Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit in Sand...

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Another part of my Bobbi Brown purchases from the St Davids Ladies Night. The Creamy Concealer Kit in Sand.
On the left is the concealer itself and on the right is the setting powder, which is almost translucent. The powder is there to set the concealer and it really is a lovely added bonus in the kit. The assistant told me to use this on other areas of my face on a daily basis as it runs out slower than the concealer and you want them to run out relatively easily. 

I have been using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which is amazing, but I fancied something with a bit more luxury and as I said in the Corrector Post this has been raved about for ages so I was naturally so intrigued. I'm glad I was - this concealer is beautiful. This is a very moisturising concealer which doesn't crease up on me and covers the hefty dark circles I have . I would suggest trying this if you have really dry skin, and obviously and if you have dark circles. 

I highly recommend this!
Have you tried it?




  1. Been really curious about trying this. I currently use the Garnier Tinted Eye Roll on, which I do really like since it's light and blends in wonderfully, but it's not always enough coverage for me. And my other fave concealer, MAC Studio Finish, is too dry for under the eye. I'll have to have a look! xx

  2. Great review! I've heard such good things and would absolutely love to try it as I do suffer with dry skin, although I may have to save up! :p x

  3. This looks great, I was wondering which shade you use in the collection 2000 concealer just for a comparison to bobbi browns 'sand'? I use fair 1 or light 2 so not sure what shade I would be in this! xx

  4. I have dark circles AND dry skin, and I've been looking for a miracle concealer to beat my zombi-ness! I've heard loads about this product and now i want this and the corrector. Damn you high end makeup!