Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Stippling Brush...

Thursday, 29 March 2012

I know I seem to start all my posts with a "This was purchased on a lunch break" but yes, this was purchased on a lunch break. Boots were offering a massive 3 for 2 across all makeup, skincare and hair things which you cannot ignore. 
I have built up loads of points on my boots advantage card, it helps that I am not really a fragrance person because I know loads of people who use their points for those type of purchases. I kid you not I had about £60 worth of points before I made the most of the 3for2 - yes I bought another two RT brushes but they are for other posts. So technically all three brushes were free for me...I needed a treat. Work is stressful!
When I first became aware of the Sigma F80, it was because my blog had 100 followers which allowed you to get one for free as part of their affiliate programme. I literally thought it was the best thing I had ever used, I even went on to buy the Synthetic Kit because I was so impressed. However after owning those brushes for almost a year now they get so dirty so quickly! I'm not sure if it is how I use them or the products I use them with but oh my!!!! It is so frustrating because as soon as it gets all clogged up it doesn't work well at all (I'm talking two to three days!!!). 
Anyway back to the topic in hand...This brush has not done that, even after using it everyday for a week without washing it (gross I know but I had to see if it would clog up!). The brush head is smaller than the Sigma F80 but that makes for a more precise application that doesn't actually take too much longer. The bristles are synthetic so cruelty free (yay) and are soooo soft. 
I happen to like the design of the brushes, free standing and the added colour to my "dressing table" I just hope the rubber bit doesn't rub off as I have seen on some brushes.

Wow, didn't think I could write that much about a little brush, I was dubious at first and I was trying so hard not to get sucked into the hype surrounding these brushes, but I did and I am so so glad I did. Well with the ones I have purchases anyway, others I am not so sure they would be for me.

What do you think of the Real Technique Brushes?



Sleek Blush in Rose Gold...

Wednesday, 28 March 2012
Sleek Rose Gold Blush - £4.30

I have been stalking the aisles of my local Superdrug for this blusher ever since I started blogging. Now I finally have it, I have been really reluctant to use it. I am not one for blushers (that is changing though!) I find that I have a phobia of them since I have really red cheeks. 
But when I have used it a small (very light!) sweep of this across my cheek bones leaves a lovely coral/pink shimmer that catches the light beautifully. 
Of course this is the "dupe" for NARS Orgasm, but as I have never swatched that I can't comment, but if it is then buy this one at a fraction of the price! 
Do you have this?
Is NARS really better?



Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Angel Delight...

Monday, 26 March 2012

I already had two of the Collection 2000 Cream Puffs when I recieved another one in my first and last She Said Beauty Box (I shall explain at the bottom of this post why!). I already had Fairy Cake and Cotton Candy which are both really lovely colours and now I have Angel Delight to add to my collection.

First thoughts when I saw that this was the shade that I had was "oh great, the brown one that nobody likes!" But I was actually really surprised as to how much I like this. The swatch on my hand shows how brown it actually is but because my lips are quite pigmented it makes the colour go slightly pinky when I apply it to my lips. Which for me makes it really wearable.



I gave up beauty boxes because at the end of the day products will be sent in them that are tested on animals and I am doing my best to get rid and will only buy CF! Sorry to keep going on about it! I actually think beauty boxes are amazing!

I did it...Ombre...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Some quick snaps from my iphone because I am like a child at christmas happy with my hair.
I finally have it after about 2 years of wanting it and waiting for my hair to grow long enough :)
What do you think?



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Here is what I would pick if I won........

Anyways go along and sign up!!! And if you win, remember who told you about it ;)



Maybeliene Colour Tattoos...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sooo this is the results of me going for a breath of fresh air on my lunch break and ending up in Superdrug. I bought two of the new Maybeline Colour Tattoos. The colours that I picked up are Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze. These are the typical "Charli" colours of a palette the nude/bronze/gold ones. 

There is a range of colours which you can see here, but there is no point in me having the blues or purples. The other colour that I am now after is the silvery on which I think would make an amazing inner eye highlight.

The two colours that I have I abso-flippin-lutley love. They both have fantastic levels of pigmentation and look amazing on the eyes, shimmery not glittery. In terms of staying power they live up to the name of a tattoo, the Maybeliene Colour Tattoos just do not budge. Saying that you do have a little bit of time when you apply them to blend as you wish but once they dry that is it. 

The way I have been wearing them is On and On Bronze all over my lid, a little more of it placed in the crease with Eternal Gold in the inner corner of my eye and then blended over the first third of my eyelid. Eyeliner and lashings of mascara and I am good to go! I also like mixing them to create the colour in the last photo.

Have you bought any yet?
Which colours would you go for?



