Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Face Masque...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012
Firstly let me apologise for the really bad picture. Winter is a nightmare for bloggers as we all know and it was a last minute decision to use this masque tonight, so I needed to take a picture pronto!
I have this masque on right now at the time of typing this so I need to type fast because soon it will be time to peel it off (the fun bit).
The masque itself looks like a runny strawberry jam and smells really fruity. With pomegranate and passion flower in there it is perfect for this time of year but they also have many benefits. The forumla cleans, purifies and protects which is supposed to leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant. We shall see when I peel it off how my skin feels.
You do look like you have crazy sunburn when it's on due to the red colour, but I love the different variety in colours of face masques. 

Plus passion flower - just in time for Valentines ;)

*My face is all tight - time to wash it off!! BRB! (Haven't used that word in a long time!)

Back now, Just peeled of the masque, which was loads of fun! The masque peeled of really easily and in one go, I have found this with all their masques. My skin is not burnt or irritated in anyway, it just feels lovely and cleansed and really smooth to the touch.

Montagne Jeunesse have a range of skin care products, with some on 4 for 3 at the moment and free delivery over £7.50 - you can get loads of masques for that!

What are you favourite Montagne Jeunesse masques/products?



*Sent for review, I was also sent a man's one for Matt to try but he is having problems with his skin around his eyes so won't be using it yet!


  1. you've made me want a girlie night in with face masks now haha xx

  2. I loves these masks but I found mine didn't come off easily as i'd of wished to, but overall they are really good! x

  3. I love these face masks!