchased - I just use my body butters on my feet now instead :)

  2. I also used to have it, but I wasn't happy with feeling that it is not soaking in skin and I hate to wear socks for night, but it really worked well softening my feet.
    Oh, and sometimes I applied it already being in bed and not washing my hands afterwards; next mornings then stupidly made me realize that I actually rub my eyes, because peppermint oil irritated them :D

  3. ooh i think i used ot have this - my aunt used to get my sis and i a bodyshop giftset for xmas every year when we were younger, so we would work or way through various things. i rememever this being good- may have to give it a try again, as my feet are truly ruined !

  4. My mum used to get this yonks ago, but after it ran out she never repurchased. We just stick to using body butters or 8 hour cream by Arden on our feet now x

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  6. Ohhh I think I may have to purchase this! I walk to and from work and my feet have been in desperate need of some TLC lately, this sounds perfect X