Maybeliene Colour Tattoos...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sooo this is the results of me going for a breath of fresh air on my lunch break and ending up in Superdrug. I bought two of the new Maybeline Colour Tattoos. The colours that I picked up are Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze. These are the typical "Charli" colours of a palette the nude/bronze/gold ones. 

There is a range of colours which you can see here, but there is no point in me having the blues or purples. The other colour that I am now after is the silvery on which I think would make an amazing inner eye highlight.

The two colours that I have I abso-flippin-lutley love. They both have fantastic levels of pigmentation and look amazing on the eyes, shimmery not glittery. In terms of staying power they live up to the name of a tattoo, the Maybeliene Colour Tattoos just do not budge. Saying that you do have a little bit of time when you apply them to blend as you wish but once they dry that is it. 

The way I have been wearing them is On and On Bronze all over my lid, a little more of it placed in the crease with Eternal Gold in the inner corner of my eye and then blended over the first third of my eyelid. Eyeliner and lashings of mascara and I am good to go! I also like mixing them to create the colour in the last photo.

Have you bought any yet?
Which colours would you go for?



I only put the links to boots because I couldn't find them on the Superdrug website!!
Also thought Maybeline was cruelty free, how wrong I was! Won't buy anything from them again.


  1. I swatched these the other day in Superdrug and really like these two colours and they did not budge all day!!

  2. Can I ask where did you get the paper in the background of your photos ? :)

    1. It's actually what my baguette was wrapped in one day when I had to buy my lunch near where I work! x

  3. Those are the colours I would choose. :P On and On Bronze is my favourite. It's weird how they've changed the names when they exported them to the UK! x

  4. these are the colour i think i will be picking up. Great post. x

  5. I have two of them, I won them in a giveaway and they are brilliant. I have tough as taupe and audacious asphalt (which are permanent taupe and immortal charcoal in the UK, I think), they are so easy to use. The name change is a little strange, I prefer the names for them across the pond.

  6. Ooh the gold shade looks lovely! You picked the same shades that I would, love the neutrals! xo

  7. I'll definitely be picking these two shades up and the taupe one when I next get paid. They're too pretty. xx

  8. These are like the two perfect shades for me aha! They look and sound lovely X

  9. Oooh I can't wait to pick a few of these up :)

  10. I happened to be in Superdrug the day they launched so I had to have Perfectly Taupe and I just adore it! I really want to pick up all the other colours now, just have to wait until pay day xx

  11. I was just about to ask about the paper too but my questions were answered in the comments =)
    I have the Eternal Gold - I actually really like it. But, as you say, too many companies I thought were cruelty free aren't. It's a bit of a sticky situation.