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Friday, 9 March 2012
For ages I have been literally dying to have my teeth whitened. Since having a brace they have been left with a slightly yellow tinge. Here is a bit of a background story of my teeth to get us in the toothy mood. When I was younger I came home from school in Year 2 telling my mum that I had extra teeth growing in my mouth - I wasn't wrong. I had my adult teeth growing behind my baby teeth, the day this happened I knew I would need a brace, my teeth were crooked from over crowding.. Anyway I had my brace for 9 months when I was around 12/13 and I finally had my straight teeth, apart from the bottom ones which have moved back.
Since the brace has been taken off (and my love for tea) my teeth have never seemed white or bright and this is where my trip to the Tooth Whitening Fairy - aha Richard has changed all that.

Here are my teeth before...
 When you arrive you are greeted by such a lovely man - Richard is really nice guy and lovely to be around. You do need to read through a little leaflet that outlines the procedure and says a list of things that if you have them you shouldn't go through with the process - luckily for me I didn't so went ahead :)
You are taking through the whole procedure before hand and can ask as many questions as you like! Which I did! Sorry Rich! 
First of all your tooth whiteness level is measured against a guide and I was shocked to see how yellow my teeth actually were (I shall talk through the measurements later) and then I got on the bed, laid back and the treatment began! First of all you have to wear a rather attractive mouth piece that stretches your lips away from your teeth - this is the only *slightly uncomfortable thing about the whole process. Add to the picture the sexy glasses ;) then the gel is painted on your teeth and then the light placed by your mouth - see pictures. This happens for 12 minutes and then you swill, spit (another very attractive moment) and is repeated 4 times.
Word of warning make sure you have a tissue handy when you sit up - the saliva that builds up in those 12 minutes runs down your face the second you sit up! You are supposed to keep swallowing during the treatment but it's hard!
Here are some pictures that Richard took of my (practically asleep) as the treatment was happening - please excuse the hair - it was early morning!

Here are the "results" so to speak. Above is the guide that is used showing "teeth" ranging from bright white to yellow.
To start off with my top teeth were s28 before and went to s12 afterwards, my bottom teeth were s34 to begin with and went to s18!!! That is an amazing 8 shades lighter on my top teeth and 8 shades on my lower teeth. AMAZING. 
And here is the picture to prove it...

The after care is really simple. 
You can't brush your teeth properly that night so Richard supplies you with a tooth wipe for your teeth to freshen up and then your brush as normal the following morning!
You need to follow the "white" diet for 48hours Which is pretty self explanatory: you can eat cheese, white bread, chicken etc and don't eat anything with any colour in even down to carrots and lettuce.
I followed this and my teeth are still sparkling away, I am more conscious of what I am eating now and If I drink tea or coffee or eat something with a lot of colouring in I swill my mouth out with water straight after if I can!

Overall I cannot recommend this enough! And just for my readers and who can travel to CARDIFF there is a special offer for you lot!

This treatment usually is £149


For £99 you can have the first treatment.
For £149 you can have the first treatment and a "top up" treatment 6 weeks later for free.

All you need to do is say that you read the offer here and quote "Charli's Fairies" when booking :)

Call Richard on = 07722 300881
Visit his website - here



*Treatment was provided free for review but also because he is a beautiful friend. The fact that he is my friend doesn't effect my review because the picture speaks for itself. Oh and he is also a hypnotherapist so if you want to give up smoking/loose weight then also contact him! Oh and he didn't hypnotyse me into giving a good review either!


  1. What an amazing transformation! I want white as snow teeth haha. Always trying to get them whiter. xx

  2. Wow your teeth look so pearly white! I would love to have this done but I have two veneers on my front teeth after an accident, so unfortunately I couldn't :( x

  3. Wow your teeth look amazing!I would love to have white teeth! Jealous x

  4. I'm tempted as I'm only in Newport xx

  5. Great results! I've been considering getting this done. How often would you need a top up?

    1. It depends on how you look after your teeth! If you smoke, eat high coloured foods all the time then they will darken faster! But it you look after them properly you are fine for ages! x

  6. Your teeth look amazing! I too had braces and could do with some help with the colour of my teeth... I might try teeth whitening in the future, I just never knew what it's like! x

  7. Wow that's made an amazing difference! xx

  8. Thanks to new technology, achieving white sparkling teeth can be done in an hour. By the way, have I said your teeth look incredibly beautiful? They look so white and perfectly aligned, and they look immaculately clean too! (: