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Sunday, 19 February 2012
Imagine beauty is a mobile nail, tan and lash (soon expanding) business set up recently by the lovely Natalie. Natalie is based in Cardiff (and just also happens to be a bloomin' great friend of mine - note...this does not affect my review of the treatment - I go into blogger mode with that one :) )
Usually with my nails I always just go with my natural nail and have biosculpt gel or shellac. But being the impatient lady that I am I decided that I wanted to have tips. I am growing my nails and this may shock you to hear I wanted the tips but hey - nails always grow back!
I still had the gel which meant that my own nails weren't damaged but if there were to be damage it would just be the tips where the glue had stuck them on.
First off my nails were cut down and shaped so that the tips could be stuck on. My nails were also "prepped" and to Natalie's amazement she didn't have to get rid of any cuticles because I don't have any. I guess that is one of the perks of doing someone's nails who are looked after!
Here are the tips before they were cut down to size, I did pretend to Matt that I was going to keep them this length, but he didn't fall for it :/.
In reality this was the length I went for, much easier for work and general life! I'm not sure how people with longer nails cope! 
After they were filled down the gel was placed on and then cured in the UV Lamp - some people may want to wear sunscreen on their hands for this but personally I didn't.
Now me being me and loving having "out there" nails - a french manicure was just screaming to be jazzed up. I chose to have a diamond strip on each thumb, and I have loads more planned for next time! I'm going to have coloured gel with glitter all on my ring finger!! And because the gems were cured into the top coat they lasted the whole time!

Taking them off was really easy - the gel acts like normal and soaks off with acetone or nail polish remover that contains acetone. The best bit - My nails weren't damaged in the slightest, they grew amazing underneath and are now longer than they were before I had my nails done. 

Another best bit - you can paint over them in nail polish and take it off with acetone free nail plish remover with no damage done to the falsies :)

If you are in the Cardiff area and want your nails done the please contact Natalie via her facebook page here.




  1. They look so pretty!! I could do with a treat and getting my nails done ;) X

  2. These look incredible, I love the sparkles! xx

  3. They look lovely. I miss having my nails done!

    Holli x

  4. Love the crystals on the thumbs! Nice touch.