Barry M Lip Paint 62 Vibrant Pink...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

In my quest to stop my craving for MAC Candy Yum Yum I have been researching dupes like there is no tomorrow! MAC might be re-releasing it - FINGERS CROSSED. Anyway, my search led me to this little number by BarryM, the Lip Paint in Number 62 - Vibrant Pink.
I soon snapped this up and prayed that it would be nice, and I do really like it. It's wild, It's crazy but I don't think you can get a more crazier lipstick than Candy Yum Yum! 
This BarryM Lip Paint lasts for AGES, its almost like a lipstain, so it is a b*tch to remove, but I like knowing that I can put it on in the morning and not have to worry about it. And it is really opaque - your don't have to layer it up at all.
You do need to make sure that your lips are in good condition though because it will highlight the loose skin (lush)!
Available from Superdrug at £4.49

What do you think?




  1. Please can you stop being so pretty?? Thanks x

  2. Wow! I'd never heard of Candy Yum Yum before but just googled it and it's insane! This looks like a pretty great dupe! I love bright fuchsia lips so I really like this and it looks amazing on you. Don't think it'd be too forgiving on my dry lips tho :( xxx

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  3. This is a gorgeous colour and suits you well. Might give this a try as I've recently started loving pinks. :)

  4. I've wanted that dupe for ages but every time I go into Boots I seem to forget it. Looks gorgeous on you X

  5. Loveeee it, looks fab on you! xx

  6. It's gorgeous :)! xx

  7. I have this lipstick and love it. Can only wear it when my lips are in tip top condition though, as like you said, it highlights any dry patches.
    Lovely funky colour for the summer!

    Holli x

  8. Wow how gorgeous is that? Love it!

  9. Nice vibrant colour, I'm looking for a good pigmented pink, I'll have to try it! It's quite cheap too!