I only put the links to boots because I couldn't find them on the Superdrug website!!
Also thought Maybeline was cruelty free, how wrong I was! Won't buy anything from them again.

Topshop Lipstick - All About Me...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

This lipstick I won from Kym's blog and I have fallen in love.
Yes it's another bright lipstick to add to my collection and this one is from Topshop called All About Me.
Its a bright pink, but I find these colours really wearable. It's quite long lasting and doesn't dry out my lips.
I have to be honest I really like topshop makeup (it's cruelty free) and I have a huge wish list from them!



Ps. Wales are GRAND SLAM winners 2012. So happy and proud.


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Barry M Lip Paint 62 Vibrant Pink...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

In my quest to stop my craving for MAC Candy Yum Yum I have been researching dupes like there is no tomorrow! MAC might be re-releasing it - FINGERS CROSSED. Anyway, my search led me to this little number by BarryM, the Lip Paint in Number 62 - Vibrant Pink.
I soon snapped this up and prayed that it would be nice, and I do really like it. It's wild, It's crazy but I don't think you can get a more crazier lipstick than Candy Yum Yum! 
This BarryM Lip Paint lasts for AGES, its almost like a lipstain, so it is a b*tch to remove, but I like knowing that I can put it on in the morning and not have to worry about it. And it is really opaque - your don't have to layer it up at all.
You do need to make sure that your lips are in good condition though because it will highlight the loose skin (lush)!
Available from Superdrug at £4.49

What do you think?



Tooth Whitening Fairy Cardiff...

Friday, 9 March 2012
For ages I have been literally dying to have my teeth whitened. Since having a brace they have been left with a slightly yellow tinge. Here is a bit of a background story of my teeth to get us in the toothy mood. When I was younger I came home from school in Year 2 telling my mum that I had extra teeth growing in my mouth - I wasn't wrong. I had my adult teeth growing behind my baby teeth, the day this happened I knew I would need a brace, my teeth were crooked from over crowding.. Anyway I had my brace for 9 months when I was around 12/13 and I finally had my straight teeth, apart from the bottom ones which have moved back.
Since the brace has been taken off (and my love for tea) my teeth have never seemed white or bright and this is where my trip to the Tooth Whitening Fairy - aha Richard has changed all that.

Here are my teeth before...
 When you arrive you are greeted by such a lovely man - Richard is really nice guy and lovely to be around. You do need to read through a little leaflet that outlines the procedure and says a list of things that if you have them you shouldn't go through with the process - luckily for me I didn't so went ahead :)
You are taking through the whole procedure before hand and can ask as many questions as you like! Which I did! Sorry Rich! 
First of all your tooth whiteness level is measured against a guide and I was shocked to see how yellow my teeth actually were (I shall talk through the measurements later) and then I got on the bed, laid back and the treatment began! First of all you have to wear a rather attractive mouth piece that stretches your lips away from your teeth - this is the only *slightly uncomfortable thing about the whole process. Add to the picture the sexy glasses ;) then the gel is painted on your teeth and then the light placed by your mouth - see pictures. This happens for 12 minutes and then you swill, spit (another very attractive moment) and is repeated 4 times.
Word of warning make sure you have a tissue handy when you sit up - the saliva that builds up in those 12 minutes runs down your face the second you sit up! You are supposed to keep swallowing during the treatment but it's hard!
Here are some pictures that Richard took of my (practically asleep) as the treatment was happening - please excuse the hair - it was early morning!

Here are the "results" so to speak. Above is the guide that is used showing "teeth" ranging from bright white to yellow.
To start off with my top teeth were s28 before and went to s12 afterwards, my bottom teeth were s34 to begin with and went to s18!!! That is an amazing 8 shades lighter on my top teeth and 8 shades on my lower teeth. AMAZING. 
And here is the picture to prove it...

The after care is really simple. 
You can't brush your teeth properly that night so Richard supplies you with a tooth wipe for your teeth to freshen up and then your brush as normal the following morning!
You need to follow the "white" diet for 48hours Which is pretty self explanatory: you can eat cheese, white bread, chicken etc and don't eat anything with any colour in even down to carrots and lettuce.
I followed this and my teeth are still sparkling away, I am more conscious of what I am eating now and If I drink tea or coffee or eat something with a lot of colouring in I swill my mouth out with water straight after if I can!

Overall I cannot recommend this enough! And just for my readers and who can travel to CARDIFF there is a special offer for you lot!

This treatment usually is £149


For £99 you can have the first treatment.
For £149 you can have the first treatment and a "top up" treatment 6 weeks later for free.

All you need to do is say that you read the offer here and quote "Charli's Fairies" when booking :)

Call Richard on = 07722 300881
Visit his website - here



*Treatment was provided free for review but also because he is a beautiful friend. The fact that he is my friend doesn't effect my review because the picture speaks for itself. Oh and he is also a hypnotherapist so if you want to give up smoking/loose weight then also contact him! Oh and he didn't hypnotyse me into giving a good review either!

She Said Beauty...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yes ladies, I have caved in a subscribed to the latest in beauty boxes - She Said Beauty. She Said Beauty is a monthly subscription box for £9.00 with £2.95 p&p. There are options to buy for 3,6 or 12 months which are sold at discounted prices - I think the 12 month works out at around £7 per box which is really good. Although I can't see myself committing to that length of time it is a good idea if you can afford to pay the £91 upfront now. 

The She Said Beauty box contains 5 luxury beauty samples each month to trial at home from skincare, treatments, face products, makeup and hair care (and tea!). There is the option to cancel at any time and they have a beauty profile on there so you can add your skin type etc!

I was subscribed to GlossyBox but unsubbed after the first one! Realistically I wasn't going to purchase any of the crazy priced samples they provided no matter how much I loved it. For example a £210's just not going to happen. So over the past few months where beauty box demand has increased beyond anything I have sat and watched people's blog posts on the boxes they subscribe to or get sent and I have patiently waited trying to decide which one I want to subscribe to. You see as much as I think that it may be a bit extreme paying for samples (although there are so many full sized items I think this is unfair) I really love the feeling of a little treat and the excitement of not knowing what is coming your way.

Then I heard about She Said Beauty and I decided to take the plunge and I have to say I am really happy with my first box. I thought I would do a quick round up of what I have and then will review items once I have used them.

Orly Mini Manicure - Mini Sample
I received the colour black which to be honest I have seen other colours I would have prefered at this time of year. But then maybe only having a small colour in black is perfect for me!! I haven't tried this brand before but I have heard good things.
Full Size Price - £5.00 5.4ml

Comfort Zone - Good Night Kit - Sample
A night cream with the latest antioxidant in. This is the most expensive item at full size and to be honest that's ok with me! I change creams so much and there are bound to be more samples to fill the void when this is used!
Full Size Price - £52.95 50ml

Premae Face Balm - Full size is 50ml (not sure if that's what I have)
A balm for your face containing silky indian mango butter which moisturises the skin. I love the idea of this, I already use a balm from The Body Shop so this is a welcome addition. 
Full Size - £18.00 50ml

Aveda Smooth Infusion Trio - Sample Sizes
I heard a lot about this brand at an event I went to so really happy to receive samples from them. Although I probably won't repurchase because my boyfriends mum works in the hair industry so I get things through her, I love trying out hair things and with the extra step of the Style Prep Smoother I am really looking forward to using them.
Full Size Shampoo - £15.50 250ml
Full Size Conditioner - £17.50 200ml
Full Size Smoother - £18.50 100ml

Collection 2000 Cream Puff - Full Size
I already own two of these and somehow I got sent a colour that I don't have - AMAZED. I did sneak a peak when there was a delay in receiving my box and I was dreading getting the same colour. I got sent the colour Angel Delight which is a nude (I have cotton candy and fairy cake). I love love love these so oober happy to get one!
Full Size - £2.99 5ml

BONUS: Jing Flowering Tea - One "teabag"
Can't wait to see this open up in the water - from what I have seen it looks amazing! Although I can't see me straying from my PG Tips it is a nice treat!
Full Size - £9.00

Overall I love this box and I'm really looking forward to see the next She Said Beauty box, sign up here
What do you think?



*I pay for my subscription, if you use the link then it goes towards a free box for me. I have also applied for the affiliate programme because I really like the product.

MAC Viva Glam Nicki...

Tuesday, 6 March 2012








I have never ever been one to rush out and buy or pre-order anything from MAC. The only regret is that I didn't buy Candy Yum Yum but I have bought a supposed dupe for that and will review it later on this week.

For now, let me bring you MAC Viva Glam Nicki, designed by Nicki Minaj. It's a bright mid toned pink with a slight yellow undertone to it. Although frankly is is an oober bright highlighter pink that looks different on many people. 

Viva Glam Nicki is a satin finish lipstick (which I have to be honest I don't know much about the different finishes) which means it is supposed to be quite moisturising which it is! It's also opaque in one layer and Today I wore it from 8am and there was still lipstick (and a fair amount of it) on my lips at 5pm!

With the Mac Viva Glam lipsticks all the money goes to charity so it is just like donating with the reward of a lipstick!

Have you bought it? Are any of the other Viva Glam lipsticks just as pretty?



*I bought this one with a pre-release code and have also bought a back up in store today and convinced a friend that she needed it too!!