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Monday, 16 April 2012
Barry M Magnetic Nail Polishes - £4.99 Superdrug

I couldn't wait to post about these to let everyone know that they are on sale! Yes ladies, Barry M have created their own Magnetic Nail Polishes. 

The colours on sale are Red, Blue, Black and Silver and I will be going back for the other two!
The difference being is Barry M have 4 different patterns of Magnets, which I think is genius! It sets Barry M apart from the Magnetic Nail Polish trend crowd. Plus you can use every magnet for every colour!

I have just done a few of my nails quickly to try it out and I have to say it is so so easy. First of paint your nails with your basecoat, then apply a thin layer of the polish and let to dry. Then apply a thicker layer but before it drys rest the magnetic's ledge by your cuticle and hold for 5-10 seconds, then the pattern appears. Add a top coat and you are done.

I have to say I love these and think they are the best of the Magnetic Nail Polishes around, I am really glad I didn't buy into the other brands!

What do you think?



  1. I need to get my hands on these!

  2. I saw these the other day and resisted buying the black one.....but I've been regretting it ever since! And now I've seen how nice they are I'm definitely going to get the black one asap! I have the 17 range and they are lovely but it's a shame that the magnets are all the same pattern.

  3. Love the red one, these patterns are a lot more interesting than the other magnetic polishes on the market!!

    - Allie x

    AllieUK Blog

  4. These look really good, I love how they've got different patterns! x

  5. Although they are last on the bandwagon of the magnetic nails I love that they have different patterns! I havent seen any other brands offering that. Magnetic nails are going to be the perfect easy summer nail look I think. Must check these out!


  6. I saw these the other day and didn't really give them a second glance. Never realised they all gave a different pattern though! They look so good :)

  7. they def look better than other ones ive tried, i need to try these asap!!lol

  8. Oooh I love both of these shades, will be picking them up on payday xx

  9. I need the blue for sure, it's just asking to be union jacked up with Topshop nail pens!

  10. I love both of them especially the deep red! Such a reasonable price too!


  11. Okay i now HAVE to get one of these, i just found out about them via this blogpost! I love your blog, followed!!

    Please check out my blog, too

  12. Oh wow, I saw these and thought they were just another magnetic polish, I didn't realise that they had such different, amazing designs! x

  13. These look fab, LOVE the patterns! X

  14. Loved this blog about the new Barry M magnetic nail polishes. I am lucky enough to own the blue magnetic nail polish and was going to write a blog post about it. So easy to use and very effective.

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